Solved! Lenovo Tab 4 10.1 replacing screen, no display

Dec 31, 2018

Our Lenovo Tab 4 was recently dropped, shattering the screen. As far as I could tell, the LCD underneath was fine, just the touchscreen was shattered.

Since they're easier to buy as a bundle, I went ahead and purchased a replacement LCD and digitizer, and I've been able to disassemble the tablet to the point that I can attach the replacement parts. However, while the tablet turns on, makes noise and I can see the backlight on the LCD turn on, there is no display. Out of curiosity, I reattached the old LCD and also get no display, only the backlight. What are the chances both the old and new displays are broken? Slim to none, I would think. The replacement LCD did not come with a flex cable, so I am using the old one. Could it be the cable?

I just don't want to sink anymore money into purchasing additional parts (another cable), if it's possible we are out of luck here and I've perhaps screwed up the repair. Any suggestions on where the failure could be are most appreciated.

Thank you.
Dec 31, 2018
I bought a new LCD flex cable as a last resort, which ended up resolving the problem. I'm not sure how the cable was damaged, but apparently it was. Happy to say I was able to complete repair on the tablet successfully.
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Feb 12, 2019
Hi marajadesharpie!
Where did you source your new LCD flex cable from? I am having the same problem as you- my LCD doesn't work after replacing the digitiser, only the backlight works. I can't seem to find the flex for sale, so any help would be hugely appreciated!
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