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  1. S

    hdmi to tv and dvi to monitor can make it extend and sound will come out?

    i have 1 pc connect hdmi to tv and dvi to monitor, does this can make it to extend and does the sound will come out?
  2. S

    Solved! Acer aspire HDMI to Phillips 170B moniter dvi issue

    Hey, My Acer Aspire laptop has a stuffed screen so I bought a HDMI to dvi cable to plug into my Phillips 170B monitor. The laptop recognized the screen right away. The issue though is I can only see the display sent to the monitor from the laptop for a split second but then it goes dark. When...
  3. panel111

    Connecting my PC to a SCART TV

    So I want to have a SCART TV as a display for my PC (has HDMI, DVI and VGA ports). Tho online I've seen only SCART ported devices connected to HDMI TV. I didn't find anything that goes HDMI, VGA or DVI cable to SCART TV. I'm looking forward to Buying a converting device or DIY solutions, budget...
  4. G

    optical connection to Soundblaster Z card on PC

    I'm trying to hook up my Yamaha RX-V371 receiver to my computer using the optical inputs. I currently have my monitor connected with DVI. I'm getting no sound. Do I have to use HDMI and run through the receiver and back to the monitor to get this to work properly. I'd prefer to use DVI...
  5. V

    I run a karaoke and have been told I can run 2tvs with dvi to hdmi but I need the sound to come from my mixer

    Karaoke connections, I run a karaoke and want to change from monitors to tv. I have been told to purchase a vdi to hdmi and hdmi splitter for 2tvs but I want the sound to come from my mixer not the screens
  6. D

    Windows does not recognize soundbar when using certain monitor

    When I connect my Laptop (HDMI out) to the soundbar (HDMI in) and then connect the soundbar (HDMI out) to the monitor (DVI-in) (obviously using a HDMI to DVI cable), Windows recognize the monitor but does not recognize the soundbar. If I do the same thing using my TV (HDMI in) instead of monitor...
  7. P

    Need something inexpensive to plug into the GPU dvi port and support multiple hdmi connections.

    My GPU only has one port which is DVI, so I have a DVI to HDMI cable connecting it to my monitor. I need a splitter or something similar that has at least 2 or 3 hdmi ports (3 if in the future I need another hdmi port) for a reasonable price, so that I can have both my psvr using trinus psvr and...
  8. A

    2 Vga monitors but one hdmi port

    So I have a laptop that only has one hdmi port and 2 monitors, one monitor has only vga and the other has vga and dvi ports. I would like to have a dual monitor set up, so what is the best way to connect both?
  9. M

    Screen shows white/red horizontal stripes

    My set-up consists of desktop computer, a HDMI screen and a DVI screen. When I turn on my pc, it starts normal with the lading screen on my DVI screen, But afterwards, it doesn’t turn to my HDMI screen and on my DVI screen, it has White and red horizontal stripes. The first time it happened I...
  10. L

    HTC vive how to connect

    I have a gaming computer where the graphics card only has one output and it's a dvi connection. I bought a dvi to HDMI cable to run to the monitor. But now I have no hdmi connection to HTC vive. How can I connect both monitor and vive to graphics card?
  11. C

    I want to connect a laptop with HDMI to a monitor with DVI. I want to also have audio. Any suggestions for a cable?

    I want to connect a laptop with HDMI to a monitor with DVI and VGA inputs. I want to also have audio. Any suggestions for a cable?
  12. C

    can i use a blueray player on an older model tv with dvi so I can stream netflix?

    I am trying to stream netflix on a tv with dvi..can I use a blueray player?
  13. C

    I tried to hook my PlayStation to a tv with a dvi adapter that hooks to the PlayStation HDMI cord. the video is fine but no s

    I hooked my PlayStation to an older model tv using an adapter. i have video but no sound
  14. H

    Looking to setup 2 screens for an extended display to my laptop

    I have an HP(Model: 15-BS015DX) Laptop that only has one HDMI output. (No VGA or DVI).I have two Dell Monitors. Each Monitor has VGA and DVI outputs only (NO HDMI). How can I connect these two monitors to the laptop and have an extended display with optimum resolution? Should I use DVI or VGA...
  15. S

    My hp pavilion dv6700 laptop wont start up

  16. A

    Can I still use the dual 144hz monitor

    I have a 1070 with of course only has one dvi and the 144hz monitors I have need the hdmi and dvi to get the full 144hz and with this I can only run 144hz on one and 60 on the other. Is there any other way to doing this besides getting a second gpu and still have both using the full 144hz?
  17. N

