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    Screen connection broken

    i have Acer Aspire 7250 which have broken power socket, i did change the socket and all the sudden the screen wont come up, i ordered another screen and connected it but still the same, the vga works and show the operating system on ext monitor, do you think its the internal connection cord of...
  2. S

    CPU Socket PGA988 & PGA989

    Hello there, So I basicly bought a laptop with an i3 with socket PGA989 on it. I also bought an i7 because I didn't want to stick with an i3 but misread the specs a bit. The socket type on the i7 is PGA988.. Would this be compatible? Motherboard...
  3. V

    Upgrade i5-480M to i7-3610QM

    My friend has a Toshiba Satellite A665 S5179, with an i5-480M. I can get him an i7-3610QM for $20, and am wondering if it will fit and work. I know his current processor is not soldered to the motherboard, and I know his cooling system can handle the i7. Would the i7 fit? And if it does, could I...
  4. D

    compaq presario cq62 22ea cpu upgrade from (intel celeron 900) to (amd phenom II n930) has this been succesfully done before

    im trying to upgrade my laptop cpu as already stated in question i have spent ALOT of time cross referencing statistics, motherboard/cpu specs, socket types, compatibility and i would really appreciate some help with this ive been through dozens of sites and the information on most of them...
  5. U

    Acer VA70 771G GPU location?

    Hello! Can anyone please tell me which part is the GPU of this board: Is it the one that is right next to CPU socket or the one below with the metal casing covering it? I need to change the board of my Acer laptop, but i need one with 740M GeForce...
  6. G

    Phone won't charge at all!

    My ZTE blade buzz phone won't charge at all. When connected to a wall socket(using own charger) , the charging indicator shows up, but percentage stays at 0%. I tried charging it from PC using it's own USB cable, but in vein. Sometimes even the charging indicator doesn't appear. I tried using an...
  7. S

    LED TV Audio through Home Theatre

    Folks, my Panasonic 43D350DX has a socket for Headphones as well as one for Digital Audio Out. For playing the audio through my Home Theatre, I can use the Headphones socket (using a 3.5 mm to RCA connector) but that means I cannot shut off the TV sound fully. The TV remote controls the sound...
  8. D

    Laptop Socket FS1 vs. FS1 (FS1r2)

    So, I wanted to upgrade my laptop which has a crappy A6-4400m APU with 7520g Integrated Graphics. I had a laptop that crapped out on me due to being unable to read a hard drive but had this A8-3500m which is a solid upgrade. However, I found out that it wasn't working for me since my laptop...
  9. S

    Processor upgrade laptop

    Hello, so as i read above the FCBGA1168 socket models are not replaceable? I have an intel4th generation i5 - 1.7base ,2.7 with turbo boost. So if i cannot replace it then despite an ssd and ram upgrade the last thing i could do is maybe a graphics card? I currently have AMD radeon 2gb
  10. A

    broken optical socket on LG 55" tv.

    When plugging optical lead into socket on back of tv,a tiny grey piece of plastic was loose inside socket,and now optical lead is flopping about in socket does socket need repairing should I be able to push little piece of plastic back into socket effectively.
  11. A

    Charger problem [wont work]

    Hi, I got this problem. My laptop was running out of batteries and then i plug my charger to my laptop but my charger suddenly not working. Before i plug it into my laptop it works fine. Then i try my second charger, before i plug it to my laptop it also works fine but once i plug it to my...
  12. J

    Dell processor use in acer machine

    My question is can I use a processor from a dell 990 i7-2600 1155 socket on my acer aspire m3970 which also can use the i7-2600 socket 1155,I've been trying to find info about this can't find the solution
  13. D

    Replaced DC Power socket, Same issue 3 days later.

    Hi, I have recently replaced the dc socket on my Asus A73S as it was no longer charging. Once finished all was fine and it was working great for about 3 days. Then all of a sudden it is doing the same thing. Could my power pack be causing my socket to fry after time or is it something a bit...
  14. M

    need help to upgrade old laptop ( acer aspire 5930 )

    i have my laptop ( acer aspire 5930 ) since 2008, and it served me to much , but i want to try to upgrade so i can use it from time to time. i ran CPU-Z and this is the results : what is the best processor i can use ? core 2 due with higher clock or Quad core processor ? is there any...
  15. M

    T440p CPU Upgrade - Socket Type Details

    I have a Lenovo T440p (20ANS04504; rPGA947 socket) notebook that currently has an i5 dual-core CPU. I want to upgrade it to an i7 quad-core CPU. The original CPU is an i5 with the following FRU: 04X4051 I have purchased the CPU below: Intel Core i7 Processor i7-4900MQ, 2.8GHz, 8MB Cache...
  16. B

    XPS 13 9343 512 GB i7 power socket & cable damaged - any other charging options

    Hi A mishap occurred yesterday with my partner's XPS 13 yesterday. A really great machine, cost approx. £1300 and I 'thought' I had paid for what we say over this side of the pond The dog's ...... as Madam does not treat her gear with shall we say the same respect as I do. She needs this for her...
  17. J

    How do I remove broken centre pin from HP laptop sealed charger port.Thank You!

