Connecting different electronics to Wi-Fi


Sep 25, 2006
Hello everybody,

I have an older plasma television (built in 2010, LG 60PK990) on which I would like to play via Wi-Fi movies. The source is a PC with MPC and madvr, which is in another room (about 15 meters away).

What options do I have to create such a a Wi-Fi connection? For the LG, there is an AN-WL100 wireless media box, which is supposed to enable Wi-Fi. Is there perhaps newer, better equipment for this purpose?

Furthermore, I have a Denon DRA-F107 receiver. Is there a way to connect to it through Wi-Fi using additional equipment? I would like to play music directly from the Android phone on the receiver. Is that possible?

Thank you and best regards
An android TV box with separate audio output would work. It would play the files on the computer and you should be able to stream audio and video from the phone to the TV & receiver through it too.