Can't use audio through headphone jack with a hdmi graphics card.

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Dec 21, 2016
I have a gigabyte gt710 graphics card, that is connect through a hdmi to dvi cable to a dvi screen. I want to use the audio and mic ports on the front of my case but when I plug a headset in nothing comes up on the "audio" tab in control panel and I cannot select my headset in volume mixer. Of course there is no audio coming out of my dvi monitor but it works in my hdmi tv. If anyone has any clue what I'm talking about, could you please explain what I have to do (any external links are accepted) to get my headset (plugged into the headphone jacks) to work. Thanks in advance. Angus...


DVI does not transfer Audio signal. Only Video signal... You should use HDMI - HDMI
@above, the person wants to use the ports on the front of their case for audio, not the monitor or tv. whether the dvi cable or not handles audio is mostly irrelevant.

second, dvi-d is more than capable of handling an audio signal in a hdmi-dvi cable. only the older iterations were incapable of audio for the record. i've been using dvi-d for audio applications the last 10 years so can verify that it is indeed a thing.


if i understand you correctly:

A) with the pc plugged into the tv via hdmi you get audio on the tv ( or audio on your front jacks when you plug them into the front jacks)
B) you get audio on the front jacks when you do not have your monitor plugged into your pc
C) the only scenario where you do not get audio is if you plug your monitor in via hdmi to dvi

are the above correct?

you may want to list if you are using a usb headset or analog.

do the rear jacks work in the above scenarios as well?

the first thing i would try is in playback audio devices right click and show disabled or disconnected devices. does your headset show up there? if you are still having issues i would remove your audio and video drivers then reinstall the lastest versions as you could have a version with a compatibility bug or similar issue. for video card drivers i would suggest using DDU to be sure its gone. please download the newest version to your pc before uninstalling as it will make things easier.


Dec 21, 2016
hello, I am trying to use the anolog audio jacks that are on my headphones and mic.
here is my scenario, I can get audio through my tv fine using the hdmi on my graphics card but when i plug anything into the audio jacks on the front or back of my pc this is all i see

not sure if that worked or not but if you cant see it, all that there is in the playback devise's menu in control panel is "NVIDIA HDMI OUTPUT PORT 1 NVIDIA HIGH DEFINITION" AND "SAMSUNG 4 NVIDIA HIGH DEFINITION AUDIO". (samsung 4 being the name my pc gave my tv) when i plug my headphone and mic in nothing shows up. when i take the hdmi graphics card out and put a vga card in my headphones and mic come up automatically and work fine. Does this explain to anyone my problem? if so please help me i am in great need and cant keep my pc plugged into a tv much longer. thanks in advance, Angus...

I have tried reinstalling the high definition audio drivers for my pc and that didn't help, I also just installed the nvidia graphics driver yesterday because I just got the card, so all drivers are pretty much fresh..
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