    Laptop without DVI

    I got a screen of 144hz. DVI-D cable was included. But, my Lenovo -laptop doesn't have a place for DVI. What to do to get 144hz in use? Thanks.
  18. J

    Hooking chromecast.com roku or firestick to projector

    Have optima projector no hdmi slot just dvi and vga have Sony surround sound with 2 hdmi in one out how do I hook this up have ran thru dvi with hdmi conversion]lug have pic with chromecast.com but no sound help please johnboy
  19. N

    Sunray device connection

    I’ve just been sent a sunray device to use as I’m now working from home. The monitor I have doesn’t have a VGA port just a D-SUB port. What do I need to get to connect the two devices as the instructions and google have been no help! Thank you!
  20. M

    No sound with dvi to hdmi to tv

    HI I have a div to HDMI adapter connect to my TV. The issue is that im not getting any sound from my TV and it is saying it is saying high defenion audio unplugged. Also if I connect headphones or a mic it doesn't show up in the sound settings. I tried every thing: reinstall windows,different...
  21. U

    rgb/dvi audio in not working?

    I got a 3.5mm mini-RCA stereo audio cable to plug in my s-master digital amplifier as an external speaker. my TV has the AUDIO IN (RGB/DVI) plug in. For some reason connecting it does not produce any sound whatsoever. I have tried plugging the jack on my phone, and the audio works fine. The...
  22. S

    Want to hook up my graphics card to the same monitor with HDMI and DVI at the same time

    Can I hook up my graphics card via HDMI and DVI at the same time to the same monitor? This would make it easier to switch from one mode to the other without unplugging and re-plugging the cables I have tried but when I switch the monitor input to HDMI, the desktop has no icons (still have...
  23. M

    Solved! VGA to DVI can improve the readability on TN display?

    I am working in a factory, using 30m RGB cable from a PC to a TN monitor where I should stay on as monitoring. I feel easy tired from the TN monitor because there is little wobble on lines and letters on the monitor. Also letter readability is low. PC only has RGB output and monitor has dual...
  24. A

    Plasma TV doesn't like HDMI

    I've been using a DVI to HDMI cable from my PC graphics card to my Plasma TV because HDMI to HDMI doesn't work. Can anyone explain to me why one works and the other doesn't?
  25. S

    PC + Receiver Setup. DVI for video to Monitor. HDMI to Receiver for Audio at the same time.

    Hey, all! I am looking for help from you audio tech's and PC tech's out there! My monitor: Asus vg248qe 144 hz My receiver: Denon 5.1 setup My GPU: Radeon RX480 Window 10 64 bit Monitor connected to GPU via DVI (HDMI does not support 144hz), the receiver connected to GPU via HDMI. Right now, I...
  26. T

    How to connect laptop to a tv with a vga to dvi cable

    I have a Mitsubishi WS-48313 that has a dvi-i dual link port and trying to connect it with my laptop that has a VGA port. I bought a VGA to DVI cable and plugged it all up, but my laptop screen doesn't show up on my tv and my laptop doesn't recognize i've connected to the tv.
  27. R

    Solved! Dvi to hdmi

    Got a huge old tv today trying to hook up my xbox 1 to it. No hdmi tried to find a converter box but only got a dvi to hmdi for now. Picture works but no audio any thoughts?
  28. D

    Can i connect my laptop's mini DisplayPort to a 144hz dvi monitor using a mini dp to dvi converter??

    hey, i want to connect my msi laptop to an external 144hz monitor via my laptop's mini display port. however, the monitor requires dvi to output 144hz, so im thinking of buying a mini displayport to dvi adapter to work this out. do u think this will work? will any mini dp to dvi adapter carry a...
  29. S

    why my videocard puts sound and video out of dvi to hdmi cable

    just asking. but i know that every videocable like hdmi dvi and vga puts out video. But i didnt know that dvi puts audio and video same time TOO. And what cable i am using: belkin DVI to HDMI cable
  30. S

    DVI to HDMI- Need to add audio also

    I have an older TV that has a DVI port but not HDMI. I was looking to connect this TV to my Nintendo Classic system that only has an HDMI input. I bought the DVI to HDMI cable, not realizing no sound gets transmitted. Is there any sort of adapter that transfer the sound through the HDMI cable as...
  31. R

    DVI and VGA audio

    I want to use three monitors in my set up but cannot find any good monitors within my budget which have a display port they are always with DVI and VGA. What i want to know is if i connect all monitors via DVI, VGA and HDMI will i be able to get sound through my headset?
  32. L

    I have an acer aspire cloudbook 11 and i have an hdmi cable plugged in, the hdmi is plugged in to an hdmi-dvi converter, and t

    I have an acer aspire cloudbook 11 and i have an hdmi cable plugged in, the hdmi is plugged in to an hdmi-dvi converter, and that is plugged into a dvi-vga converter, when i plug that into my screen my laptop doesnt detect the moniter, please help.
  33. G

    Will a DVI to VGA adapter work?

