Looking to upgrade Headphones looking for recommendations (Read Description)

Bryce Demar

Aug 28, 2013
First things first i'm not an audio enthusiast. Im very very new to audio so I don't need anything super expensive.
Hello, I am looking to upgrade to a real pair of headphones and am looking for some recommendations. Here's some basic criteria.
+Over Ear Fit.
+Open Back.
+Need to be light and reasonably comfortable.
Absolutely no more than $200 price tag. I mean it.
I listen to lots of electronic music and play lots of PC games.
I am not a bass head in and fact cant stand it anything more than some quiet bass.

Headphones that i'm considering currently.
Sennheiser HD 598
That's all I got...

PS: I Currently own Corsair vengeance 2100's and know nothing about them but my head always fells pressured when wearing them so that's why i'm going for a open back design.


Jan 23, 2014
A relatively new entry into over ear consumer headphones called Superlux have been pretty impressive for their price. This company out of Taiwan has been making professional sound equipment for decades. The HD668 model that I'm thinking of retails for about $60 US (or less) and sounds quite good, if a bit light in the bass department. That being said, the Sennheiser models up to the $200 mark would sound better.
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