Aug 11, 2015
Right this is a very weird problem that i have been having with my gaming headset.
When i'm using the headset to talk to friends i noticed that they was telling me that they could hear a noise in the background of my microphone that was very loud, i listened to it and i noticed it sounded like a 50hz noise. This noise seems to occur when i touch something around my computer that is electrical but only certain things, for example: The wires behind my computer with my foot, the pedal on my gaming steering wheel, plugs in the wall and even one of my monitors. But nothing happens when i touch my other monitor, my keyboard mouse and my computer case. When i plug my phone into a socket near by then touch my phone the noise goes off again!

What could be causing this to happen? Can it cause damage if not fixed? Anyone ever had anything like this? How do you fix this thing?