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    Question Canon EOS 700D LCD Display having dark corners (no effect on photos)

    Hey guys, Recently I took out my Canon EOS 700D from my closet, and I noticed that the lcd display has developed dark corners, very similar to a vignette effect. This darkening is pretty visible when viewing photos, however the photos themselves don't have this issue - i exported the...
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    LCD cable or LCD itself?

    Hello I have a acer aspire v5-573G and suddenly I get this one part of the screen with grey lines. So no other random parts of the screen. When I have a white background, the part gets yellow. With mixed colors u see discolored pixels. When i move the lid it goes away. Or if i put a little...
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    Purpe/red spots appeared on laptop screen

    So about 6 months ago I bought a laptop second hand, and just today some red or purple spots has appeared on the screen. It is not visible when the screen is white, but when it is dark it is pretty obvious. No it is not a dead pixel, since it is not just one red pixel, big spots has appeared. I...
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    Amazon 1-Day Gamer Sale: Up to $600 Off PCs, Monitors, Memory

    The ultimate sale for PC gamers and system builders. Amazon 1-Day Gamer Sale: Up to $600 Off PCs, Monitors, Memory : Read more
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    Is 25ms response time bad for gaming?

    Hey there. I don't have a very long question, but I am quite confused, because people are saying all sorts of different things. Basically, I am looking for a new laptop, that is sleek/slim and is good for general use, but also to play games like CS:GO and Overwatch on, not games like Far Cry 5...
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    how do i connect my lcd monitor's vga port to an rca port on a decoder or dvd player

    how do i connect my lcd monitor's vga port to an rca port on a decoder or dvd player
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    Upgrade to FHD screen

    Hi All, i have HP laptop model: 15-ac139nx with resolution 1366x768, and i really need to upgrade it to full hd 1080 screen, can someone help me with part number if possible?. Thanks
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    Refresh Rate Solution Required

    Hello, guys m not too much into the tech kinda guy. but i have a question. i have a gaming laptop but the refresh rate of my laptop is only 60Hz. now the question is that if i connect my laptop with a lcd monitor capable of 144Hz or something with HDMI cable as my laptop doesnt have DVI port...
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    how can i increase lcd backlight with more than 30v

    i want to increase lcd display backlight... normaly backlight is 28v but i need more brightness backlight with more than 32v can anybody suggest me solution for this .??
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    4K UHD HDR TV for PlayStation 4 pro, Cannot Decide!! Please help purchasing in a couple of days..

    So I recently have been researching everywhere possible on the internet for a good 4k tv for PlayStation 4 pro ad 4k cable... Anyways i am not a millionaire so I want to get the best budget TV, The TV's ive been looking I will list,any opinions I appreciate thanks btw.. im buying one in a few...
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    Possible to swap an 1080p HD LCD panel (bad) for an identical LCD panel? Only the new LCD is UHD...

    Would it be possible to swap a SAMSUNG UN40J5200AFXZA LCD screen with a different SAMSUNG LCD screen considering it does fit perfect data ribbon connection and mounting all the same. The potential problem I see is the original (that's cracked) is 1080p HD and the one I found that fits is...
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    Solved! ASUS X200MA Notebook PC external display not functioning after restart. No main monitor attached because it is broken.

    I have an ASUS X200MA Notebook PX that has a broken lcd screen. What I did is I removed the whole LCD panel and replaced it with an external monitor. At first, the external monitor is functioning and displaying properly but after restarting or shutting down and turning it back on, there is no...
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    HELP! Tell me what happened to my screen.

    Please help! I hope I'm in the right place to ask but I'm horrified right now. My Mom's tablet is in trouble. I have no idea what's going on with the screen. For sure, I never dropped it nor splashed it with any liquid. Please look at these photos (in URL) for your peruse. What could be the...
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    IPS Glow, acer predator laptop

    Can you please let me know if this ips glow and backlight bleed are acceptable , the laptop is new and I can rma if needed Acer predator g793 Thanks
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    Need to repair a TV - Part is impossible to find

    I'm looking for a "difuser" for a Samsung UN55JS9000F(XZA) curved SUHD. It is a build in piece of the LCD Panel. My original one melted from the LEDs. Seeing as the entire panel costs upwards of $1000, I know I can pull the part from a broken panel which I've seen many people simply throw away...
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    Solved! macbook pro 15' retina dropped

