Is 25ms response time bad for gaming?

Aug 5, 2018
Hey there. I don't have a very long question, but I am quite confused, because people are saying all sorts of different things. Basically, I am looking for a new laptop, that is sleek/slim and is good for general use, but also to play games like CS:GO and Overwatch on, not games like Far Cry 5.
I had come across the Dell XPS 15 9570, i5 model with the 1050, or maybe the i7 model with the 1050TI. It looked perfect, until I came across articles saying the 9560 had latency and ghosting issues. I'm not sure what ghosting is exactly, and people always mention grey scale and black scale and how it translates to a response time. To be honest, I don't know what most of this means. My question is, do all of these things happen to the 9570 model, or is it only on the 9560 model? Also, what does this mean if it does happen, will games like CS:GO be playable, or will the latency be too high. I am a serious gamer, investing a lot of money in a desktop, and probably will notice latency or dropped frames if that's relevant. Thank you for you help in advance, hope to see some replies soon.

- Ben


May 9, 2016
Ghosting is best explained as the motion blur you see when scrolling text on a panel,the more latency the worse the blur you get,with less colors it get's even worse and more visible that's why they test in grey or black,it's how long the pixels need to change states (states being the different colors and brightness).
In games it might not be very visible but it also depends on the individual, some notice it very strongly others not,if you can go to a shop and see for yourself it would be the best.It would basically be a "smear" when something is moving.