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  1. O

    Laptop LCD display developed Blue 'Hue' which flickers to Pink...Help!

    Some relatives 'borrowed' my Toshiba Satellite A500 laptop for a few months and i just recently got it back. Havent had a chance to turn it on since today, and when i did, i noticed now there is a blueish hue to the display which wasnt there previously. When you physically move the hinge back...
  2. B

    acer laptop problem

    acer laptop turn on and then off several times nothing on lcd display ,what is the problem bad capacitors or what , i m chip level allmost please help thanks
  3. N

    Lcd Panel replacement compatibility with Sony vaio Vpcec3m1e/bj

    Hello there guys! I have a sony vaio vpcec3m1e/bj that recently broke its screen. :( its specs: RAM 4 GB (installed) HD 500 GB - Serial ATA-150 - 5400 rpm Screen 17.3" TFT 1600 x 900 (WXGA++) Intel Core i5 460M / 2.53 GHz Ati Mobility Radeon hd5650 after a bit of research I found this one...
  4. U

    Very dim LCD display on laptop after Windows loads...

    Okay, so I'm trying to fix this guys Vaio laptop and I've already updated the "Vaio Power Management", I've replaced the inverter and I've also tested it with another screen. Still the same problem. Now here's the funny thing.. When I plug in an external monitor via VGA the monitor doesn't have...
  5. T

    Faint LCD display

    I have a Panasonic Toughbook CF-28. The LCD display is dim and best seen w/flashlight. The screen works fine on another laptop. I've put another working LCD screen on this laptop and get the same poor result. An external monitor works perfectly. There is no reason to change anything on the...
  6. A

    is i can repair my lcd display

    my <acer aspire> notebook's display is crashed a little bit by some water is i can repair it from a service centre or by my own activities please answer me if possible am awaiting dude
  7. T

    sharp lc42d85u tv

    need an LCD module for my sharp lc42d85u LCD TV with cracked LCD panel
  8. T

    LVDS to DVI - Options?

    I am working on an LCD Panel, the only connection I have is the LVDS coming right from the T-Con (specifically: IHDC4LV0.2_W). I need to connect this directly to a coomputer using DVI. I do have a LVDS-DVI-R10 (link) The problem with this is that the pinout is quite different. What options are...
  9. G

    ccfl to led conversion, now no backlight

    hi, I bought a ccfl to led conversion cable and 40pin 15''6 LED panel for my acer 5517, since the original lcd panel is more costly than some 40 pin led. While connecting the inverter cable into adapter sockets i put in the wrong one. The battery discharged n the laptop shutdown, since then...
  10. 1slickvdc

    Is it possible to switch display panels in a laptop to achieve a higher native resolution?

    Is it possible to switch the LCD display in my laptop (Acer Aspire V3-771G-9809), which currently displays at a native 1600x900 to a display panel that displays natively at 1920x1080? I know the new 771G models have 1920x1080 displays, but I was wondering if it was possible to switch displays...
  11. Z

    Are all Toshibal A105 laptop lcd panels interchangable?

    The lcd panel on my old Toshiba A105 S2141 went out (flex problem) and was wondering if I could just grab any old A105 for a replacement. When searching at parts companies, every submodel number has a different part number but I have a hard time believing that.
  12. Zeallot

    Broken LCD Display?

    Hey guys, I was replacing the digitizer for my LG Optimus HD P880 4x, and after I installed it and tried booting the phone the image was black. The backlight turned on, but the display itself showed nothing. After this I reopened it and noticed a little tear in the orange band on the LCD cable...
  13. S

    VGA (notebook) to DVI (monitor) not working

    Hi, I am connecting a notebook with VGA output to LCD monitor with DVI input only. I purchased a CE-LINK VGA>HDMI converter It works fine to convert the VGA to HDMI. VGA signal shows on my 40" samsung TV by connectign the HDMI cable. However, when...
  14. T

    lcd display issue

    i have a sony vaio laptop model number SVE15136CAB which was bought jst 2 months ago. now i have a problem in screen that is thin and white dotted vertical line. what is it ? and is it harmful or not. my laptop working normal. plz give me good answer
  15. B

