Question Using mic on bluetooth headphones, mutes audio

Nov 11, 2020
I have oneplus z wireless earphones. When I use it for gaming on my windows 10 laptop, the audio gets muted when the game accesses the microphone. My laptop displays the same earphones as 2 devices, Headphones and Headset. I've set the audio output to headphones and input to headset, but they refuse to work together. It works only if I set output to headset, in which case the sound is low quality. ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED
Mar 7, 2021
I've had a similar issue for a while with my Bluetooth headset, I ended up fixing my issue by using a 3.5mm cable instead of Bluetooth, I believe the issue happens because the Bluetooth signal cant handle sending high(ish) quality audio while receiving high quality audio at the same time.
I have a techkey 4.0 Bluetooth dongle for reference, though I think you could make yours work if you get a 5.0 Bluetooth dongle or something similar. Hope this helps!
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