    My macbook pro took a little tumble. The screen is not cracked, nor are there vertical lines, blobs, or anything like that. There was a bright blue line just at the bottom of the screen, but it flickered back into place. However, there are veeeeery very light horizontal lines that run through...
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    Laptop screen replacement

    I'm looking for lcd panel for dell xps 15 (40-50 ms way too slow). Specs : FHD, 120 hz, <25 ms (response time). So basically you just need the same pin and size right? Is it possible to find someone in London who is better then average technician who can rewire pin to the compatible one?
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    Backlight bleeding after dropping laptop: Repair or replace?

    So I dropped my 1 month old Dell Inspiron 7460 3.5 feet high while it was still turned on. As of now everything seems to be fine except that my screen has this yellow tint on the upper right corner. It wasn't there until the incident happened. It bothers me whenever I watch a movie because it...
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    How do i connect Set Top Box To my Dell Monitor to watch TV ?

    *****I have a Dish TV Normal STB (Not HD, it does not have HDMI Port at the back) STB's back Pic : *****I have a Dell LCD Monitor which also does not have a HDMI Port *****I have a TV Tuner (Intex TV Tuner Box IT-160)...
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    Get a 22-inch Full HD Dell Monitor for $100

    Get this 1080p Dell monitor for $29 less than the manufacturer's price. Get a 22-inch Full HD Dell Monitor for $100 : Read more
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    Need an opinion on how to fix white lines on LCD display

    Got this Dell as a warranty replacement to previous laptop that broke. This one is refurbished, but of course it broke too and just outside of the warranty period. The LCD will only show blinking white lines. But when I hook up an external TV monitor via an HDMI cable I can operate the laptop...
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    Cable or LCD problem?

    Hello, I have a Philips LCD screen and last night the picture froze and the sound started to fade in and out. I turned off the TV/monitor and when I restarted it there was no picture . I have cable and wasn't sure if it could be the box or the actual screen. I am able to view the TV guide on...
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    Solved! Lenovo PC's LCD Monitor Cable (white) is cut

    Right hinge of my Lenovo T450s PC is loose, LCD cover (where 'T450s' is written) is out, and a thin white wire is cut. What is it's use? What shall happen if it is cut? Do I have to repair/replace it?
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    Will a Compaq Presario CQ60 410us lcd display fit into an Asus? Read Details plz.

    I'm new at trying to fix tech things and I am wondering if someone can tell me : Will a Compaq Presario CQ60 410us lcd screen display fit into an Asus K52F BIN6 and work properly? Thank you for helping. I tried looking all the specs up and compare, but I have no idea if it will fit.
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    Getting sound on Xbox one using moniter with no speakers

    I have an Xbox one that I have just purchased, and I also have an acer lcd monitor. The monitor is a vga monitor. I just wanted to know how I can get sound from my console because I have the monitor without a tower and the monitor itself doesn't have built in speakers in it and I would want to...
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    Samsung TV lcd Screen replacement 8 bit for 10 bit

    my Samsung un78hu9000 needs the lcd panel replaced due to a cracked screen, can the panel be replaced with the newer ks9800 series panel which is 10 bit and backlit
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    TravelMate B113 - Gray vertical lines on boot up

    Hi, I was unable to figure out what's wrong with this laptop - any help would be really appreciated :). Immediately after pressing power button the screen displays only random gray vertical lines. This stays there for few seconds and after that correctly continues booting Windows. This doesn't...
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    Dell Inspiron 1525 LCD display Black

    I am trying to fix a dell Inspiron 1525 but have run into a snag. The laptop turns on but the display is black throughout the whole booting process. Here is the troubleshooting I have done so far. Connected it to an external monitor and nothing happened. Tried removing 1 Ram stick and booted up...
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    Samsung Series 7 NP700Z7C LCD Screen Not Backlit (Do I need Screen Replacement?)

    The LCD on my laptop went dark a few days ago and upon investigation I determined that there was still an image being projected on the screen, but there was absolutely no backlighting. There appears to be nothing else wrong with the laptop, as it works perfectly fine when connected to an...
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    I have a small white spot on my led backlit LCD screen.

