Laptop Socket FS1 vs. FS1 (FS1r2)


Sep 24, 2014
So, I wanted to upgrade my laptop which has a crappy A6-4400m APU with 7520g Integrated Graphics. I had a laptop that crapped out on me due to being unable to read a hard drive but had this A8-3500m which is a solid upgrade. However, I found out that it wasn't working for me since my laptop didn't turn on. I put my old APU back in and it works again. Is this an issue with socket types? The A6-4400m is a FS1 (FS1r2) and the A8-3500m is a FS1. Does this factor into my problem? If so, is there any APUs that are 35W and compatible?

The exact laptop I'm talking about that I want to upgrade: