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    Question PC Keeps Crashing

    So I just recently bought a Pc for Gaming, I do not know all of the specs. However, I do know that the graphics card that was already intact with the pc was burnt out so I purchased another for about $250 which was half the price of the first. So I have been able to Download and play Fortnite...
  2. P

    Solved! How much is my laptop worth if I want to sell it?

    I have a 2008 HP EliteBook 8770w Here are the specs -Screen Size:17.3 Inches Screen Type: 1920x1080 -Windows 10 Pro - Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3840QM CPU @ 2.80GHz, 2801 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s) -32 GB DDR3 RAM -750 GB HDD -256 GB SSD -Nvidia Quadro K4000m 4GB -It has a DVD RW drive...
  3. C

    Solved! Best Dac/Amp under $100 cad for the Ath-M40x

    I usually play first person games like csgo, overwatch, etc and listen to electronic music. With the M40x i just feel like im missing somethibg, hope you understand what I mean.
  4. W

    Solved! dust issue switching and feed

    Hi guys! I have a 36" smart job... Originally I had a switching issue due to dust and cobwebs. Fixed that with some electronics spray. Now it switches perfect,but now it does not recognize any feed. All I did was pull the back cover off and blow it out.
  5. U

    Solved! My seiki TV says no signal

    I'm trying to connect my VHS to my TV via an RCA cable, but it says no signal? I'm connecting it to the right port/input, but still it continues to say no signal. I also have an ATT u verse cable box. do i connect it to the box or TV? someone help ya girl out. model of TV is Seiki SE222FS; VHS...
  6. A

    Solved! LCD Panels and components compatibility.

    Hey Guys How can I replace the electronic components of a Samsung LE37S62B (sound works but shows no picture) with the electronic components of a Samsung ue55h6290ss (broken LCD panel)? Are the components and LCD panel even compatible? Other options: Samsung le40c579j1s (defective components)...
  7. D

    Solved! Denon CD player motor not responding.

    I have a Denon DCD-1700 CD player from around 1990. The motor does not come on to play a disc. The drawer and electronics all work. The unit has been sitting unused for quite a while, but I do not think that it is broken or worn out. What should be the next thing to try? Thanks.
  8. K

    Solved! Need help asap!! How can i connect a woofer with a midrange to divide the sound spectrum

    Hey, I just got 2 20 watt 4 ohm woofers and 2 10 watt 8 ohm mid-range. I planned to make a simple soundbox by connecting 1 woofer and 1 midrange in parallel. But i tried and it sounded awful.. Really frustrated. I read something about passive crossovers that are able to divide the sound...
  9. C

    How do I fix a button that's tucked under one side?

    My headphones's power button is partialy tucked under one side and I can't press it. How do you get it out?
  10. G

    Solved! No electronic voice

    I am tired of the electronic voice. Any streaming device that is quiet? I have Roku now
  11. F

    Bought an omen laptop and was scammed!

    hi, im from australia, i bought an omen hp laptop from a well known electronics, gaming, homewear store called jbhifi. (which is australias go to electronics store) the laptop was advertised (which includes on the box of laptop and stickers on the laptop)to have a nvidia geforce gtx 1050 GPU on...
  12. G

    Solved! Connecting tv hdmi to device causes building wireing fault light to go out on surge protector and apc ups.

    Ok i was trying to figure out why my building wiring fault light is on,i know. That the house we live in was made back in the 1950's and that some outlets were replaced with. With 3 prong recepticalls but never grounded by previous owners as my mom says that it would cost in the 1000's to rewire...
  13. B

    Help Me, Tom's Guide: Recycle an Old TV and Other Gadgets?

    Old tech might be taking up space in your closet, but don't just put those gadgets on the curb. TVs and computer products raise special concerns that need to be addressed. Help Me, Tom's Guide: Recycle an Old TV and Other Gadgets? : Read more
  14. Z

    Solved! Laptop and 3.5" hdd power

    Im building a HTPC out of 8460p elitebook i5. i have a small sata for OS, and i want to wire a 1tb hdd 3.5 for storage inside. i know what you think. but since i dont have a battery and im building a case for it from scratch as i only have MB CPU and RAM i can fit it in. ALso i made a new...
  15. C

    Connecting different electronics to Wi-Fi

    Hello everybody, I have an older plasma television (built in 2010, LG 60PK990) on which I would like to play via Wi-Fi movies. The source is a PC with MPC and madvr, which is in another room (about 15 meters away). What options do I have to create such a a Wi-Fi connection? For the LG, there...
  16. B

    Solved! Tv turns on then display turns off

    My tv is working fine sound and input seem to work perfectly. After turning it on its fine but a few seconds later the display turns off indefinently. Sound still works fine after display turns off. Please help me, I know electronics but I'm clueless.
  17. tigershrimp

    What is the cheapest way to get a laptop from U.S. to europe?

    As you all probably know, things like electronics are notably more expensive in europe, than in U.S., atm looking for a new laptop, since mine is barely strutting along, looking for around 600Eur budget, for that price I've noticed I can easily afford a MSI GL62M 7RDX-NE1050i5 (if anyone knows...
  18. CreepyBobo346

    Best Headphones Under $300

    I’m looking for the best pair of closed back headphones to listen to electronic and hip-hop music for under or around $200-300 I plan on using a Schiit Modi 2 and a Vali 2 but if there are very low impedance headphones then I will just ditch the amp and just buy a higher quality DAC.
  19. Z

    Solved! How to make Smart an old heater

    Hi guys, i'm trying to make my house a little bit "Smarter". I have this old electronic heater, that can be turned on by pressing a button, and i'd like to make it controllable by my iPhone. I thought about smart switch but it can only let pass or not the electricity to my heater but not...
  20. O

    Samsung phone Hacked

    Let me start from the beginning. About 9 months ago now my mom was having issues with her electronics so she found someone who “fixed” computers , phones and iPods. She gave the man her phone my sisters phone and my sisters iPod ( I believe each electronic had their own each individual issue I...
  21. S

    Reuse old JVC AV-32WP2EN TV speakers to use with PC/smartphone?

    Hi, new here, I was recently given this TV but it broke and now I want to recover it's speakers because they sound absolutely amazing for a TV. I'm wondering if theres is some way that I can convert them to a jack 3.5mm plug so I can connect to my PC or my Smartphone? This is the TV, the...
  22. H

    Hub for electronic door lock

    Hi - can I use an Echo Dot with a Kwikset electronic door lock (using their Bluetooth technology) and have an app on my smart phone. I am told that a hub such as the Samsung Hub will do it, but will the Dot? Thank-you
  23. S

    Adobe Audition vs. Serum

    I would like to make electronic music (ya ya, cringy kid wanting to make electronic music), but I want to know which is best, or I should use both, like Serum for making the .wav samples and audition for placing them in place. I don't know what to do.
  24. N

    How Can I Connect 2 Aux Outputs To One Aux Input

    I want to be able to connect my headset (male aux connector) to the outputs of my phone and my electronic drums (female aux connectors) Example image below
  25. C

    How to ship electronics to ghana

    Tablet to ghana??
  26. S

    Taking care of a glass screen

    Just got my new laptop (https://www3.lenovo.com/ca/en/laptops/ideapad/ideapad-700-series/Lenovo-IdeaPad-720S-14IKB/p/88IP70S0833) First laptop with an IPS glass screen. So naturally I'm worried about scratching it etc. I've ordered a case for it but hasn't arrived yet and purchased a few...
  27. B

    Most common TV's

    I am headed out to buy a TV, 65" or larger. With other electronics I have had good luck sticking with the best sellers. In other words, not the highest rated but the models that have sold the most. Any ideas where one might find recent numbers on what is selling well? Thx
  28. S

    Which laptop should I choose?(urgent)

    I am a first year btech engineering student from electronics and communication branch. I need a laptop for study purpose. I am also a gamer,so I also want to do casual gaming in it.My budget is a bit low, under inr 60000. Which laptop is the best for me? I have main confusion between HP...
  29. D

    windows 10 reset problem-loading screen

    my laptop has been blue screening and the electronics guy at the shop i bought it from told me to reset it, and reinstall w10. a few hours into the reset, the laptop stopped because an error occured during the reset and "some files" couldn't be deleted. i clicked "close" as it was the only...
  30. D

    Humming in one (passive) speaker - can't sort it out :-/

    I have home speakers for PC that worked normally for years. However, since few days ago, the left one (the passive one, that doesn't have any electronics inside), started humming all the time. It's very noticeable. Just to be sure I tried the following: - Switched them off from the PC -...
  31. G

    Nextbook ares 11a won't turn on

    Keyboard lights up when I try to turn the tablet on, but the tablet does nothing. The tablet was charging for a couple hours last night, so I know the battery isn't dead.
  32. G

    How can I reinstall the OS on a TiVO Series 2 DVR?