    So I have just finished building my new pc and I have an EVGA GTX 1060 in with a MSI Z170a-G45 motherboard. I am currently using an old TV I had as the display as my old computer monitor can only take a VGA connection. Someone suggested that a DVI to VGA adapter may be an option as the graphics...
  34. S

    Can't use audio through headphone jack with a hdmi graphics card.

    I have a gigabyte gt710 graphics card, that is connect through a hdmi to dvi cable to a dvi screen. I want to use the audio and mic ports on the front of my case but when I plug a headset in nothing comes up on the "audio" tab in control panel and I cannot select my headset in volume mixer. Of...
  35. X

    Sound problem hdmi to dvi

    Hi there, I'm using an old lg tv (2005 model so it doesn't have hdmi ports) and my set top box has an hdmi port now I've also got a hdmi to dvi cord which I am using and my tv picks it up perfectly, however there's no sound, i've set the audio settings to play with the HDMI I've also tried coax...
  36. P

    DVI to HDMI Vizio 4K No Signal

    I have my older DELL desktop connected by DVI to and HDMI converter, then connected by HDMI to my Vizio 50 inch 4K LED D50u-D1. It works fine, signal received and everything, until I turn the TV off. Then when I power back on the TV I get the No Signal error on the TV Screen, and I have to force...
  37. A

    How to I connect HTC vive and monitor, at the same time

    I bought HTC vive. And it is connected with hdmi to my graphics card. I only have one hdmi in my graphicscard. And i also need to connect my monitor. I have two DVI, but none in my monitor. I have VGA in my monitor, but none in my graphicscard. I bought DVI to VGA adapter. but still doesn't...
  38. D

    Dell Monitor Sound Issues

    I had an older dell monitor lying around and I got a male DVI to female HDMI converter so i could cast my chrome cast to the screen. it worked perfectly except for the lack of sound... The monitor has no 3.5mm jack input but does have a vga port, dvi port (I'm using it for the chrome cast) a...
  39. N

    Old GPU to new 4K TV

    Hello everyone, I recently bought a new TV the LG UH750V (43"). Now I was trying to connect my pc with the TV but I saw that my TV has way too limited options for connections. Actually almost all new TV's aren't coming with VGA, DVI and etc. My graphic card is the GeForce 9400 GT which it...
  40. N

    How do I connect a TV with only HDMI to a computer with only VGA or DVI-I to stream Netflix?

    Can I connect a TV with only HDMI to a computer with only VGA or DVI-I to stream Netflix? If so, what cables or adapters do I need to get audio and video on the TV?
  41. R

    DVI connection Mac mini to Yamaha receiver

    I want to connect my old (2007) Mac mini to the Yamaha receiver in my home cinema set up but the Mac only has a DVI connector coming out of it with an HDMI on the other end which plugs into the front panel of the Yamaha. This V-AUX connection is obviously not as good as proper HDMI so I wondered...
  42. M

    Random 'Unknown Device Installed' Message Pop-up

    Hi All, I was playing Shadow of Mordor, with a trainer in the background for a bit of fun. The trainer is from Cheat Happens, a website I've been using for many years and have had no probelms with in the past. When I left the game I saw the message 'Unkown Device Installed'. Now the only things...
  43. B

    Sound from Dell Laptop to Samsung TV not working...

    I connected my laptop to my Samsung TV via a DVI/HDMI converter cable. Picture is fine. I know DVI etc. doesn't provide sound, but I can't get the sound from my laptop to the TV. Only to an external speakers. I am not sure where or how to plug in my sound from the headphone speakers on the...
  44. T

    Smart TV won't extend

    I have an HP Pavilion Desktop that has 1 VGA port and 1 DVI input. My primary monitor only works with the DVI, so I had to use the VGA port, along with a analog-digital converter box and a separate HDMI cable. I have everything set up how I believe it should be, however when I attempt to extend...
  45. M

    PC to TV sound

    I have a Graphics card with DVI. I use a DVI Male to HDMI Female apater then a HDMI cable to the TV. Can i get sound from this? Before i used a DVI to HDMI Cable and got sound, but not now. why?
  46. V

    Audio over DVI?

