need good budget laptop


Mar 8, 2015
budget: 900 (the less the better)

Electronic Mail/Internet
Word Processing
School Work and Video Games

can someone choose 2 laptops in this criteria to see if i can compare and contrast


Dec 6, 2008
I looked on NewEgg Canada and Amazon Canada for $750-$900CAN ranged gaming laptops. None in that price range (for Canada customers) with a dedicated graphics card, which you will need. Integrated graphics off the CPU will not be good enough. Here's the only one I could find even close to your budget, for $990 on NewEgg Canada ($1,003 with shipping):

It comes with an Nvidia GeForce 960M, which you can see in the benchmark performance link below. Scroll down for the game performance and look at the Overwatch and CS:GO 1366x768 screen resolution performance:

My recommendation is to save up a little more and get a much better laptop that you will be happy with. The last thing you want to do is spend $800-$900 and realize it does not perform as well as you thought it would (been there, done that).

With a slightly more powerful video card, you will also have headroom to connect a 1080p monitor to your laptop like a desktop and game on 1080p instead of the very outdated 1366x768 typical main stream laptop resolution. You will also have more future-proofing for future games. You cannot upgrade video cards down the road on most laptops (they are soldered on the board).

Also I'm in the US and not familiar with Canadian brick and mortar retail stores like we have here, so you may want to check any stores you know of. Bottom line: minimum of a Core i5 CPU, 8GB memory, and a dedicated graphics card at a minimum of a GeForce 940M is what you need. Good luck!