    Centre pin on HP charger socket has broken off inside laptop charger port, advice on any tricks to remove would be welcome. Thank You!
  18. B

    what is my socket for a new prossesor ? , i have an acer aspire es-17 (es1-731-copc )

    i want a new prossesor for my acer es-17 ( es1-731-copc ) , what is my socket ?
  19. H

    Socket almost blew up while booting a laptop

    So I got a non-working, out of warranty laptop to play with. It was really old and dusty so I decided to disassemble it and clean out the dust out of the fan and heat sink. It also came without a battery. So after assembling it back, everything looked pretty good except the fact that a few...
  20. F

    Clevo i7 Laptop not recognizing an i7 CPU in socket but will recognize an i3 CPU

    I have a Clevo W860CU that came with an i7-740QM processor in it. I've had no problems with the laptop until about a month ago. On boot up into windows 10 the monitor would show the windows logo and the circles starting to spin but would then shut itself off. I could start the laptop into the...
  21. G

    How to determine what type of processor socket is there on your laptop

    I am a noob looking to upgrade my 1st generation i5 processor from my e6410 latitude. As I saw on the scrap market the 2nd and 3rd generation i5 became incredible cheap, I start thinking about an upgrade. For starters, I think first condition to determine if an upgrade is possible is to see what...
  22. S

    Acer aspire e5-511 cpu change

    Can i upgrade my Acer Aspire E5-511 CPU to Core I3 with socket FCPGA946, I search in google for a motherboard type but i can't find anything :)
  23. A

    HP pavilion dv6-6c11nr processor upgrade issue

    HI there. I have an HP Pavilion dv6 6c11nr that I wanted to upgrade the seemingly weak a4 dual core that comes in it. So I looked on Hp's website and found that the socket is fs1. So i looked on Ebay for an a8 that had the socket fs1. Now keep in mind on this motherboard it is just like a...
  24. C

    Upgrading Laptop Parts (Vostro 3350)

    Hello! I'm looking to upgrade my CPU in my Vostro 3350. I know to look for socket types, but besides that, is there anything else I should be concerned about when picking out a CPU? The current CPU is an Intel i3-2310M and I was looking to replace it with an i7-3920XM or i7-3940XM. Is there any...
  25. R

    Delphi Tserversocket and TclientSocket error code - 100049 Help

    Hey everytime i wish to connect my client to a server by giving the edit1.text a ip and port number to the edit2.text box, and click connect, i get the following message: error 100049 (asynchronous socket error.). I get the message as soon as i click the connect button. The connect button is...
  26. U

    Can I fit another processor for N56VZ

    Hello guys, Which processors might be compatible with Asus N56VZ except the original one i7 3610QM!. I kindly ask this because my processor is dead and I want to replace it with a cheap and less powerful one because I think It won't be a problem for me since I use my laptop mostly for browsing...
  27. S

    Laptop not charging & motherboard not reacting when button is pressed

    Hi, I have a laptop that's not that old, was full of junk but cleared it all and worked fine for 2-3 months, now it does nothing when I try to turn it on... Charger is fine, and I tested everything except for the power button & charging port since idk how to test it. And if the button works...
  28. R

    Trouble with the cables for my TV.

    I have a Male F Plug attached to the wire coming from my wall, which i want to plug into my TV, but the Antenna In socket does not match the Male F plug, do I need some sort of adapter to connect these? The TV is a relatively new one with Freeview installed. Thanks for your help!
  29. B

    Laptop power problem

    I have a Dell e1705, about 2years old. When i connect the charger just to a power socket the green light on the charger comes on but when i plug the the other end into the laptop the green light on the charger goes off, I have taken the battery off the laptop and it still does the same thing...
  30. B

    Laptop power problem

    I have a Dell e1705, about 2years old. When i connect the charger just to a power socket the green light on the charger comes on but when i plug the the other end into the laptop the green light on the charger goes off, I have taken the battery off the laptop and it still does the same thing...
  31. C

    Help with finding a Barebones laptop with a G2 socket?

