Question Im looking for some good noise canceling headset

Nov 20, 2019
Hello. I'm looking for a noise canceling headset but I'm technical antitalent so I want to ask here for some recommendations. I want to use them for music and gaming. The main point for me is noise canceling because I can't hear anything when I'm in bus. I listen to metal and rock and I don't want to turn up the volume more than 60% - permanent tinnitus is not the funniest thing to live with.I need something that can block traffic noise .I don't care that much about sound quality- something average is enough for me because I usually listen to everything at low volume. I need something comfortable because sometimes I wear headphones for more than 8 hours. To be honest I've never had headset before - earphones seemed more convenient to me but they break too often and I heard that headset has better sound quality and also is more healthy,because the sound doean't go straight to your ear canal. I have to change my earphones almost every third month,just because they always break somehow - one of the earphones stops working...I bought bluethooth earphones and they stopped working after 7 month- the more I used them the less battery I had. When I charged them to 100% the battery ran out after 8 minutes so they are pretty useless now. I want some hybrid between bluetooth and wired connection,because ps4 console doesn't have bluetooth support. Wired earphones are REALLY easy to break,but I don't know if headset is different. Right now my pick is sony wh-1000xm3. I heard that their noise canceling and sound quality is great,but they are kinda inconvenient to use and uncomfortable for long use.Also they are hybrid between bluetooth and wired connection. If you have any other picks or advices I would be very grateful. Sorry for my bad english and thanks for all advices. Also I forgot to mention that I wear glasses.
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