Question Audio mixer recommendation for mic input?

Dec 31, 2023
Hello, I have the following devices:

-LG 65UQ7570PUJ TV (has both Bluetooth and a digital optical audio out port)

-Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite (3.5 mm port and bluetooth)

I want to receive audio from both of these devices in one pair of headphones simultaneously via a wired connection. The headphones I intent to use are JBL Endurance Run Earbuds, which ave a built-in mic. My ultimate intent is to transmit my voice using the mic in this headset to my tablet for voice chat in the discord app while also receiving the audio from the two aforementioned sources.

To clarify me desire, picture this: on the earbuds, which will be plugged into a tbd mixer will be audio from both the tv and the tablet; from the tv will be a game while the tablet will be incoming audio from users on discord in the app. I will be able to talk to them through the integrated mic as though the earbuds were directly plugged into the tablet.

Is what I want to accomplish even possible? If yes, would this mixer suffice If not, what features/ports do I need to look for? THank you for your time and attention.
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