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    Question How do I hear PC sound with the Yamaha MG10XU?

    Hello, i got this Headset: with this cable: And I have the Yamaha MG10XU. I can use the Mic of this headset but I cant hear any Pc sound. Can anyone give me an insturuction where...
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    Solved! HyperX Cloud 2 and Voicemeeter

    Greetings fellas. Iam using Win 7 Ultimate. I have HyperX Cloud 2 and Voicemeeter. i want to hear all sounds thru my Hyperx AND for example ( when iam in discord voice room) i want them to hear what iam listening to or playing (all audio coming from my PC) .... it's like a mixer.... i want to...
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    I want to connect pc and console to one headset

    I want to be able to use my headset for wii u (or other console) and pc at the same time. For example i want to listen to music from my pc and simultaneously hear audio from game on console. Are there any solutions for this? I believe I need an audio mixer, but i don't want to buy expensive...