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Can a flawed LCD cable damage LCD/backlight?

Oct 25, 2018
Hi. My Lenovo E40-70 had one problem: the display became black (showed nothing) at some angles. At angles large enough (say 130 degrees) everything was OK (By 'angle' I mean the angle between the LCD and the keyboard.)

I gave the laptop to a very small firm for LCD cable replacement. The next day someone phoned me and claimed that the flawed cable had damaged the LCD/backlight (perhaps the pins), and that I should also pay for LCD/backlight repair or replacement.

Can an LCD cable cause such a damage?

Thanks in advance
Oct 26, 2018
If you had any flickering whilst you were moving the screen around, you generally find that the LCD cable is loose, rather than damaged, and having it at certain angles makes a better connection,

Generally you get no backlight at all when the screen itself is faulty,

It could be that the LCD cable has worn and had broken slightly, and again by changing the angle, it's making and breaking the connection, if you've in the past knocked the laptop and the hinges / area is loose, it allows the cable to be manipulated over time and can damage it.

I used to work in repairs, and I'd be surprised if both were damaged, it's usually one or the other
Oct 25, 2018

Thanks. The hinges and the case were in very good condition.
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