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  1. S

    Acer aspire 5349 Keeps shutting off, but the cpu is not overheating.

    Hello, I have an Acer Aspire 5349. It acts like the cpu is overheating and shuts down. Reseated heatsink, and cleaned fan. Same results. Bought new fan and heatsink. Initially ran for three hours, then when I installed updates, it shut down. Monitored CPU heat and usage with "CoreTemp", no...
  2. V

    Looking to buy a m17x r1 heatsink and fan

    hi, im trying to find the only part to this laptop, and its the m17x -r1 heatsink and fan, if anyone is able to know where i could buy one used, i will buy it, been searching for a month now and nothing seems to come up :( when i got the laptop from my freind, he forgot to mention he missplace...
  3. S

    Asus k50 going to apply thermal paste, help

    So my old K50 has been heating up, Im getting it a new fan, but I also got some arctic for the heatsinks on the CPU and GPU. Ive watched plenty of vids and read articles on how to do it. I just want some basics. How much is too much? How much is too little? Whats the proper technique for...
  4. kevinspl

    Acer 5542 overheats everytime

    i have cleaned my cpy heatsink like 3 months ago but i overheats often when i play some games. are there any tips to stop the overgeating. CPU TEMPS: 72C IDLE :o 86C+ UNDER LOAD :o :o :o :o :o :o MEASURED WITH EVEREST
  5. S

    Speedfan & HWMonitor both show high NB reading

    Research tells me that speedfan is basically not to be trusted, but what about HWMonitor? The reading in question is TMPIN1(HWMonitor)/Temp2(Speedfan), which is about 93°C at idle. Best I can tell this is a reading for the northbridge. My board is MSI 785GT-E63. Touch tested all the...
  6. F

    My laptop runs excessively hot even after I cleaned the heatsink

    A few months ago, I realized how hot my laptop was getting at full CPU usage (over 80C!) so I cleaned out the heatsink, which was clogged with dust, and the temps dropped to around 50C. Now, I realize the thing is getting hot again, with temperatures in the 70s so I cleaned out the heatsink...
  7. jsphdickens

    Laptop Turning Off Suddenly

    I have had my Sony PCG-7192L Laptop for about a year. All of a sudden, it is turning off within a few minutes of restarting. The process of booting up itself seems slower as well. In my experience, this kind of problem deals with overheating, with maybe a dirty heatsink or a fan that has...
  8. A

    Overheating even after cleaning and replacing paste

    Hi All, hope someone can help me, please. I have a Toshiba L350 with Intel T3200 dual core processor. I was getting overheating (up to 71C) so I stripped it down and cleaned out fan, fins, removed heatsink, cleaned it and processor top with alc and replaced paste, but after all that - it...
  9. R

    I'va just applied AS5 to laptop and im worried...

    Hello, My laptop was running a bit hot, (acer 5535), so i have just applied arctic silver 5 to the CPU, and it is now idling at about 30 degrees so thats all good, however, the heatsink that runs to the CPU also touches the graphics chip. When i removed it, there was a thermal pad on the...
  10. B

    How to remove heatsink/fan from Gateway M305CRV

    I want to replace the power jack on a Gateway M305CRV but I cannot remove the cover because the heatsink/fan assembly is holding it in place. The heatsink/fan does not seem to be removable as it appear to have 3 screws holding it in place from the bottom of the motherboard which is inaccessible...
  11. A

    Fixing a broken heatsink

    I have a Dell Inspiron 1000 which gets to about 80 celsius easily. I opened it up to give it a quick clean, and the heatsink snapped off (I think it's the VGA or Northbridge equivalent heatsink; it's definitely not the CPU cooler). Is there any way to keep it secured onto the motherboard? My...
  12. S

    Anybody know how to get to the heatsink on a Toshiba L305?

    Is it from the bottom or through the keyboard?
  13. R

    Unlocking cores with stock heatsink

    Would it be ok to unlock the cores on a Phenom x2 550 BE and use the stock heatsink. I am going to eventually replace it, but for the time being i am stuck with the stock heatsink. Would it be ok to run it as a quad with the stock heatsink?
  14. A

    Artic Silver 5 on the laptop heatsink made a H U G E difference

    Cleaned out my friend's laptop (it was FILLED with dust - the fan would blast on high and NO air would come out of the vent). Just to let you all know, he had the same model laptop I did. I traded him my laptop and just switched teh hard drives as I knew I wouldn't have time to return it to him...
  15. D

    Laptop overheating processor or heatsink?

    compaq presario 2199us athlon xp 2800mobile 512ddr ram.well i have posted earlier but was wrong in my findings.now the processor looks like it is in great shape but could it be about burnt out is what is causing the extreme heating or could it possibly be something wrong with this copper piping...
  16. H

    Gateway 7325 Overheating problem

    I have a Gateway 7325GZ laptop that is chronically overheating and shutting down. I purchased a cooling pad but that doesn't even really help the problem either. I'm pretty sure that both fans are working, but I've been told the heatsink sometimes isn't seated properly and that could be the...
  17. D

    A few quick questions

    I'm planning on overclocking my t-bird 1333, I just wanted a couple of questions answering. Whats the best way to unlock it ?. Is it worth lapping a GlobalWin CAK4-88T heatsink ?. What should I be aiming to overclocking it to, I was hoping for about 1.6. Is a 300w psu ok for o/c ?. Thanks in...
  18. L

    Getting a new AXP1800, dont want to unlock

    Well, after frying my 1700+, I just ordered an 1800+. Now a few questions come to mind. Without unlocking the multiplier, what kind of stable OC can I get on an ABIT KG7? My last cpu was OC'd to a 1900+, and my temps were ok on a swiftek heatsink w/ copper base. I have been able to get the FSB...
  19. G

    CircuitWorks Silver Conductive Grease?

    I want to unlock my XP1600, and the only believable article I could find was the one by VR-Zone, and they do the task by using "CircuitWorks Silver Conductive Grease" to connect the L1 bridges. So my problem is that I live in Denmark, and I can't find any shops that ships this item - can you...