Question My projector only shows green when an HDMI output is connected to the projector's VGA input

Dec 6, 2020
I'm flummoxed. I have an older Dell 2300MP projector. It's a great projector, and I'd like to be able to use it with my modern devices.

Here's how I know that the projector works fine: I can plug an old laptop into the project using a VGA cable and the picture is perfect. The same goes for using an old DVD player using a composite video cable.

I have a desktop computer that I can connect to a monitor using an HDMI-to-VGA cable. (HDMI output from the desktop; VGA input on the monitor). That works fine.

However, if I connect the desktop (or any other HDMI output device) to the projector using the HDMI-to-VGA cable, the result is a green picture. The quality of the picture is as expected; it's just that green is the only color showing. I've actually tried 2 different HDMI-to-VGA cables with the same results.

Any idea why it is only the configuration of HDMI out --> HDMI-to-VGA cable --> projector's VGA input that doesn't work?

Would appreciate any advice from the Tom's community.


The issue is that your projector cannot properly decode the altered (digital to analog) signal that is coming from your HDMI to VGA cable. If possible, I would consider getting an older, secondary graphics card that still supports an analog signal (something like a GT 730) installed into your PC and connect your projector to that. That aside, if your projector does not have any digital inputs, even though it still works, it's time to consider upgrading.

-Wolf sends


Sep 7, 2012
Just going to chime in... if your projector has a DVI input, then you would be better off to find a converter from HDMI to that... since they are both digital signals.
Dec 6, 2020
For others who come to check out this thread, I tried 2 different HDMI-to-VGA cables, and also tried the Tendak digital-to-analog converter linked above, but, as Wolf predicted, nothing worked. Thanks for the advice! I'll upgrade the projector at some point.
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