    After the motherboard on my old laptop died out, I was able to salvage the processor (i7-2670QM) and 8 GB of memory. The processor is good, and will fit barebone machines with the G2 socket (ivy bridge/sandy bridge). So I thought I would be able to buy a cheap barebone laptop that I could...
  32. C

    Two 1/4" TRS male audio jacks into one 1/4" female socket

    Hi, I see similar questions here but nothing that is quite the same and certainly nothing that I can understand! I want to reliably feed the input from two 1/4" TRS male audio jacks (coming from two Sure SM585 vocal microphones) into one 1/4" female socket (in an Ion Audio Tailgater Bluetooth...
  33. T

    Help about upgrade cpu

    Here is my laptop : MY cpu : intel pentium p6200 and My laptop socket is 989 rPGA . Southbridge : INTEL - HM55 . Now , i want to upgrade the best of processor pro which can be use for my laptop . Tks !
  34. M

    How to upgrade CPU IN Gateway NV5932u with socket G1?

    I have GATEWAY NV 5932u with Intel 430m CPU socket G1and I want to upgrade to Intel 580m socket G1. Will it work and how to replace it?
  35. L

    laptop not charging.

    Last night when I was halfway charging my laptop, the charging indicator suddenly disappeared and my laptop just stopped charging. I thought maybe the socket is faulty so I change to another socket but it wouldnt charge at all. I even used my mom's charger hoping to charge my laptop but to no...
  36. manosspan

    Laptop Cpu Upgrade-Socket Compatibility

    Hello, I have a local brand laptop and I want to upgrade my crappy cpu. Currently it has an intel b940 Here are some printscreens from cpu-z Can I buy an i3,i5 or i7 and what models...
  37. R

    troubleshoot the problem

    my laptop has full charge but when i remove charging socket laptop sutdown suddenly and notifications are there that your battery has expired please help me
  38. A

    want to upgrade my laptop

    model :- hp pavilion g4 1303au ram:-4gb socket type:-fs1 ramtype:-ddr3 1333mhz i want to upgrade my laptops prpocessor which is "amd a4 3330mx".i am thinking to upgrade it into amd a8 3520m is there any high end solution available for it or not. Also i am thinking to upgrade my ram into 6gb...
  39. O

    I just bought a microphone that plugs into the headphone socket. On recording devices/show disabled devices it doesn't show up

    I just bought a new microphone, plugged it in (no driver) and it doesn't record but my internal microphone still does and my new one doesn't show up. Ideas?
  40. R

    Samsung TV LE32C530 - Poor/bad sound

    Hello Can anyone help...I have a Samsung LE 32c53 TV where the sound is very bad due to defective speaker. I was going to go wireless or plug in a small speaker into the headphone socket but it has no headphone socket The only 'out' sockets it has is a 1) Red and Blue sockets showing AUDIO OUT...
  41. G

    i am watching my LG tv just today i was surprize that the picture suddenly disappear but with sounds.i remove the socket to th

    I am watching My LG LED TV it was suddenly no picture but it hàs a sounds ...i brought it last march 2014 and now it doesnt work how do i fix it easier. Do i need to bring it n a service center?and they a high charge of the repair? I choose to buy LG LED TV as it is a nice and good quality...
  42. A

    my polaroid tv has headphone socket but no output sockets how do I plug my soundbar in . thans

    Hi ive just bought a Polaroid soundbar to go with my 40" Polaroid hdmi tv but there isnt any output sockets just a headphone socket how do I connect the soundbar to my tv. Please help . The model of my TV is 40" full HD P40LCD12. .
  43. S

    Logitech G930 help with headset warranty maybe? Or replace

    So basically i bought a refurbished G930 headset about a year ago... It recently dropped and the left socket came out and now doesn't stick to my head.....I am wondering if theres ANYTHING I CAN DO?!??! I live in NA
  44. N

    Cannot plug more than two plugs into your surge outlet

    My sister has just recently brought a new Sony Smart TV 55' (the surge socket can hold up to 8 plugs). We use to plug in to the surge socket PS3, Sky and the TV power plugs. This caused our TV to turn off automatically and every time we tried turning it on, it would turn off. Now, this is quite...
  45. C

    Replace LCD socket (connector)

    Hello! I broke some pins of the LCD connector of my laptop and I guess if there are any option to fix it. For example, by replacing it, converting the cable to VGA|HDMI, etc. Thank you very much.
  46. RaczIT

    Intel Processors for rPGA 989 socket?

