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    What is the point of a third party firewall?

    Internet security software often comes with its own firewall unlike basic antivirus.Does such a firewall actually protect better from hacker attacks than windows firewall? Does software firewall is even necessary when router already offers hardware firewall with strong protection and if you are...
  2. M

    Solved! Surround sound for home theatre

    I have a very basic 5.1 home theatre(f&d 3800x) and i have connected it to my led tv. I notice that the surround sound effect is missing. I searched on the web a little and i saw i had to use an audio card or something. The basic problem is i also have an extra active subwoofer connected to the...
  3. C

    Solved! Looking for a laptop under £300.

    Looking for a laptop for sisters school work. 1. What is your budget? Ideally £250 however can go to £300 if its worth it 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? 15+ 3. What screen resolution do you want? 720p ? not too sure on laptop resolutions. 4. Do you need a...
  4. F

    I need feedback

    I am building a website to fix PC problems with basic guides posted and updated from the community and if you could me give some feedback it would be great.
  5. X

    Best basic tracker

    Hey, Maybe someone can suggest good basic activity tracker under $100? I'm not going to wear it all the time, so I don't need screen that shows you incoming messages, competing with friends, reminders or whatever, I'm gonna wear it only during exercising. I don't really care about step counting...
  6. CDdude55

    Solved! Basic Picture Question

    How do you read these time stamps? Here's a picture i have which is time stamped, but i don't get it.. is it 1/19/2003? And does that mean it was the date the photo was taken or processed in a lab?
  7. 1

    Solved! Good basic phones?

    Looking for a basic phone. Pretty much just talk text, and maybe email?. Looking to get away from all the social media and being stuck in a screen. I want a small phone and have been looking at an old phone I once had the LG Cosmos 3. I heard a rumor that these phones will no longer work on...
  8. M

    (U.S.) G6 Play vs. J7 2018 vs. A6 2018 for a new/basic user?

    I realize this is a loaded question, but I have a serious case of decision-indecision and could really use some external opinions, especially after doing weeks of research and hemming/hawing with no resolution in sight. Now, don't laugh... I still own a fliphone but am (finally?) looking to...
  9. H

    Do I have to have a computer tower to do the basic stuff?

    I am wanting to get a computer setup in my room but I need some help. If I buy a computer monitor, keyboard, and a mouse do I have to buy the overpriced computer tower? I want to use it to do some basic stuff (e.g. YouTube, Internet browsing, light gaming, etc. The monitor I am looking at is...
  10. A

    Looking for budget basic laptop

    My mom has been using the same celeron laptop with 1gb of ddr2 for years and its at the point where even web browsing is painful. She told me to look for a new one for up to 400euros and i came here for help. I immediatly thought core i3 cause im not familiar with pentiums and celerons. For just...
  11. P

    My Dell acting strange when I unplugged to run on battery

    Hello so I own a Dell D531, I bought it last year for doing basic stuff like web surfing and youtube watching, but I really can't use it for any of that because the cpu decided to always run at 798mhz when unplug it and it only does it when unplug it, runs good when it plug in. I had worked on...
  12. R

    Can anyone help, please.with basic specs for Packard Bell laptop model P5WSO

    I am keen to get the specs for an older P5WSO model Packard Bell laptop. Can anyone help, please.
  13. A

    Can't get sound

    I can't get sound from my laptop, either with or without headphones. Any basic help would be appreciated.
  14. V

    Connecting a BASIC Phillips Soundbar

    I am trying to connect a very basic Phillips soundbar with only RCA audio inputs, no HDMI or optical to a Dynex TV that is connected via HDMI to a WOW Arris Cable box/dvr via HDMI. I've tried all different combinations with the RCA cables, from the box to the soundbar and from the tv to the...
  15. M

    Would this laptop be fine to buy?

