Very interesting Lenovo problem (B50 30)


Jan 16, 2018
Sorry for the long story, but for proper answers You'll need all this information ( i believe so )

Few days ago i was using my laptop on my TV connected via HDMI. I don't remember what i've done, but i thing the pc was lagging for a reason thwhich i don't understand and decided to shut it down while it was connected to the TV ( i user the TV as my main screen, while the laptop display was blanc!) Also my native laptop screen resolution is 1366x768, while i was using bigger resolution on my TV. So i got pissed off from my laptop and while i was shutting down the PC i removed the HDMI cable, so i can use my TV while the PC is shutting down. //But i don't remember if i pressed the power button holding it to make a force shutdown or i did software shutdown via the start menu. Also i don't remember seeing the screen on my laptop to turn it on after unplugging the HDMI cable)

That was the last time when i was able to use my laptop for that very night.

Tomorrow, (the next night) i decided to use my laptop again and for my surprise i wasn't able to.
When i pressed the Power Button the only indication that i saw was the light coming out from the button. I realised that the keyboard wasn't working, because i tried to check if Num Lock and CapsLock buttons are working - and when i pressed them, their lights where not responding.
When i tried to charge the laptop the light indicating charging was responding correctly.

The display wasn't working at all, no black light, no BIOS, no nothing at all...

I removed the RAM memory and cleaned it, because i already had such issue ( almost such, where the PC wasn't working absolutely at all, and cleaning it fixed everything ), i removed the BIOS battery as well, but nothing helped.
I tried to run the pc without RAM Memory, without HDD to see if there is any beep, any sound that will indicate that i'm missing any hardware parts. But nothing at all, no success.

.......................... .............................. ................... ............... ............. ............ .......
And a few minutes ago, i was going for another try, leaving the BIOS battery and the laptop battery away to see if i just discharge the whole motherboard will there be any success.

But of course first i hit the power button to see if there is something new, to see if the pc is going to work xD ( the hope dies last... )

--> and it just somehow restarted by itself, without any screen blink and the next thing that happend was the sunrise, i mean the laptop just started working and i am still writing all that.

---> Any ideas what just happend to my laptop?
Any suggestions at all?
I was going to leave it for repairement (douch), but it's working right now....

I thought that the last resolution is too big for the pc and tried to turn it on while it's connected to the TV via HDMI again ( stupid idea, cuz the BIOS wont care about the pixel, right? )
Thanks for reading all this, i'll be happy to see any answers :)


By removing the BIOS battery you fully reset the motherboard, which is a good step to try. Looks like it worked. Has nothing to do with the resolution, just an issue with the motherboard that clearing the BIOS battery fixed. It may or may not do it again though.
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