Sep 2, 2017
Hello there.
2 days ago i turned on my laptop as usual and started working with that, after a while i just went to do something for about 20 minutes, when i was back i saw that the power led is ON, but the laptop is not responding!
i managed to shutdown with holding power button a while, after that the laptop turns on, fan spins, but no other sign of vitality.
i tested the monitor, it's ok.
i reset the bios by disconnecting the battery and pushing power button several times and holding down power button for about 30 seconds.
i also tried short circuiting the battery pins, and tried to start without the cmos battery, which already worked on my pc, but not the laptop.
i did remove the battery and let it stay for a night, but still no sign of life!
when i was checking the mainboard accidentally broken the keyboard flat cable which is now important.
please help me to make sure if the mainboard is broken or not.
thanks in advance.


Aug 17, 2012
Yes, the keyboard cable is important. Did you break the connector or the cable itself? The flat flex cable is replaceable, but the connectors aren't. If you've broken the connector, then game-over. Time for a new laptop or replace the board if you're comfortable disassembling and reassembling your laptop.