HP pavilion ze2000 (ATI) not recognizing any USB devices *HELP*


Oct 2, 2016
Recently i've dug up my old HP pavilion ze2000 and it had a bunch of junk on it and when i tried restoring it well it had no partition to restore from so i had to reinstall windows xp s3 on it and format the drive and once i did i installed the drivers necessary (video, audio, etc) and everything is working well EXCEPT it wont recognize ANY usb device, not a pen drive not a mouse/keyboard not even a gamepad. I've tried updating the drivers for the usb host controller and it tells me that it can't update it because its already up to date.. so i tried searching for hardware changes.. again it did nothing, i also plugged in the device (which it shows as unknown device) and uninstalled it then rebooted the pc and it still.. did... nothing.

If anyone has any information that would help or perhaps know the solution to fix this please reply.