Lenovo Laptop Malfunction & Warranty Issue


Nov 13, 2017
A few days ago my Lenovo laptop stopped functioning properly. I was playing GTA 5 on the lowest settings and the computer suddenly froze. There was a fast and repetitive beeping sound that was coming through the earbuds I was using (There were no previous issues running GTA 5).

I held down the power button until the entire laptop was turned off. I tried rebooting the system, but a light blue screen about system repair appeared; the screen gave me a few options such as resetting or rebooting the machine. I tried the resetting option, which successfully reset the system but froze at 1% during the windows installation process. I ended up turning the computer off again via the power button.

I tried rebooting and resetting multiple times until it finally installed windows successfully. I was prompted with first-time setup questions and was able to sign-in to my laptop. However, I tried clicking on various programs and icons, but they were all unresponsive. After a minute, the computer's screen just turned black; the computer was still turned on and the LED keyboard lights were also still on.

I decided to bring my laptop to a local pc shop to have it diagnosed. Apparently, the technician ran a hard drive test to see if that was the issue issue, but he concluded that the laptop needed a new motherboard, which costs $400 from Lenovo (please note that my warranty expired in July 2017).

I contacted Lenovo's support department and they said that I could purchase their 1-year depot warranty ($100) or their 1-year onsite warranty ($130).

This leads me to my ultimate question: Would I be able to purchase one of Lenovo's warranties and use it to contact them about repairing my already malfunctioning computer? Is this a viable way that I can have Lenovo repair my laptop?

If anyone can help, it would be much appreciated. Thank you

Lenovo Ideapad Y700-14ISK
Model Name: 80NU
Motherboard Replacement Part #: 5B20K81626


Question from coreyan1234 : "Broken Laptop but NO Warranty... HELP!!"

Likely not, even if you could they would likely want to re-certify/inspect it to verify it's in full working order weed out the frauds that want to warranty something they know is broken.