    I'm trying to buy a laptop to run SketchUp a basic 3D modeling program and was wondering if this one would be fine for under $700 budget. Also here are the system requirements...
  16. N

    need basic gmail phone help

    How do I answer my gmail wi-fi phone/open gmail page. And, how do I answer my gmail phone wnen laptop closed?
  17. M

    Fortnite Battle Royale - Basic Controls Every Player Should Know

    Fortnite Battle Royale has a lot of different controls and if a player does not figure them out, he can get confused easily. Moreover, to set the keys according to your ease and accessibility, you need to know about them first, so you do not overlap one function on another. This guide to the...
  18. S

    Good 11.6 laptop for basic use. UK

    Hi I'm looking for a 11.6 laptop for basic use like watching movies and browsing etc. However I have no idea what specs to look for because I never own a laptop before. My budget is under £200. I found this on the official curry website...
  19. T

    Can I upgrade the graphics car in my Dell Inspiron 14 3451. Its only got a basic card in it. I want a gaming quality card for

    So I've got a Dell Inspiron 3451 and want to be able to do more stuff on it. I think I have a ram sorted, but can I upgrade the graphics card. I want a gaming quality card for it and have an unlimited budget. Cheers Tom.
  20. D

    Is 2GB of RAM enough for a laptop?

    I only want it to perform basic tasks such as web browsing (5-10 tabs open at the same time) and downloading movies and songs. I read that you can upgrade it to 8GB but i'm hoping this will be enough for now. I also plan on using Windows7 This is the laptop i'm looking at: asus-x453m-notebook...
  21. R

    How to Learn a Language with Google Assistant

    As you already may know Google Assistant has many functions. You probably use a bunch of them but one of the more interesting ones is the ability to translate English to other languages and vice versa. You can actually learn a new language in its basic form. Don’t expect to learn a language on...
  22. B

    Samsung rv518. How its good for basic tasks?

    Hi. Just wanna ask how that laptop runs with windows 10, and how it's good at all? It's with i3 and geforce card, 3 gb ram. Friend ask me for help clean and reinstall windows. I'm bit worry about cpu, ram, and old dying hdd, i think is bit weak, and old nowdays. Should I use 32 or 64 bit version?
  23. T

    Solved! Creating a Forum

    Hey guys! Anyone know a goodway to start up some basic forums for my community? Something like this site: mod removed link . Thanks! (couldnt find any good solutions)
  24. D

    The Basic Connections

    So I can understand please type slowly. What is the basic connections between TV, Soundbar, Blu-ray player and Sky Plus HD box?
  25. S

    Basic TV Sound System

    This may seem like a dumb question, but I am looking into soundbars for a new TV, and I was wondering if all soundbars work with all TVs or if since I have an LG TV I need an LG soundbar, with proper cables and connectors (of course). Recommendations are appreciated, but I mainly want to know...
  26. M

    I have a 2009 panasonic HDTV model # TC-P42C1 serial # MF91450155 I have basic cable I can't get sound when the little black b

    I need help whith audio on my HMDI connection for 2009 panadonic tv with basic.cable
  27. S

    hey i have a question about iphone sim lock-icloud lock.

    i have a problem with my iphone 4s-A1378.i did an update to the older version ios 6.1.3 version with 3utools application and then i set the basic settings-language,country and then it asked me to enter the address and password that ends after "@" symbol with "".and i don't have this...
  28. M

    Buying a basic laptop

    Hi all, Long story short I want to buy a laptop I can take away when I go camping. The main use of the laptop will be to watch the occasional movie and transfer files from the GoPro to an external hard drive, that's basically it. No games, no internet connection unless I use it at home on the...
  29. C

    MSI BIOS Error

    I have an error where I cant go into the BIOS (basic-input-output-system) and I therefore can’t solve another problem I have with my PC (MSI gaming laptop) (I have already tried tapping tab and delete key but doesn’t seem to work) Can someone pleas help me?
  30. N

    How do you do the CodeHS All Star exercise in the Basic JavaScript and Graphics unit?

