Random 'Unknown Device Installed' Message Pop-up


Sep 12, 2013
Hi All,

I was playing Shadow of Mordor, with a trainer in the background for a bit of fun. The trainer is from Cheat Happens, a website I've been using for many years and have had no probelms with in the past. When I left the game I saw the message 'Unkown Device Installed'. Now the only things I have plugged into any USB port are my mouse, keyboard, two xbox controllers and my wireless gaming headset. I had a webcam plugged in which I removed earlier. I checked my Device Manager and there are no unkown drivers on there. Did a virus scan with NIS and it only picked up something from a game I downloaded from steam which was weird. I checked my Device Intall Log and couldn't make up what half of it was saying, but this was on the log:

dvi: Created Driver Node:
dvi: HardwareID - USB\UNKNOWN
dvi: InfName - C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\usb.inf_amd64_neutral_42d7284868af1f40\usb.inf
dvi: DevDesc - Unknown Device
dvi: DrvDesc - Unknown Device
dvi: Provider - Microsoft
dvi: Mfg - (Standard USB Host Controller)
dvi: ModelsSec - Generic.Section.NTamd64
dvi: InstallSec - BADDEVICE.Dev
dvi: ActualSec - BADDEVICE.Dev.NT
dvi: Rank - 0x00ff0000
dvi: Signer - Microsoft Windows
dvi: Signer Score - INBOX
dvi: DrvDate - 06/21/2006
dvi: Version - 6.1.7601.18328

If you need the full log just let me know. I hope this is the right place to post this.
Its all pointing to one of your USB devices. Unplug the Xbox controllers and see if it continues. Try differing USB ports and i'm sure you'll find the offender.