    LCD Blacklight Display

    What is Backlight in LCD Display. I have digital camera CAnon SX 230 HS. I want to change the display. When i try in online, it showing with backlight and without backlight. i'm confused about that to choose with or without backlight. PLease help me
  16. UETIAN

    Nokia PureView 808: HDMI connection to Monitor

    Hi all, I wonder if it is possible to connect Nokia 808 PureVIew (having HDMI) directly to a HDMI monitor (with HDMI cable) ??
  17. M

    Problem w/ Windows 7 reboot on HP laptop

    also would appreciate any help w son has a 64bit hp laptop that wndws7 seems to hv crshed on and we are hving prblms rebting it. i hv yet to rlly find a good dwnload but also the prblm w that is my laptop has wndws vista and its 32bit. but rlly that shouldn't be a prblm if i'm...
  18. pankakes123

    Laptop Keyboard Not Working (HP G60)

    I was fixing my mom's laptop's screen, which required taking out the keyboard. However the keyboard is attached by ribbon cable. I simply slid the ribbon cable back into place upon closing up the laptop again, but the keyboard no longer works. It seems to be positioned perfectly in the laptop...
  19. stoppage

    LCD display to read ID3 tags

    Hi I'm building a small little mp3 amp...20 watts, not computer but stand-alone device. I'd like an lcd display to read song info..I don't know if its possable to just run out & buy one of these things or what's what. Does anybody have any info, links, anything...a starting point? Grateful for...
  20. A

    Where to buy quality replacement screen

    Recently my laptops screen broke. It is an ASUS G75vw. I'm looking to replace it with a screen that has the same quality as the original. I did a google search and found two sites which interest me. But the prices seem to low for it to be good quality screen...
  21. D

    Very FAINT LCD display

    Acer Aspire 5538 - when powered on I see a black screen. Under a bright light I can see faint images which after searching I think is a problem with the inverter. I ordered a new inverter but when I dismantle the LCD there is no inverter behind or under the LCD. I do see two cables (white and...
  22. G

    Changing LCD panel to higher resolution

    Hello, Couple of weeks ago, I brought an Acer V3-571G laptop. Two days later, my little kid damaged LCD panel with sharp pencil. I decided to replace the screen myself. I oredered new, 15'6 inch LCD screen, but with higher resolution (1600x900). Unfortunately new screen does not work...
  23. P

    How do i remove a blue spot on my LCD tv

    A blue patch appears on my dell LCD monitor ,please guide me to fix that problem.
  24. N

    Non-backlit monitor price

    Dear Tom's Hardware team, Do you know of a non-backlit LCD simple black & gold monitor, or even better color LCD monitor which does not have backlit (backlighting). The radiation from all and any types of monitors are killing my eyes which are very sensitive. I once had a small computer that...
  25. D

    SonyDCR HC 32

    Hello, My sONy DCR HC 32 was functioning properly. Recently it has failed to read the recorded videos on the LCD monitor. I used the cleaning tape and tried again. The video appeared for a few seconds with horizontal bars and the whole disappeared. I am scared of using the cleaning tape again...
  26. F

    Marantz PMD660 LCD dim and can\'t read

    Hi I have a marantz PD660 and it has worked flawlessly until the other day. The LCD panel can be barely read and almost renders the recorder unusable. What has gone wrong. please don't anyone suggest the batteries or power as the same happens when connected to the mains supply. The backlight...
  27. A

    What are some signs of computer screen failure?

