No sound from Xbox One without optical cable. Tv has no optical output!


Dec 26, 2015
So I recently got a new Xbox One. I'm using a HDMI male to DVI male converter since my television only has DVI and VGA.I'm able to see everything just fine, but I have no audio, and apparently I need an optical cable. I looked all over my TV and it does not appear to have an optical cable output/input. The TV I have is fairly old, probably 6-7 years old, and it's some brand of Vivitek, but it still works just fine!

So how am I able to get audio from my Xbox One? Will I have to purchase a TV with HDMI? I've tried using my two Turtle Beach headsets to no avail. Is there any other way to get audio, or another source of optical cable input/output I can use besides my TV?

Also, my cable box has an optical output on it, will that work or does it HAVE to be connected directly to my television?