    Hello all, I am aware that the TiVO DVRs are quite ancient and fairly worthless in 2017, however, I saw one at my local electronics store that was about to be recycled, so I brought it home. When I plugged it in, the TiVO booted to a screen that said, "Welcome! Starting Up..." I was actually...
  33. G

    Serious Audio Interference

    For few weeks now I hear voices coming from my electronic devices when I play audio (not really in the mood for schizophrenia jokes). There are some teenagers(judging by their voices) probably in one of the near apartment buildings with whom we share a wall. The voices are very clear and...
  34. B

    receiver less speakers need help!

    im stuck with a set of lg 5.1 surround sound speakers, with 4ohm resistance and 310watt max. Would it be cheaper buying a new reciever, or buying a 6 channel/way amplifier to connect them to my computer?
  35. B

    Can I hook my list on electronics speaker to my Haier tv

    I have a kustom electronics speaker can I hook it up to my Haier flat screen tv
  36. Share2Care

    Best IEMs for Bass Types of Music - EDM, House, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Liquid Varieties - £100-£300 Budget

    Aloha Ladies & Gents. I am happy to spend up to/around £300 for the right pair of IEMs. I have saved up for these so getting the right pair is really important to me.So looking to invest in a pair of IEMs that can deliver an earth shattering amount of beautiful clean bass. All types of bass but...
  37. N

    electric shock suddenly on acer e5

    recently i have a problem with my laptop(acer e5-475g-53iq), because it tased my hand suddenly recently and some couple weeks ago for no reason, especially when plugging some other device like printer which makes it more risky, it already happened for around 5/4 times i think which im not sure...
  38. Y

    headphone jack problem

    when i rotate the headphone jack (not port) it makes static noise it was a headphone jack with silver tips instead gold
  39. Hexa Fox

    Proper Computer Disposal?

    Hey guys I was hoping that this community could help me out on this topic. I have heard many times that properly recycling/disposing of computer related equipment can come back to haunt the owner. I do not want to be one of these people. I have already done some good research, but want some...
  40. M

    samsung tv model le40n87bdx/xec Clicking OFF-ON problem

    hi...I have the question about my samsung tv model le40n87bdx/xec clicking on off problem. I am not electronic guy but I heard many people have same problem with power supply board and capacitors. I opend up my tv and disconected mother board..normally I have to see blown..swolen capacitors. But...
  41. Panzer AppleHusky

    Asus GL502VS electronic buzzing when not under load

    I was wondering if anyone else on here has the same notebook and notices a buzzing sound. It's sort of like the old school HDD clicking but a lot faster. It's always done it as far as I can remember but I figured I'd see about fixing it if I could, or at least reducing it so it's not as loud...
  42. A

    iPad Mini Extremely Slow

    As title says, my iPad Mini from 4 years ago has started to become very very slow. I mean slow like when I turn it on and try to swipe to enter my passcode, it takes a few seconds before a key is entered. Also, when loading apps and just generally, it's just really slow. I mainly use this iPad...
  43. A

    Is there a box that connects your cell phone incoming calls to your home phones?

    I heard there is an electronic box that connects your cell phone incoming calls to your home phones I need to know the make and where it is sold. This way there would be no need for Bell services.
  44. T

    need good budget laptop

    budget: 900 (the less the better) needs: Electronic Mail/Internet Word Processing School Work and Video Games can someone choose 2 laptops in this criteria to see if i can compare and contrast
  45. C

    What kind of battery and charger should i use for diy bluetooth boombox(TDA7492p)?