    Hello, hi, my Lcd display continues to turn blank after a period of 30 minutes. This is an Acer 4310 laptop
  28. J

    LCD Display Dim with New Inverter and New Screen

    Greetings, I would like to ask the community a question about screen dimness. I have an HP laptop that has a very dim display. I am an advanced computer user with years of experience fixing computers of all kinds. Hardware, software, you name it. What is strange to me, is that this screen is...
  29. E

    Hp pavilion dv8000 lcd troulbe

    My dv 8ooo pavillion laptop has a lot of color verticals lines all over the lcd monitor. I connected to an external lcd monitor and there are not lines shown, but does not stay lid; turn off after a while, it could be something else and probably not the monitor. Please, help!!!!
  30. U

    LCD Display half portion has color strip

    my model is acer aspire 4736 of which more than half portion becomes small width colour strips. Other portion is normal and you can work easily. What may be the reason ? How much will be the cost of repairing in indian currency?
  31. C

    Lcd samsung 32 inch monitor wont display

    Hello, my lcd monitor wont display when swtiching on. but when u click the power button again it will give 3 clicks and shows display and turns off. Can anyone help me?
  32. C

    Sony vaio vgn-sr590 lcd panel flickers

    Split in half vertically, the left half of the screen has a very slight flickering. Could this be a connector that needs to be re-seated of is it probably the display's backlight begining to fail?
  33. rk0r

    LCD Display no picture.

    Hi I have an ACER Aspire 8730 laptop that has no display on the LCD. The external display works fine and there are no error messages. I have checked the connections and they are all connected. The back lights are also working that means the inverter is working correctly. In the operating...
  34. M

    Looking For: Samsung UN55D6000 Display panel

    My Samsung UN55D6000 has been damaged specically the display panel. The outer layer of the screen is not damaged but the pixels are kinda messed up and it looks like there's a small crack in the inside of the panel. well I was wondering if anyone out here has a damaged one of their own with a...
  35. D

    Attaching new internal antenna

    Adding wifi to laptops that never had them. Have a Tyco antenna with "flag" ends. Finally found a pic of another brand of laptop showing antenna. Looks like flag ends are at upper left & right...
  36. exfileme

    Toshiba's New 6.1" Display Packs 2560×1600 pixels

    Toshiba has revealed a new 6.1-inch LCD display crammed with 498 pixels per square inch. Eat that, Apple. Toshiba's New 6.1" Display Packs 2560×1600 pixels : Read more
  37. A

    Viewsonic lcd monitor problems with sony vio 32 bit OS laptop not able to come d

    Hello, hi i have sony vaio laptop with 32bit OS and wants to connect to the view sonic monitor but display is not coming on LCD
  38. exfileme

    It's the World’s Largest Projected Capacitive Display

    This LCD display measures 82-inches diagonally and 6-inches deep, and salted as the "world's largest." It's the World’s Largest Projected Capacitive Display : Read more
  39. imdaman6909

    Dell XPS M1530 LCD HELP.

    Hi, Good day everyone. I desperately need help with this issue. A few months back my LCD display was broken, i recently ordered a new one and replaced upon turning on the laptop, i get no image but the backlight. External monitors work great but the LCD just shows the backlight...
  40. R

    Laptop Display problem

    Hello, How to isolate the sections for display problems in laptops? There are LCD panel, Inverters, external VGA ports, and a section between VGA port and LCD Panel ( I don't know the technical term for it). Any suggestion on procedures to follow while fault finding will be greatly appreciated...
  41. V

    Solved! Is there any dissimilarity between LCD Panel and TV Panel?

    Hi, all member of Th! I read somewhere that LCDs are slim because manufacturer has been using the LCD panel in it. I am confused whether; these two panels are similar or have any difference in between...! Well, my guess is they might be same, but would love to hear your views....!
  42. J

    Solved! Directv to monitor or tv

    Hello, can i hookup a Directv to a lcd monitor or do i need a tuner?
  43. H

    Cracked LCD on Vostro V13

    I had an accident with my laptop. I forced my knee on the cover of it and broke lcd monitor. I think isn't covered by the warranty. Can I fix it? And how much would cost? Thanks.
  44. P

    Toshiba Satellite P205D-S7438 LCD display

    I have a Toshiba Satellite P205D-S7438 17" laptop. When I turn it on, I get horizontal white lines from the top of the screen to about 1/4 of the way down and the remaining 3/4 of the screen is black and blank. I read that the symptoms may be either a bad LCD Inverter or the backlight. I...
  45. exfileme

    Mitsubishi's LCD Does 120 Hz Interpolated Full HD

    Double your visual pleasure with Mitsubishi's upcoming LCD panel. Mitsubishi's LCD Does 120 Hz Interpolated Full HD : Read more
  46. G

