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  1. B

    Need a Comfortable Pair of Headphones

    I need a pair of headphones that are REALLY comfortable. I only use headphones when it is noisy, so they need to be close-back. I will be using this mostly for gaming, but I do travel a lot and I go on flights that are more than 15 hours often. I also listen to some electronic music, so...
  2. Ransome

    TV (PC) Screen Flickers Goes Black Snow Noise Audio Disappears - When Turning House Lights ON/OFF

    Whenever I turn the fluorescent lights ON or OFF my the screen flickers, show random artifacts, white 'snow' noise, goes black - then returns after several seconds. Also the audio usually gets cut off momentarily as the screen gets distorted. The issues seems to have started a week ago...
  3. J

    Worst virus ive seen in my life taking over all electronics

    Hello my name is johan and i have a really big problem i was random surfing and noticed some slowdowns in page loading and decided to download tcpview , and there was alot of weird traffic going out from all sort of stuff and i got scared ofc couse suddenly my girfriend had same problem on her...
  4. A

    I can barely see the screen/black. How can I repair this?

    It is a satellite 2455-s305. I fixed a T1 and other electronics I use which most would say give up on...but how can I repair? I never used a Toshiba but am not concerned about breaking this one any. If I connect it to another monitor. Will that allow me to fix it? Toshiba wanted 290.00+, but I...
  5. G

    2.0 or 2.1 Speakers

    Hello everyone I'm looking to buy a new pair of speakers which I can buy from my local electronics store. I spent a few hours looking and these three caught my attention. Two of them are 2.1 and one is 2.0 system. Microlab FC-330 Microlab M-200 Platinum Edifier Studio R1280T They cost about...
  6. A

    what does 3000mAH on a device mean

    I have a remote backup charger which has 3000mAh stated on it. What does it mean. I know it is associated with current and stuffs. but how actually can i get to know about the concept behind this milli ampere hour stuffs??
  7. ben001

    Best 5.1 speaker for PC within limited budget

    Buying any electronic product is quit hard for people who really concern about their purchase. I'm kind of person who purchases any electronic items with deep review so that i can get a worthy buy. I've a gaming setup with no external sound card & have an old cheap creative 4.1 speaker(M4500)...
  8. K

    DXS converter box HD XS converter box

    I have the HD access converter box 1080 but I don't have the remote control I know nothing about electronics can I use a universal remote control if I can how do I set it up help please
  9. X

    Programmable IR receiver for synchronized operation on electronic devices and PC.

    Hello, i am here to find a solution to a particular need, it is a long read but satisfyingly detailed, mind you. i want to make my "HTPC" to receive an "IR signal" from the tv remote's unused button ("teletext page" button or any other button that does not operate in "HDMI input" mode) and...
  10. G

    AV Receiver Overload

    Have an old receiver and got overload message. No sound at all. So replaced the receiver and still no sound. Is it the speakers? No nothing about electronics.
  11. P

    $1500 long lasting laptop

    Hi there, Here's my thing I'm from Brazil, where electronics are MUCH more expensive, and i'm gonna study for about a year in the US... I'm really excited about bringing back some nice electronics with me, and after i come back to brazil, it'll be a while for me to travel again... So i need a...
  12. R

    Speaker setup for a working lab space

    I work in a fairly small electronics lab (about 25'x25'). We really want to get some speakers setup so we can listen to music, but we aren't really sure what would be best. The room has quite a bit of white noise in it already (laminar flow benches).t The ceiling has exposed rafters about 15' up...
  13. N

    Strange Grimy Residue Inside My Receiver and Electronics

    We clean/vacuum our studio apartment here in Los Angeles almost weekly. I don't always run my AC so it can get a little hot in the apartment, but we usually keep a oscillating tower fan running and/or use the AC. We also have a humidifier which might be adding to the problem. Being in LA...
  14. B

    Looking to upgrade Headphones looking for recommendations (Read Description)

    First things first i'm not an audio enthusiast. Im very very new to audio so I don't need anything super expensive. Hello, I am looking to upgrade to a real pair of headphones and am looking for some recommendations. Here's some basic criteria. +Over Ear Fit. +Open Back. +Need to be light and...
  15. R

    OPEN LISTENING of cell phones

    EFF is about freedoms and rights of the electronic frontier and against surveillance. SO WHY WOULD IT DO SO ITSELF??
  16. H

    Mixing ohms and using old passive woofer

    Hi. I am not savvy re electronics and need help. I have some old but excellent phase tech PC50/60 speakers that I would like to use in a new surround system with a new av reciever, center speaker and surround speakers. The PC50 woofer is 8 ohms, and the PC60 speakers are 4 ohms. They are...
  17. ben001

    Need Good Earphones for my smartphone.