    I've been searching the whole internet for a week now to find answers. I found out that i have two options: laptop cells or VRLA(SLA). Both seem nice but i don't know how to charge them. Apparently i need some special circuits for VRLA to set exact voltage to 13,4, to limit maximum charge, to...
  46. T

    Microphone buzzes when i touch electronics

    Right this is a very weird problem that i have been having with my gaming headset. When i'm using the headset to talk to friends i noticed that they was telling me that they could hear a noise in the background of my microphone that was very loud, i listened to it and i noticed it sounded like a...
  47. attacus

    Buy laptop (HP Spectre) in UK, or wait for holiday in New York to purchase?

    I'm going to New York soon. With the increase in the value of the pound, and the cheaper cost of electronics in the US, should I snag the latest HP spectre while I'm there? The keyboard and warranty might be an issue, and while it has USB C charging, I heard it only works with a proprietary...
  48. Forever Oleg

    Suggest me ways to fill up my Free Time!

    What is amazing with computers that is actually legal? Please, give serious answers. I want something related to Computers, Raspberry PIs or other electronics. Maybe I could do some nice projects that would actually be useful and not pointless. Thank you.
  49. 1shado1

    What May Be An Overly Complicated And Stupid Question

    I have the AC adapters/charging cables for 4 or 5 small electronic devices (including tablets) plugged into a surge protector/powerstrip that has an on/off switch. If I had these various electronics devices plugged into their chargers, but turned off the power to the chargers using the switch...
  50. Z

    Best Headphone for Music / Gaming under $200

    I listen to music like pop, EDM, etc. I play League Of Legends and CS:GO competitively. I currently have a Sony MDR-XB50 earbud, however I'm looking for better audio quality. So far, I've considered Audio Technica ATH M50x and Sennheiser HD 598. Any opinions or recommendations? Also, I don't...
  51. R

    Need help with selecting a headset

    Currently I'am using standard Razer Kraken for over 2 years now and i need to upgrade. One thing i have to mention is that i don't have a additional sound card or DAC. 85% of the time i listen to Electronic music so i like to have a descent bass but of course without it being overwhelming like...
  52. Wayfall

    Looking for a new point and shoot camera

    Hi community Could you lot give some advice and recommendations on a camera I could use in a city environment that does good sharp photos priced around £100-300. Thanks!
  53. A

    Is macbook pro retina 13 suitable for an engineering student?

    I am going to take electronics engineering. I do some coding, web designing. I have many h.265 full HD videos. Will it be able to run them? Also, can it run CS go and Minecraft?
  54. K

    i want to connect 5.1 speakers to pc and i have only s/pdif as input

    i got f&d f6000u 5.1 speakers , i want to connect it to my PC so i can get surrounded sound while watching movies , the problem is that my input is s/pdif and my mother board is gigabyte Z87 and i don't have HDMI , so any ideas how can i get it to work on my pc , shall i buy an external device...
  55. E

    Best Budget Laptop

    My dad recently bought Rosetta stone so he wants a laptop of his own. 1.My/his budget is $240 2.My dad likes to be on the couch or in bed when using any type of electronic so I want a laptop that is not too small but also not too big 3.I really don't care about resolution as long as it's not...
  56. B

    not having turned on a laptop for 4 months, could it be a problem

    not having turned on a laptop for 4 months could it be a problem? could it be better to the electronics that I sometimes turn on it , let electricity go and run it , let it "exercise" a little bit?
  57. B

    Boot audio problem please help! :)

    Hi not quite sure if this is the right place to be posting or not Recently i bought a Roland Quad capture audio interface And use it as a sound card/preamp for my headphones. Whenever i restart my pc or power it back on the device won't power on with it. Well sometimes it does but rarely. I was...
  58. C

    is delightableelctronic.com is fake or legit?

    Hi i found a website based in US which is 'delightableelectronic.com' where all the prices for electronic items is very less which is less than half the original price. so can anyone verify whether its fake or real website...
  59. T

    Audio/video keeps glitching/has electronic interference

    I recently purchased a Lenovo Ideapad 500 2 weeks ago and I'm already experiencing some issues. The one really getting on my nerves right now would be that whenever I stream videos on Youtube or anywhere on the internet in general, there's electronic interference. However, they play smoothly if...
  60. F

    How to attach lens to camcorder?

    hello guys how can I attach my ef 50mm f1.2 lens on my camcorder? should I remove the default lens of an ordinary camcorder? then point the back of the lens to sensor? will this work?