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  1. A

    Which voltage suppressor diode can i use on power supply board?

    I have a cld-d505 which "someone" plugged into the wrong socket and it blew the fuse. I've replaced the fuse and it still blows. After some research it seems that the transient voltage suppressor diode must be replaced as well and then it will operate again as long as nothing else is blown on...
  2. B

    My computer speakers have too many inputs for my computer

    My computer speakers have 3 seperate jack plugs, however my computer only has one jack socket. Is there an adaptor which enables 3 jacks in to one.
  3. E

    Hp pavilion dv2500

    Hello, The power socket light flashes blue when the adapter is connected and switched on. The machine will not power up. What is wrong?
  4. D

    Power socket

    I have an acer aspire 3690 for repair which appears to have been owned by an ape,, the power socket was loose in the board and tracks to and from the socket were broken . such that replacement of the socket now leaves doubt as to how the socket was connected - with particular reference to the...
  5. P

    Battaries best way of use.

    My laptop's battery died 3 days ago... It actually discharges while the laptop is in socket and never recharges.. Also windows reports a problem and advises to replace it.. Someone told me that I should charge the battery and take it off if using the wall socket... What do you think? I am going...
  6. K

    How do I unlock the bios on a xfx nforce 750a amd socket am2 ddr2

    I want to flash my BIOS, I went and burnd the new update to disk and restarted the computer from the disk and it tells me that the BIOS is write protected any info would be great.
  7. G

    Dell M1330 processor upgrade

    I have a basic M1330 for over a year now originally configured with the lowest CPU available which is the dual core T5250 at 1.5 and 667. I want to buy and upgrade the CPU. Intel says the socket for teh 5250 is PPCGA478. When I run CPUID it says socket P(478). When I search for dual core...
  8. J

    Why can't I get cable anymore?

    I moved into my apartment 7 months ago. I never paid to have cable hooked up. I plugged my old tv into the cable socket and got 12 channels, 3 being different. I bought a new tv 3 weeks ago hooked it up and plugged it into the cable socket. It did an automatic search for channels, and came up...
  9. R

    When i connect headphone to the socket, the sound also emits from spea

    i've a compaq presario CQ60 laptop, it has a problem: when i connect headphone to the socket, the sound also emits from onboard altec lansing speakers as well as headphones. how to solve this. i've realtek installed. is there some software that would help as i don't want to take it to the...
  10. exfileme

    Filmmaker To Implant Camera in Eye-Socket

    Talk about entering cyborg territory: a Canadian filmmaker says that he plans to install a mini camera in his prosthetic eye. Filmmaker To Implant Camera in Eye-Socket : Read more
  11. G

    IBM Thinkpad 600E

    I've got an ancient IBM Thinkpad 600E which is fine for my limited use except that I can't find a USB2 socket. Should there be one? If nmot, is it possible to fit one?
  12. M

    Faulty RAM/Socket

    So my old Dell Inspiron 5100 has been acting sluggish and I couldn't figure out why. Eventually I found out my computer was only reading 256mb of RAM (should be 512). I wanted to figure if either one of the sticks or the actual socket had gone bad. My fear though was starting up the laptop with...
  13. tb28w3

    Upgrading CPU - are all AMD 754 socket chips the same?

    Need some laptop help. I have a socket 754 Dublin core that is based on 130 nm tech. It's recognized as a 2800 xp-m chip and runs at 1600 Ghz / 800Ghz when cool n quiet... Can I drop in a desktop chip like the amd 64 3200 754? What will work or not work? Got an old lappy that needs...
  14. S

    Upgradeing the Gateway P-6831FX

    Ok I just ordered the 6831 and can't wait to get it. I started doing some research on the processors. It of course has a Socket P Merom and it runs on a 965 chipset. There are some 45nm Socket P CPU's available but will they work on the computer? Will it do 800 FSB CPU's automatically...
  15. G

    Inspiron 5150 Charging Problems

    Hi Guys, I've got a Dell Inspiron 5150 that had a dodgy power socket so the battery wasn't being charged. I've tried to replace the socket but I think I messed it up somewhat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is there anyway to charge the battery without plugging it or the AC adapter into the laptop by using...