    Generally, I do research quit a lot before purchasing any electronic products or electronic related products but this time, a hard one to choose. I recently bought a new windows smartphone but wondering for a good earphone to listen music, though i'm a hard listener & pretty much concern about...
  18. G

    how to open case

    have a tablet PC purchased at electronics show (no name brand ) with a removable key board the power inverter in the computer broke, trying to figure out how to open case. There are no visible fasteners and I can't seem to find the seam to use a opener. Does any one know are some of these...
  19. H0LYM0LYF00L

    Looking for bass heavy headphones.

    Hey guys, so I'm looking for some bass heavy headphones that would be great for listening to hip hop and electronic music. Right now I have the audio-technica mh50x professionals and they're amazing, but because they're monitors they have a very flat sound, which is good, but not good for...
  20. S

    Acer Aspire 7551 Laptop/Linux Mint Update/Factory Settings

    I have a Acer Aspire 7551 laptop, its originally Windows 7 but after I updated it to Linux Mint something went wrong with the installation and now everytime I start my laptop up it tells me "Cinnamon just crashed. You are currently running in Fallback Mode." When I start it up to press F12 the...
  21. H

    Connecting my TC Electronic M One XL to my current rig

    My current rig includes: Motherboard: Asrock Z77 Extreme6 ( http://www.asrock.com/mb/intel/z77%20extreme6/ ) CPU: Intel i7-3770k GPU: Gigabyte GTX 660 ( http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=4361#ov ) Case: Corsair 600T (...
  22. P

    Looking for a used laptop. Need help.

    Hi I currently have this very old hp laptop and even though I have done everything I can to extend it's lifetime; I think that it's the time to change it to something newer. -So I'm looking for a new laptop. The laptop I'm looking for should have at least 15" (17" would be great) screen and...
  23. B

    Is there a store that I can walk into and get my headphones fixed?

    One side of the speakers has blown out and I don't want to send it to a company because than I will have to pay for shipping and wait longer. Is there like an electronic store I can walk into or a store in the mall.
  24. Deus Gladiorum

    Static Discharge on Amplifier?

    Hey guys, so with it being Winter and all I've been getting a lot of static discharge. I'm pretty familiar with static discharge being an electronics killer but this is a problem limited to my amplifier rather than my desktop tower. About 5 or 6 times now probably, I've touched my Lepai...
  25. jcup

    Are there any free good music creating DAWs?

    Hello, I really want to get into music production just as a hobby for fun. I like electronic music like Zedd, Skrillex, Daft Punk, deadmou5, etc. So that would be the kind of music I'd want to create. Obviously not nearly as good but just that genre. I am a complete beginner but I'm willing to...
  26. K

    connecting an old record player to marshall speaker

    Hello, I appreciate any and all feedback as I have limited knowledge in electronics! I had an orthophonic high fidelity rca victor record player tuned up for my husband. It has a built in speaker in it and works great, but I brought a marshall stanmore speaker in thinking it would enhance the...
  27. I

    you have been hacked by the syrian electronic army?

    this message popped up in my firefox browser. what is the deal? anyone else?
  28. F

    Need help choosing a laptop

    My sister's birthday is coming up and me and my mother wanted to buy her a laptop, so we went looking for computers at a local electronics store. We managed to narrow our choice down to 4 choices: Acer Aspire E5-721 Lenovo G5070 (with the i3) HP-rn006nl Asus F550 My sister goes to an art...
  29. M

    4pin DC power jack on viao diagram and electronics learning.

    I just got my first voltmeter and i have a laptop i would like to learn how to use my voltmeter and fix something with it. I have an old sony vaio sve15115fxe motherboard: if you look at the bottom in the middle is a white 4 pin( 2 red on bottom from that orientation then 2 black) DC jack...
  30. Y

    Best media player(electronic) for music

    i buy music (flac version so i want something that have great soundcard to play them).i will use k612 pro or k712 or q701
  31. J

    how i repair electronic board bracket?