    I don't know how to do the code for the CodeHs All Star (2.8.6) exercise from the Basic JavaScript and Graphics unit.
  31. M

    Is a 9 cell battery better for older dell used for basic email and browsing

    just want to know if I should buy a 6 or 9 cell replacement battery
  32. V

    Write basic statement of To add values of X and Y in Z

    Write basic statement for the fallowing 1) to add values of X and Y in Z 2) increase the value of A by 10 and store in A 3) store the name Abhinav in string variable A 4) multiply...
  33. T

    Hookups Kenwood , Denon

    I have a Denon avr 2500 and a Kenwood basic c1 preamp can I hook them up together
  34. D

    How do I connect a Kenwood amp control model basic C12 an Onkyo Integra synthesized tuner 280 Kenwood equalizer GE 1100 to a P

    Okay I have an old stereo with a new aunt I have a Kenwood stereo control amplifier model basic C12 and Auntie o Integra Court synthesized FM stereo tuner R1 a Kenwood graphic equalizer GE 1100 a pioneer PDF 1005 CD player but I have a Peavey IPR 3000 DSP amplifier how do I hook that all up
  35. S

    Solved! Windows Basic installation issue after reset

    I did factory reset but after completing the reset process it is not installing the window os. I select the region then after it is saying "something went wrong but you can try again". Please help me Regards shailendra
  36. Wayfall

    Lightroom CC (with 1TB cloud data)

    Hi I can't afford the class Lightroom and had to get the new basic one which comes with cloud data. Really quick question. Where is the red eye tool?, if there for some reason isnt one is their a work around? Thanks!
  37. G

    Solved! Vizio TV uses antenna basic local channels works great. Bam. Now screen says no psignal

    My Vizio TV has been hooked up to an RCA antenna and works great. Have had no problem.... Suddenly, BAMb screen says... No signal????!!?
  38. T

    Thinking of buying dell 7577 , any views?

    I would love to get some reviews or basic comments on dell 7577.
  39. S

    Samsung smart tv and basic Verizon cable

    I hooked my Samsung HD smart tv up to a Verizon basic Fios box. The picture is ugly and in black and white. How do I fix this?
  40. Z

    Adding a single speaker to a van stereo system

    I have a conversion van and wanted to add a single speaker to an existing SM 30BT car stereo system. It is a basic kind of setup with front and back speakers.I wanted to just add in a single 4 ohm speaker to one of the channels. The goal: I wanted install some of those sound reactive strip...
  41. B

    Need basic laptop for newbie

    I am buying a laptop for someone who has used an Android tablet for a couple of years, which was their first ever device and first introduction to the internet. The only usage will be online shopping websites, Youtube, pop3 e-mail, and storing/playing a couple of hundred downloaded mp3s through...
  42. R

    Solved! Speaker Setup Recommendation for 200$?

    I'm looiking into buying a new pair of speaker, currently rocking 8-year-old basic logitech speakers with a sub. I really want a 5.1 setup but from my understanding it's not very recommended at my price point. none-the-less, I was looking on the monoprice 10565 5.1 which are going for 180$ on...
  43. G

    Reading page uses data?

    Hi, kind of a basic question, but here goes. I know data is used loading web pages, but a person just reading a webpage isn't using data right? I ask because I would like to setup a hot spot and my data is limited. Thanks in advance.
  44. W

    Can a Gt 740M handle 1440p?

    So, I got a simple question for you guys: My friend has a laptop and it’s basic specs are : Gt 740M, i7-4700MQ and I don’t really know the others, and we had a bit of an argument about whether his laptop could handle watching videos in 1440p WITHOUT another monitor, just on his laptop. If you...
  45. B

    Mouse won't work on laptop?