    Its more visible on grey/black background and invisible on white background. I dont think its a dead pixel as its not complete white but rather off white/greyish. My laptop is only a month old. I tried massaging it but I am scared to put a lot of pressure on it.
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    Sony EX330 Flickering images with horizontal lines

    hi, recently im having this image flickering +line problem with the display in my tv.First its appeared as white lines infront of pictures.then its started to get worst.when i asked from repairmen he said its is needed to replace the LCD cause its defective which cost 3/5 price of this tv.once...
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    acer aspire 4743. lcd panel or lcd cable?

    I have an acer aspire 4743 laptop. The problem is with the screen. It only shows black but backlights are fine. It also works when connected to an external display. How do I know if which of the lcd panel or the lcd cable is broken? Many thanks
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    I think I have water in my laptop screen, how do i fix it?

    Hey guys, spilled some water from a bottle in my bag. Then my school pc got a little soaked.. Now i have issues with my screen. Here's a link to Onedrive for three photos of my screen now.!AkkXoWA0MVkg0HaxU0oYfWA3QgjI (copy and paste the whole link, sorry for my low tech...
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    Can I replace LCD panel in my Samsung LCD TV?

    Hi, I have a Samsung LCD LA26B450C4 with a faulty LCD panel. Is it possible to replace the LCD panel? Just want to check the feasibility. Any help or hints would be appreciated.
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    HDMI to VGA Converter

    I have 2 devices Device A and B and a LCD monitor M with VGA port. Device A : Laptop (HDMI output) Device B : Respberrypi 3 (HDMI output) Device S : Satellite dish TV Setup box(HDMI output). Device M: LCD Monitor VGA port (input). Device X : Some other LCD Monitor with HDMI port (input). What...
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    What is the response time of the LCD display of a notebook?

    What is the response time of the LCD display of a notebook? Example: Asus X555LB
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    lcd horizontal line problem

    i saw one horizontal line on my lcd monitor when i change my monitor resolution, line change his place. what to do?
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    LCD screen showing pixels and becoming unreadable

    I have a Dell 3537 laptop with integrated graphics card (AMD), It's 2 years old and today after using it for 10 minutes the display started showing pixels everywhere and becoming unreadable. Even it is unreadable during BIOS or startup. Please suggest some solution ASAP. For screenshot...
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    How to repair LCD line monitor screen 19"

    LCD monitor technical
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    Need help repairing a Hisense Smart TV (Horizontal/Vertical Lines)(updated)

    So, I did some searching, and what I'm seeing is that virtually all cases of black, horizontal lines on a TV are related to a bad LCD Panel. The only thing bothering me is most forums seem to reference one or two thick black lines going right to left; It seems like every other millimeter is a...
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    Pink tint on screen, only HDMI output.

    Booted up a game and everything has a pink tint on screen now. I use dual monitor setup one output hdmi and one DVI but only the hdmi monitor is pink. Reformatted still nothing. Never overclocked. Hdmi cable working and so is the monitor. Any ideas?
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    Lenovo Y70-70 Touch - Horizontal Lines blinking but fine in safe mode and bios

    Hi, i am a computer technician i got a laptop from my friend to get it fixed. the problem is pretty common in this model but still cannot pin point the problem. i will tell you guys what i already did. 1) Updated the bios to current up to date version 2) Updated Graphics Card both Nvidia and...
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    Laptop Screen Compatibility

    Hello there i want to replace my laptop screen and i want to know what things i must check to find a compatible screen. My laptop is an HP Compaq 6730s that it has an 15.4 ccfl 30 pin wxga screen. And i want to know, is all other 15.4 ccfl 30 pin wxga screens compatibles?
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    Possible inverter issue?

    I'm trying to repair an HP Pavilion g7-1173dx laptop that will boot up normally and after a few minutes the backlight goes out and the screen becomes dark. If you shine a flashlight onto the screen you can see the image fine and on an external display there is no issue at all. Because of this I...
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    Strange LCD issues out of the blue

    Hello, I have this HP Pavilion G6 laptop but suddenly yesterday i got some issues in the left corner side of the LCD display, and i would like to know, (since it's out of warranty) if it can be manually fixed and what could be the cause of this issue Below are the images...
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    Purple/Pink Spots on LCD Panel of my Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ150

    I am not aware of how these dots appeared on LCD panel, though they are not appearing in pics and my Camera is working perfectly, so i think this issue is related LCD panel only, any suggestion?? shall i replace the LCD panel? You can see pics @ below link Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ150
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    Weird Slanted Line on LCD

    there appears to be a slanted filter in the edge of IPS lcd panel. Can anyone tell me what is the cause of this? Is it a slanted built-in LCD filter or did the factory worker forget to remove a protective film before installing the LCD Panel?:!:
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    Laptop replacement screen options.....

