Laptop around 500$ - 2 in 1 No more than 13.3" for Writing and Transport


Nov 28, 2013
Hi I am looking for a 2 in 1 convertible laptop. It is for basic stuff like browsing the web, watch movies or Netflix and mostly writing on docs etc.
The essential features I would want are below -
1. Backlit keyboard
2. Decent IPS display (1920x1060)
3. Good battery life.
4. No more than 13" inch screen so that the 2 in 1 doesn't become too bulky as a touchscreen. Lower would also do.

Other things I really don't care for much because I want it as an easy going companion that I can carry around and work with ease. I can go up to 550$ if need be.
Please suggest me some models if you know of any. Thanks!

The closest I can get is this 12.5" ASUS Chromebook Flip, available from for $469...

The closest I can get is this 12.5" ASUS Chromebook Flip, available from for $469:

For more information, you can read's review from January 2017 here:

Please note that this is a Chromebook, i.e. it doesn't run Windows or use any apps related to Microsoft. You have to use Google's own apps. If you already have an Android phone, the Flip should feel very familiar. Also, storage is 64GBs - which is impressive for a Chromebook - but if you're used to PC standards (typically 500GBs), you'll have to add your own external hard-disk ($60) and/or use Google's cloud-based storage.

Best of luck,
A $500 to $550 is a very limited budget for what you are looking for which means you need to make some concessions.

The ASUS UX360CA is likely your best option if you want a Windows based 2 in 1 laptop. However, it costs almost $590, there is no backlit keyboard and it has an Intel m3 CPU which is not as powerful as a Core i3 CPU. But it will be fine for everyday use.

Video review: