Backlight bleeding after dropping laptop: Repair or replace?


Jul 6, 2017
So I dropped my 1 month old Dell Inspiron 7460 3.5 feet high while it was still turned on. As of now everything seems to be fine except that my screen has this yellow tint on the upper right corner. It wasn't there until the incident happened. It bothers me whenever I watch a movie because it becomes very obvious when the light is dimmed. Anyone knows how to get this fixed?

Also, I'm worried about the hard drive even though it currently doesn't show any signs of problems. I just noticed that my laptop boots a little slower than before. Maybe I'm just paranoid but I'm desperate to restore everything back to before I dropped my laptop. School's starting in a few weeks and I want to settle any issue that may arise before it gets to interfere with my studies.


If it's only a month old, you could try contacting Dell about having the screen replaces and the hard drive checked out.

Also, back up any data you have on that laptop, just in case.