Unresponsive Laptop, hardware problem?


Jul 10, 2017
Hello! [long post warning]

So my problem consists of various problems on the computer but I get the feeling that they are somehow related. My laptop has fairly decent specs and the problems haven't always been there, which leads me to believe something is amiss! They are not major things, but when combined make for a frustrating experience! I will list the main things and then how I've tried to fix them.

Laptop Specs (from Speccy):

- Lenovo Ideapad Y700
- Windows 10 Home 64-bit
- Intel Core i5 6300HQ @ 2.30GHz
- RAM: 8.00Gb Single-Channel Unknown @ 1064MHz (15-15-15-36) (I
believe DDR4). 1 out of 2 slots used
- Motherboard: LENOVO Allsparks 5A (U3E1)
- Graphics Card: 4095Mb NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M
- Storage: 931Gb Western Digital WDC WD10SPCX-24HWST1 (SATA)
- It advertised an 8gb ssd but I opened it up and it wasn't there

1. When I press the start button it often takes a good 5 seconds to open, but when its opened once, it responds to successive clicks instantly.

2. Similarly, when I press the search button and proceed to type something, it lags out and doesn't respond for a time (not very long). Again, after I have searched once, it becomes responsive

3. When I have been web browsing (Google Chrome) and leave the computer to idle for a few hours (No sleep, no screensaver) I come back and the tabs take a while to load back up.

4. I experience extreme game stuttering in games such as black ops 3 and rocket league making them unplayable. The game will stutter for a while and eventually will go from extreme to bearable (by then I am to annoyed to play! :p ).

Directly after gaming, everything on my laptop becomes unresponsive. Everything I click or try to open freezes up and previous problems become worse.

Solutions I have tried:

1 and 2: - I have tried disabling start up programs
- I have tried disabling Cortana
- I have tried disabling what shows up (Recently used apps etc.)

I understand google chrome tabs take up a lot of RAM so I have tried keeping them to a minimum. However the problem still persists even on 1 or 2 tabs. I have also tried disabling features in Chrome

4. I have played around with the settings, turned everything to low. I have disabled the XbOX apps. I have disabled windows search and superfetch. I have tried to play in windowed mode. I have shut down everything so its just the game running. I have gone into the game's config files to change refresh rates and core usage. I have set affinity to high AND to low.

5. I believe that all the memory gets put towards gaming, so when I finish, it has to load everything back up. Never used to happen though!

On top of these things I have done the usual; defrag, malware removal, driver updates, windows updates. I even did a system restore.

It feels a lot like a RAM problem, and maybe I just need more RAM. but it never used to be like this so I'm not sure! I feel exhausted from looking for solutions >.< Any help, no matter how weird is appreciated!

Thank you in advance!