    Hello. I was opened my lenovo g580 and put thermal grease. While I did that i was broken the keyboard bracket that on the mother board: Images: How can i fix it? What is the correct name/expression of this broken thing? Thanks
  32. Aidan Sweeney

    iPod Touch [?] Problem

    This just creeped the living daylight out of me. [I freak out sort of easily...and I love my electronics] I watch a lot of YouTube videos on my iPod touch. I was just looking through one of my playlists. Then, all of a sudden, I see some red lines on the left side of my screen. I lock my iPod...
  33. F

    Help Buying Speakers

    Can anyone suggest to me good speakers for electronic music under $120. Thanks
  34. T

    Best Headphones under 100 Euro's?

    Here's a Simple list of what I will be using them for: -Music (Electronic, House, Trance, Dubstep, Melodic Dubstep, Chillstep.) -Competetive FPS games (Good sound stage) -Open Back design (I want to hear the ambient environment in games) -Bass (I would like some Bass but nothing over the top)...
  35. A

    My Tablet LC0720C has problem with Buttons

    My tablet LC0720C has problem with buttons, they don't work. I simply got rid of them and create a big mac. I need electronic schema, that I can see, where can I solder buttons. Thanks!
  36. T

    Old Laptop + new fan + xbmc (electronics)

    Hi, I have an old laptop that i want to use as a TV box with Xbmc, this laptop was always shuting down because of temps in the CPU so i decided to open a hole and put a 12v fan in there, the sad thing is the fan port only powers 5v, so i was wondering if there's other way i could get this 12v...
  37. L

    32" Dynex Tv was purchased in the US (120V) but using it in Uruguay (220V). Always using a voltage converter in order to watc

    32" Dynex Tv Tv was purchased in the US (120V) but using it in Uruguay (220V). Always using a voltage converter in order to watch something but yesterday my brother forgot to use the voltage converter and plugged the 120V Tv into a 220V plug and it burnt. Can it be repaired? If so, is it...
  38. C

    Can I fix my M-Audio DX4s? RCA pins broke off in the jack

    Hello! This is a great forum - thanks for the incredible resource. I'm a total newbie to fixing electronics, and I'm stuck on fixing my speakers. I'd be much obliged for any advice you can give. My M-Audio DX4 Studiophiles similar to these...
  39. F

    screeching almost like electronic buzz helpppp

    i bought my laptop almost two weeks ago and haven't transported it more than 10 feet from my desk as it is what i use for gaming (budget) and i am now hearing a noise that sound like buzzing and scratching i do not know if i should open up the laptop as i can without ruining my warranty my...
  40. T

    can i use the amplifier out of a pioneer cld-s201 cd player

    Info on using the amp out of a pioneer cld-s201 laser disc player it has a 40 watt amplifier built in any info on this will be graitfuly appreciated thanks
  41. K

    help fixing tv

    Hi about 2 years ago my tv got seriosily messed up i believe my mother told me that she plugged in a ac inside the wall and then she plugged in the tv in the same wall and the hdmi blew out like if i look at it its literally looks burnt and i try to turn it on and nothing happens it wont turn...
  42. P

    Question on Speakers

    I've been using my PC as of late more than any other form of electronic media, and given I just picked up a Xboner for myself, I had to resort to my TV. That been said, the onboard audio of the TV is just terrible as opposed to what I'm used to. That been said, I've been wanting to get into...
  43. J

    Perfect sound, no picture

    Know nothing about electronics, can't find owner's manual....
  44. C

    Nexus 10 2013?

    Hi there I got 250 dollars to spend on a electronic shop of my choice (europe), Travelling a lot I decided to get a tablet. Now,i am wondering if the Nexus 10 new version is really about to be released or not end 2013. I would feel very stupid to buy the old model and see a new one coming out...
  45. gamerboy214

    Need Music Production Laptop

    Ok, Im in need of a laptop that can produce music (Dubstep/Electronic) Needs to be laptop because id like to use it while on the go, at a friends house etc. Ive got a look on these and i ONLY shop from Amazon My budget is around 400-500 dollars ive looked at these: 1)...
  46. G