    I have a HP ProBook 4440s that has a rPGA 989 socket. Currently the laptop has an i3-3110m processor in it. I would really like to upgrade the processor to try to squeeze some more performance out of it. I've already replaced the hdd and upgraded the memory and have noticed a small boost, but...
  47. T

    I have a microphone that I've just bought (and an adapter) and I use the adapter (because my laptop has a headset socket) and

    I have a microphone that I've just bought (and an adapter) and I use the adapter (because my laptop has a headset socket) and yet it still won't work. How do I get it to work?!
  48. A

    Arc HDMI to HDMI converter to AV

    Just wondering if connecting an HDMI cable to an arc HDMI socket on a TV and then connecting the other end of the cable to and HDMI to AV converter if this will enable the TV audio to be sent to another device via AV input. Not sure if this will work as I understand the arc system may only work...
  49. K

    Asus X53u power jack socket problem...

    Hi there fellas. So a friend's mom handed me her laptop saying it wouldn't charge anymore. After visual inspection the power jack was pushed way back into the case and the plug simply wouldn't reach. So I disassembled the whole thing following this video : Now here's the catch. The power jack...
  50. Steven Mal

    Laptop immediately shut off without warning while charging and will not turn back on with or without charger.

    Today while using my laptop it turned off immediately without any warning while it was plugged in to charge. There wasn't any notice that the laptop was going to turn off or that I should plug in the laptop to avoid losing any unsaved data. It won't turn back on with or without the charger. When...
  51. P

    maximize laptop performance

    my laptop is a TOSHIBA Satellite C55Dt-A, socket bga/ft3. I found the motherboard type using Everest ultimate edition. I wanted to upgrade it but not sure what the capacity of this motherboard is. Is there a resource or program out there that can show the limits of the motherboard so I can...
  52. D

    Lifebook AH531 replace power socket

    Hi all, my wife's Lifebook has apparently a broken power socket - when connecting the power adapter (which functions fine, tested with other devices), nothing happens. The repair specialist diagnosed a physically broken power connector, but estimated 100€ minimum for the repair, so I wanna give...
  53. H

    Gateway P7807u Processor Upgrade

    Hi, I`m thinking to upgrade my laptops processor and I was wondering if it is possible to upgrade from Intel Core 2 P8600 to Intel Core Quad Q9100. I saw that they share the same socket, P socket, but I`m not sure if it works so maybe you can help me?
  54. Zoladex

    Headphone socket problem

    Hi, im getting audio mostly from one side. I've read a couple of threads, but i believe i have another unique part to it. While plugged in the volumes are about 100% one side, 10% the other. However if i unplug the socket about half way, it changes to 0% one side, 100% the other. Though then...
  55. Racinglife12

    Acer Aspire CPU Upgrade

    I have a question I have a Acer Aspire 3005WLMi with a AMD Mobile Sempron 3300+ CPU I want to upgrade it. I would love to have a AMD Mobile Athlon 4000+ in it. But can i upgrade it to a cpu that isnt for the 756M socket?? I saw some dual cores and they had all AM1 sockets and such. So does...
  56. Jdogz427

    How much of an OC do you think i can get

    I was planning on OCing my CPU, and was wondering with my setup how far you think i can push it. i know it depends on the silicon lottery a little, but with my MOBO, cooler, and PSU, how do you think i can do. Also i cannot see the core specific temps on HW monitor, just the package temps, is...
  57. E

    SPDIF Connector on TV

    Is there a connector with sPDIF on one end and a 3.5 stereo socket on the other. I am trying to connect a headset for the hard of hearing
  58. T

    Socket G2 and G3 compatibility (Laptop CPU upgrading)

    I'm a newbie to laptop upgrading. I know a bit about computer, but I jumped in to soon in ordering a socket G3 core i7 4700MQ CPU for my socket G2 compatible motherboard. What I want to ask here is that is socket G3 CPU compatible with socket G2 motherboard?
  59. S

    How do you get sound through headpones on a samsund UE55F8000STXXU

    I've connected headphones to my tv in the headphone socket but don't get any sound when trying to watch tv. I have a sound bar connected to the tv and also pluged the headphones into that but still no sound
  60. LeadGaming

    Can I Put this cpu in my laptop socket

    I currently have a i3-3110M and want to put a i7 2630qm would there be a power problem with that. It is going is a Toshiba satellite c855