3.5mm headphone socket not working


Apr 23, 2014
Speakers and USB devices seem to be fine but when I plug my headphones into the 3.5mm jack no audio will play. Youtube videos say that there is an audio render error, and programs like spotify will just not play any music. Does this sound like a driver issue or a broken headphone socket? If the latter I will have to return this laptop. (P.S I have tried multiple other headphones, and have restarted the laptop multiple times etc so that is not the issue here).
Thanks for any help.
How are the speakers connected? Through that same jack the headphones are? If speakers work on that jack, that means jack is working. Or do you mean the laptop built in speakers? Next thing, you said that programs don't play any music, that is a separate issue from the headphones not working. What does work? Did you check for newer audio drivers or contact laptop vendor support?