    FAA: Flyers Can Use Electronics During Entire Flight

    Everyone faces airplane flights their own way: sleeping, reading, talking to neighbors. Most of us listen to music, play games or even do work using our cell phone or tablet or laptop. But then there are those agonizing minutes when the plane is landing FAA: Flyers Can Use Electronics During...
  47. witch1329

    Microphone is picking up noise from capacitors inside my PC Case

    Hey guys I did a bit of research and found out that a lot of people experience a buzzing or electronic noise on their microphone when there is a capacitor going bad on their graphics card or PSU. I had previously found a device that would go between my microphone and PC that would alter the...
  48. jarlsuki

    Tracking a stolen TV

    Hey there. I was hoping someone here could help me out. Last week i purchased a brand new Samsung TV (model UE40F8005) from my local electronics store. Afterwords i went to visit a friend of mine for a couple of hours, and when i got back out the rear window was smashed and the TV along with...
  49. P

    Underrated Phone Companies

    I know electronics companies like LG haven't had the most reputable phones throughout time, but I feel like recently they have caught up in the smartphone business. I, myself, have the Optimus G Pro. And it seems because of all the Samsung hype people are ignoring some pretty good phones like...
  50. A

    Need Experts help for the strange problem with my laptop!

    hello please anyone help with my asus k55A laptop that is having strange issue. I push the power on button and the laptop doesn't do nothing. No lights, no sound, nothing. The battery and the charger are both ok. The only way I'm able to power on the laptop again is the next strange procedure: -...
  51. S

    Which one of these headphones should i buy?

    for my modest price range of 70-80 euros, and the availability in my local electronics stores, i have narrowed my search down to these four: JBL J55 Sennheiser HD485 Steelseries 51100 Steelseries 51107 i just want good sound quality, and sound not leaking out. i don't care 'that' much for the...
  52. A

    spilled rubbing alcohol on laptop keyboard

    Well, not really. I cleaned my laptop with a paper towel and rubbing alcohol, as I have cleaned many of my electronics for 20 years. Perhaps the paper towel this time was too moist, or perhaps laptops are more sensitive than other electronics that I've had. The problem is that... When I use...
  53. W

    Looking for a new tv.

    Im looking for a new tv. I will use it mostly for watching television and playing fps through my xbox. I would like a screen around 50 inches. I dont know if a lcd/led would be better or a plasma. It doesnt have to have smarttv nor does it have to have 3d capabilities. Any suggestions or...
  54. T

    Help with laptop electronics

    Hi electronicians i ve got the MSI GX720 laptop with a brooken dc power jack( 5 pins ). Ok i removed the faulty one ,and i bought a new 5 pins dc power jack it fits great. the only problem is the middle pin (positive +) on the motherboard is LOST :( the other 4 pins ( negative ground ) still...
  55. B


    I purchased a power supply board for this TV and when it came in it is missing two connectors that I need I cant send it back because it came from china. Go figure. The connectors are a 4 pin male and a 12 pin male. I cant seem to find them where I live. Went to Fry Electronic and they dont...
  56. A

    finding missing laptops

    maybe there is a possibility to track down missing laptops. Laptops has number descriptions, type or model description, electronic things installed or actually created for the Laptop to function. Is there a little possibility that the company who made the Laptop be helpful in finding the missing...
  57. L

    Damage to electronic devices by x-ray

    Will going through airport x-ray damage electronic devices such as cell phone, tablet, Ipod?
  58. T

    Canon T3 flip flah will not pop up. Error code 05.

    Suddenly my flip flash has failed to work. When I press the release, it tries to open and then it gives me an error code 05. Could this be something other than an electronic issue? mjpulka@verizon.net
  59. T

    Android - Arduino Programming, best phone/tablet

    Ok so I've been getting into electronics lately, arduino mostly, and wanted to program an app to interface with the arduino wirelessly. Was wondering what would be a good phone/tablet to do this? Maybe the Nexus 4? The Nexus 7 (tablet)? I'm saying the nexus ones coz they're the pure android...
  60. S

    Dell Inspiron 3521 i3-3227U vs Turbo-X HU II i523-432

    Hello! I 'd like to buy a new notebook but can't decide between these two low class: Dell Inspiron 3521 i3-3227U and Turbo-X HU II i523-432. They have both a 15.6' LCD screen and cost about the same (just a 30$ difference). Just to mention, Turbo-x is a brandname launched by a greek...