Laptop turns off automatically if it gets a small push from beneath


Oct 1, 2016
I have a lenovo w520 series laptop, it is almost 6 years old and during these 2 years span it turns off automatically when it gets a slight shove underneath it like i put it on my lap and it turns off then it doesnt turn back on, if i remove the battery and put it back in it turns on and sometimes it does but then goes back off making a noise, i have checked in with some techs they didnt look like they wanted to help but wanted my money and said like its the operating system fault and windows 10 is the problem coz its not compatible i changed it to windows 8.1 myself and i dont think thats the deal here, and 1 of them said its the battery problem and i changed the battery and got a new one but its still happening so it cant be a battery problem pls help me
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