VGA (notebook) to DVI (monitor) not working


Oct 30, 2013
Hi, I am connecting a notebook with VGA output to LCD monitor with DVI input only.

I purchased a CE-LINK VGA>HDMI converter

It works fine to convert the VGA to HDMI. VGA signal shows on my 40" samsung TV by connectign the HDMI cable.

However, when I use an HDMI/DVI adaptor and DVI cable to connect to my DVI monitor. It did not work.

I tried totally 4 LCD monitors with DVI input, (EIZO, Philips, DELLx2) only the newest Dell 24" show the signal on screen but with very bad color (just like missing blue color)

checked Dell website, it show that my 24" Dell monitor is HDCP compliant.

I am confused, if the problem is due to HDCP