    I recently purchased a Lenovo y50/70 for an amazing deal a good chunk lower then ebay sellers. It is in perfect condition and here are the specs: •Processor 4th Generation Intel Core i7-4720HQ Processor (2.60GHz 1600MHz 6MB) •Operating system Windows 8.1 64 •1920x1080p tn panel touch screen...
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    Asus G75VX Screen Problem

    The problem started with just little lines that appeared horizontal and vertical. After around 4 days the screen went completely unreadable (as you see in the picture above). I cannot see a single thing through startup and well to anything. Any solutions would be much appreciated. Thank you...
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    looking for resolving my Black screen of my sony vaio

    hello, My sony vaio model SVF152A1WW screen turns to black/ it doesn't show anything when I hit the power button. It doesn't show any startup window or loading window on my screen. but the power led is glowing and the cooler fan is working as it is. I bought this laptop about a year and this is...
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    What does it mean when I am buying a new LCD panel and it says no touchscreen?

    My laptop is an Acer Aspire M5-583p-5859 and it was orignally built for touchscreen, I accidently cracked the LCD panel and I found a replacement screen. Only it says LCD only, no touchscreen. I have the cables and my computer is desgined for touch, everything still runs perfectly and all the...
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    Toshiba Satelllite C55-B5300 Disassembly guide? I need to replace the screen.

    So I am a college student and last night, my backpack was stepped on, and so was my laptop. I see screens for this laptop online, and I am quite sure that if I had the guide, I could replace it. But I cannot remove the battery because it is on the inside. And I'm pretty sure that its a big no-no...
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    Laptop LCD not working.

    I shutdown the laptop yesterday night. Tried to switch it on in the morning but the LCD display won't come on. The Windows boots up , the fan rolls , the DVD drive shows activity , i can hear sound of windows booting up but no display on screen. On looking through the forums i came upon some...
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    "Ghost" Ring in Middle of Display

    Hey all, First time posting. I'm hoping someone can help me. I have a roughly 4-year old LG 42" LCD display (not sure of model). I've noticed a faint "ring" in the center-right portion of my screen over the last several weeks. It appears most distinct on a white or lighter-colored background...
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    Toshiba Satellite No Display Black Screen but External Monitor Works

    System: Toshiba Satellite L655D-S5050 - Windows 7 - 4GB RAM - AMD Anthlon II 2.1 GHz Dual Core - Radeon HD 4250 Problem: No display at all - just black screen. No logo screen or anything when powering on. Scenario: One day I picked up the laptop to use after it had went into sleep...
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    I have a monitor that doesn't have a speaker jack so I was wondering if I could use HDMI to transmit the sound to a headset

    I have an Xbox one connected to my monitor but the monitor doesn't have a speaker jack so I can't hear anything (it sucks) so I was wondering if I could plug in an HDMI and use it to wire up some speakers.
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    tihs phone can not conect with lcd monitor

    my galaxy s2 not display on lcd monitor pleas helpme
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    If my laptop came with an LCD display in it but the model can be bought with an LED display. Can I just swap out the panels an

    Gateway NV55C30u laptop has LCD screen. Want to swap to LED.
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    Asus laptops displays : is "FHD WV" the same as "EWV" or is it IPS panel?

    Hello, I exchanged a Asus notebook (N751JK) for another one of the same model, but the display of the first one was designated on the label box as "IPS FHD " and the second one as "FHD WV ". On Asus website there is 3 displays indicated for this pc : 17.3" FHD EWV (1920x1080) / Full HD...
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    One Monitor, Two Functions?

    I have a relatively large LCD Monitor in our guest room/office but want to also connect our digital cable box to it and be able to switch from using it as a PC monitor to guests being able to use it as a TV when visiting. Easiest, most economical way to accomplish would be appreciated! Thanks!