    Rainbow problem in LCD

    Hello, when I wave my hand in front of my LCD monitor, I saw rainbow...... what's happening?
  47. exfileme

    27'' ViewSonic LCD Does Full HD, 1ms Response

    ViewSonic is claiming "world's first" with this upcoming LCD panel. 27'' ViewSonic LCD Does Full HD, 1ms Response : Read more
  48. G

    DVI to HDMI Now No Sound

    I hooked my Computer to my LCD monitor using a DVI to HDMI cord and no have no sound. I used to be hooked up with a DVI to PC and used a simple black cord that carried the sound and now that same cord does not work. Is there a setting I need to change so I can get sound now or a cord I need?
  49. C

    Solved! DIM LCD Display

    My LCD recently went out and I have been trying to figure out the cause. I originally noticed that the screen keep flickering in and out, as if the plug was loose. The screen would go dim and then come bright, but flicker. Then it began to show some kind of static on the screen. Finally the...
  50. D

    Flickering lcd monitor repair

    Hello,I have a Compaq Presario F560US - the LCD monitor went blank/black or flickers every so often. It works perfectly with a external monitor. My research so far have led me to replacing the inverter and LCD screen/w new backlight. But this didnot fix the problem. Don't know what else to try...
  51. Q

    Is my LCD cracked ?

    Hi friends , Can someone tell me what happened to my lcd display ? I think the lcd got cracked . I need to find out what is it exactly , so that I can tell it to Dell CC properly . Here are the images which I took with my mob.You can see the lines on the left part and on the right , my...
  52. S

    Solved! Replacing the motherboard on a dell inspiron 700m

    I am replacing the motherboard on my Dell Inspiron 700m laptop. My problem is, there are two wires coming from the lcd display that have what look to be small gold cap type connectors on them. These are in addition to the regular connectors for the speakers and lcd display. They connect...
  53. exfileme

    Dell Tech Peeps Through Woman's PC via Webcam

    Here's a good reason why you shouldn't be sitting naked behind the LCD display. Dell Tech Peeps Through Woman's PC via Webcam : Read more
  54. G

    Anyone thought of adding a second lcd panel to a laptop/notebook?

    Hello everyone, Just wanted to ask a question to all of you modders out there... Seeing as two or three new products have been shown off at technology shows sporting dual displays on a laptop of normal dimensions, has anyone thought of trying to add one themselves? They are so thin now, and I...
  55. exfileme

    3M Multi-Touch LCD Display Promises 10 Inputs

    3M's multi-touch technology, implemented in its new 22-inch LCD display, accepts ten simultaneous inputs. 3M Multi-Touch LCD Display Promises 10 Inputs : Read more
  56. Q

    Lcd panel manufacturers

    Is SONY not a LCD Panel Manufacturer as well ?? What about Thoshiba too ??
  57. A

    DirecTV to LCD monitor

    Hi guys, I'm new to all of this so forgive me if I'm way off base... I would like to use LCD monitors as TVs for my Standard Def DirecTV receivers (one is a DVR and the other is just the most basic receiver). DVR Receiver outputs - HDMI, component, S-Video, composite, and coax Receiver...
  58. N

    Solved! Remove LCD from Sony Vaio TZ series

    Does anyone know how to remove the LCD panel from a Vaio TZ? There don't seem to be any screws in place, but I'm hesitant to just pry things apart for fear of breaking anything. I tried to find a disassembly guide on the net, but they all only cover the main body, but not the LCD...
  59. T

    How to remove lcd screen from sony vaio vgn-z

    Hi All, Could anybody please guide me as to how to replace the LCD panel on a VAIO VGN-Z series laptop? How do you remove the screen from the laptop? Many thanks
  60. G

    LCD monitor broken

    Hi, the lcd monitor of my toshiba satellite m70, is broken. But I think the problem concerns the light, because lcd crystals correctly works (I can see the desktop if I put a lamp towards the monitor). I've just changed lcd inverter, but with no results! What may I do?