    I'm currently using this old laptop for basic tasks such as browsing the internet since I'm on the go right now. I brang my own mouse and keyboard with me, but here is where the problem starts. My laptop detects only my keyboard, and not my mouse. I mean, the lights on my mouse activate, but I...
  46. I

    laptop that can output 4k 60hz

    so I need a laptop that can output 4k 60hz. it is NOT going to be used for gaming. it will be used for basic windows 10 operations, file management, very basic picture editing and uploading files to cloud services, using discord to chat, and some youtube videos and html5 web browsing. any...
  47. N

    New laptop keeps freezing up and windows stops responding

    So my mom got this new laptop - > I set up the basic things she needed but a few hours later the laptop starts freezing, becoming unresponsive and it says...
  48. P

    Smart tv antenna Channels

    What are the basic channels you can receive on a smart tv with an hdtv antenna
  49. A

    Speaker Set-Up Help

    Hey guys and gals, I have a situation that I need to solve and I need good info. I'm helping my friend start up a business on a budget and we need to provide background sound throughout a barn. Just several basic mono outdoor speakers would do wonderfully if they could be affordable. Basically...
  50. C

    How to become a developer when the about phone setting doesn't work

    I found a phone recently, powered it on and I need to get into developer options to bypass google verification. I managed to get into the phones basic settings then I clicked "about phone" numerous times without becoming a developer. I need to know is there another way to become a developer?
  51. Ill91_Gamer

    Basic Windows Troubleshooting

    Hello, Today I will show you how troubleshoot Windows. This is for basic issues that need to be fixed. This feature comes with Windows and is made by Microsoft. Steps: Step 1. Open Control Panel Note: This is how to open Control Panel, if you do not know. Windows 7: Click on the search tab...
  52. G

    Processor expertise needed [Gaming/work]

    I am looking to buy this laptop- I wish to use it for basic gaming and college purposes. Can anyone advise me if it will be up to the mark or not?
  53. kaykatz

    Gmail Suddenly Views in Basic

    The following message has suddenly begun to appear when I log into my Gmail account(s): You are currently viewing Gmail in basic HTML. Switch to standard view | Set basic HTML as default view This happens whether I am using Firefox or Chrome. I have not changed anything in the Gmail...
  54. B

    PS4 to TV to Z506

    Hi, I'm new to this forum as have some questions that need your help... I did search the forum and have some basic knowledge, but don't quite understand it... Item included: 1) Hisense 40" TV ( 2) Logitec Z506 Speaker...
  55. P

    Solved! New student laptop needed, for basic study use

    Hey, I'm looking to buy a new (or used) laptop for student use. Main uses will be for word processing, multiple research tabs, and maybe some basic image manipulation on GIMP. 1. What is your budget? 500 or below, preferably. 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? Big...
  56. L

    Hunting for a £300 laptop

    Hey, this is my first thread on here and I am not very good with laptops, so bare with me. I am looking for a new laptop that is under £300 and can run basic programs such as word processing and google chrome without any hassle. Also it would need to be delivered to the UK with the delivery...
  57. K

    Hi there page

    My husband bought this tablet today. It will not turn off. It keeps going back to the hi there let's get a few basic things out of the way screen.
  58. szury

    Toslink TV with Jack PC speakers

    Guys I have basic logitech PC speakers that I used with my old samsung tv (which had a headphone jack). I bought new samsung tv and it doesn't have a headphone jack :( I don't want to buy new speakers so I bought some audio converter that converts the toslink to headphone jack. It works, but...
  59. S

    pxe-e61 media test failure

    I was trying to convert dynamic disk to basic using partion wizard , but when the system restarted it displayed PXE-E61 media test failure check cable no boot device found
  60. P

    Laptop around 500$ - 2 in 1 No more than 13.3" for Writing and Transport

    Hi I am looking for a 2 in 1 convertible laptop. It is for basic stuff like browsing the web, watch movies or Netflix and mostly writing on docs etc. The essential features I would want are below - 1. Backlit keyboard 2. Decent IPS display (1920x1060) 3. Good battery life. 4. No more than 13"...