    So im looking to do a setup where my Monitor doubles as a TV (For the purposes of connecting a Xbox One to it). Thanks to the display section of this forum I discovered i can get a HDMI to DVI cable, and that solves the video problem. Now im looking at my options on how to get audio with the...
  47. Z

    Low buget monitor! Thanks

    Someone please help i want to build myself a gaming computor for around 500 and i dont have much money so although my new monitor is good but it only has vga and many graphics cards have switched from dvi-i to dvi-d so it is impossible to use adapters...
  48. Z

    Plug monitor into graphics card or motherboard?

    Ok im a gamer but i have came across an issue... at the moment i cant play very good games so im getting a gaming desktop but i have came across a big problem :( Ive just found out that plugging you motherboard into my monitor isnt good for gaming... does it make a huge difference??????? Its...
  49. T

    PC + Receiver Setup. DVI for video to Monitor. HDMI to Receiver for Audio at the same time. Is this possible?

    Hey all! I am calling out to you audio tech's and PC tech's out there! So basically what I am trying to do is what the title says. My video is coming from a DVI cord from my PC to my monitor, and what I am trying to do is simultaneously have both the DVI for video and the HDMI for Audio. (Which...
  50. Leonniar

    Second monitor won't work !

    My first monitor is pluged in my motherboard's VGA slot . Now i bought a new GPU with DVI slots . Because didn't have a DVI cable(i couldn't find one either) i bought a DVI to VGA adaptor and pluged in my second monitor . I went to control panel-->Display-->Screen Resolution and my computer has...
  51. V

    I bought an hdmi to dvi converter, but I cant get sound from the 3.5 mm out port. Why?

    I have the 3.5 mm out from the converter plugged into a port marked audio in on a stereo system, but the sounds not working.
  52. S

    Help with setup

    Hello everybody! I'm having a problem with setting up my computer and playstation 4. My actual setup is: I have a BenQ XL2430T which has one DisplayPort, two HDMI ports and one DVI port, also one sound jack. My computer has two DVI ports and two audio jacks. My PS4 has a HDMI port. One simple...
  53. J

    I'm using HDMI cables for Xbox, bluray and I get video but no sound keeps telling me something like your using dvi connection

    Tells me to connect to hdmi1 and use audio 3 for av..I had this problem start about year ago and I left it alone and got he component cables..well now almost everything I want to buy new is HDMI only. I'm still connecting HDMI and getting 'signal is dvi connection '
  54. O

    notebook lvds connected to dvi i display?

    It happens that a notebook's display breaks. Then you have a working computer with no display. Notebooks use a lvds connector for the built in display? I have found some lvds dvi adapters. Their price make them not an economical solution. There are no low priced solutions for connecting the...
  55. K

    My screen receives only green colour signal

    Hi, I have a problem with the DVI port on my graphics card (heading of the topic). This isn't a problem on the other ports, just this one. I checked the cable, DVI/VGA adapter and my monitor on my old computer, with old graphics card and everything works fine, so I thought the problem must be...
  56. E

    Xbox One DVI will only display 480p?

    I recently have been attempting to make my Xbox One picture display better. I have a Panasonic Rear Projection TV that supports 1080i. My Xbox One has been using an HDMI to Composite Convertor due to the TV not having an HDMI port. It looks fine, but its cut off on the edges and theres a small...
  57. P

    No sound from Xbox One without optical cable. Tv has no optical output!

    So I recently got a new Xbox One. I'm using a HDMI male to DVI male converter since my television only has DVI and VGA.I'm able to see everything just fine, but I have no audio, and apparently I need an optical cable. I looked all over my TV and it does not appear to have an optical cable...
  58. Y

    TV shows "DVI NO SUPPORT"

    Hello all, I got a Maxent MX-42VM11 TV. I am trying to connecting it to my computer. There is a HDMI port to the DVI port of the TV. I used a HDMI cable to link my computer to the HDMI port. I clicked the input on the remote control to DVI, ''NO SUPPORT" is shown on the TV screen. Do you know...
  59. S

    DVI to HDMI Xbox One audio problem

    Hello so im sorta a noob to audio things and i was wondering if anyone could possibly help me? The Problem: So yesterday i was given a monitor and for that monitor i wanted to use it for consoles cause my TV is just awful, but the problem is my monitor only has a VGA and DVI ports no HDMI so i...
  60. P

    Hdmi unsupported .

    If I plug dvi to hdmi cable straight into the ps4 I get video signal on the TV If I plug the dvi to hdmi into the av receiver and then plug the ps4 into the receiver with another hdmi cable I get no signal it says unsupported. I have checked and set the resolution and I,m sure I have assigned...