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    AT2020USB picking up background noise.

    I recently purchased a AT2020USB microphone as I've started a youtube channel and my blue yeti broke about 3 days later. It is a lot less sensitive than my blue yeti but I'm still having a bit of a problem with background noise. Using a boom arm, a pop filter but it still picks up my keyboard...
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    Background noise in right headphone in playback.

    Background noise in right headphone in playback. So I have a youtube channel and have got a lot of content to upload. However in almost all of my videos there is either a slight background noise ONLY in my right headphone when I watch the recorded video and sometimes there is a blatant BZZZZZ...
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    Blue Yeti Background Sound Reduction - Hardware Preference

    Greetings! So, a while ago (read: last Christmas) I purchased the awesome Yeti micrphone from Blue™ . My issue is, I have moved to a location with a substantial amount of background noise resulting in static. I live in a student residence with 500 other students, old pipes, windy corridors...
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    Microphone buzzes when i touch electronics

    Right this is a very weird problem that i have been having with my gaming headset. When i'm using the headset to talk to friends i noticed that they was telling me that they could hear a noise in the background of my microphone that was very loud, i listened to it and i noticed it sounded like a...
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    Wanting to get rid of background noises for recording (might invest in better mic)

    Hey community. I'm having issues with background noise when I'm talking in my Blue Snowball iCE microphone (the version of the Snowball that has no settings), the clicks from my mouse and keyboard can be heard as well as my laptop's fan(s). I've tried noise reduction in Audacity which didn't do...
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    Will an amp decrease background noise?

    Hi guys, I currently have Razer Kraken Pro headphones, and have them directly plugged into my Lenovo Y510p. I've always been hearing background noise like white noise, even when I have nothing playing, or if the volume is at mute/0. It isn't a problem with my headphones since if I change my...