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    Solved! Lenovo lcd problem

    My laptop screen was broken then I fit a new lcd. But when I turny laptop on it only shows a white screen.
  2. S

    Help! Where to get an iPhone LCD Replacement?

    Does anyone know where to get deluxe LCD aftermarket for iPhone 6s (black) made by FVG? I've been trying to look over everywhere but no one has it. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  3. L

    Faulty LG lcd

    I have 43 lcd tv with one thin white vertical line down the almost center of the screen but the picture it’s self is in colour could this be a faulty T-con panel that needs replacing?
  4. O

    Latitude 3350 no video on startup, D+on does show colours

    my laptop stopped showing video, called dell a technician came and said we cant fix it, because i used other non dell screws, which he said i had inserted "construction screws" which was not true and he wont repair it, i took out battery yes, i put it back in yes i plugged in charger yes i...
  5. Y

    Screen split in 2 part

    Hi, I got dell latitude D830. My cousin broke my old lcd and I replaced with other one and after replacement my screen splits in two part. I though it's my os problem but I reinstalled my os but problem is not solved. I replace splitter and problem is not solved. I try connect with monitor via...
  6. J

    my laptop lcd won't turn on and the driver indicator light didn't light up

    when i start my laptop the screen won't turn on and the driver's drive's light indicator won't light up too either, but the power and the charging indicator is on
  7. J

    Is 25ms response time bad for gaming?

    Hey there. I don't have a very long question, but I am quite confused, because people are saying all sorts of different things. Basically, I am looking for a new laptop, that is sleek/slim and is good for general use, but also to play games like CS:GO and Overwatch on, not games like Far Cry 5...
  8. D

    Sony LCD TV screen washed out with very faint inverted colors

    Problem appeared suddenly on model KDL-40V4100. The image is very bright with a faint colors of the TV image from all sources. I unplugged and reconnected and reset the TV picture settings with no luck. From my browsing, it sounds like it might be a problem with a chip on the T-con board. I'm...
  9. L

    Broken phone repaired then gave back to me broken again

    So question everyone. I brought my phone to get repaired at a repair shop. I bring it there broken screen dead from a brick mishap set on it. Anyways i bring my lcd digitizer as told by other repair shops that i ordered online. To the place to repair my phone. They take it keep it for a week...
  10. P

    i just bought samsung hw-ms650 wireless sound bar. buy my Lcd sony bx-320 and other tv toshiba led 40AL/10E. BOTH dont have HD

    i have bought samsung HW-MS650 SOUND BAR. BUT MY TWO LED AND LCD SONY LCD BX-320 AND TOSHIBA 40AL/10E dont have hdmi (arc) AND OPTICAL VOICE CABLE INPUT IN MY TVS. HOW TO CONNECT MY TV TO THIS ANY ALTERNATE . THANKS PRABODH SETHI [don't post your email address on the forum]
  11. 2

    Solved! No sound when ROKU BOX is connected to SHARP aquos LCD TV

    Hello,Please help on the following issue: On connecting ROKU express + to SHARP aquos LCD TV with High speed HDMI cable we are getting Video but NO Audio..Thanks. HR
  12. J

    What's wrong with my Hisense LED LCD 2013 TV

    We have a 42" Hisense LED LCD TV (model #: 40K360MN) that the picture went totally nuts while we were watching it. The left half of the TV has these colorful lines that are going horizontally and the right half of the TV is just black. HELP!
  13. P

    Solved! samsung un series lcd tv

    samsung 75 inch UN series has no image/sound.tuend on smart logo appears and stays stuck on backlight.cant access the menus or inputs.while troubleshooting we noticed that the tv will not power off we have to unplug from electrical outlet to shut off.
  14. R

    I have a Dynex Model Dx-LCD 32 tv

    Does it need to use A digital converter box?
  15. H

    Help Receiver Either died or Something else

    It was Working fine Last night, I woke up to no sound, Tuned it Off and Back on, And that down below It turns on but does not shows nothing on LCD It was working fine last night, I woke up a hour ago to find out there was no sound When i woke up It was same same as yesterday LCD on with all...
  16. J

    lower film Hz refresh rate than my LCD TV "needs"

    Can a, say, 44Hz film on USB device somehow damage my TV that "likes" mostly (depending on video resolution/size) exactly 60Hz, having spec in mind in my manual? Likewise, what if I try to run a film that has more than 60Hz? Kaboom?! Thanks and thanks for Your patience. p.s. I suppose I can...
  17. P

    clicking noise after fifteen minutes and electric static passes through T.V when touched.What is the problem? This is a Panaso

    clicking noise after fifteen minutes and electric static passes through T.V when touched. Screen goes on an off & there is flickering noise.What is the problem? The model is a Panasonic Vierra 42" LCD Plasma....................................
  18. D

    Solved! Samsung TV ~Hit by Softball~

    My Samsung un55ku6600 TV was hit by a softball. The TV still worked aside from the LCD being broken, but now it won't turn on, it just flashes some lines every 5 or so seconds. Aside from the broken LCD, does anyone know how I could troubleshoot this to get the picture working again? The ball...
  19. A

    hi i need help plz

    hey guys i already disconnected my lcd from the laptop and connected it to external monitor but i have problem that my laptop keep black screen on start and beeping and wont start only if i plug video cable to my lcd then i can open it and use the monitor and i dont want to do i wanna remove the...
  20. B

    X1 carbon motherboard 00HN769

    Hello I have a motherboard for a 2nd generation x1 carbon fru number 00HN769 and I'm trying to determine which screen this board supports. I know there were a number of lcd options for this laptop so if anyone can tell me which screen this board supports I would really appreciate it. Thank you!
  21. P

    Solved! Swap cathode lamps in LCD TV?

    Hi I have an Emerson lc195emx LCD TV that just has broken cathode lamps inside of it and then I have this LCD screen from a iMac that has the exact same cathode lamps just smaller same plugs everything can I just take that those cathode lamps out of the iMac computer screen and plug them into...
  22. C

    Solved! Led lcd model led40hg45rq rca tv . I have an amp and stereo speakers unable to get sound please help

    I’m trying to hookup stereo speakers to this tv for surround sound . I bought an amp and various cables . Nothing is working
  23. S

    Solved! How do I connect my LCD TV, Android TV box & Home Theater system?

    I have the following devices: Alfawise S95 Android TV box: Haier LCD TV: Philips Home Theater system. I've connected the Android TV box with...
  24. S

    Best HDMI Adapter

    Hello, My dad has an Emerson LCD TV (Model LC320EM2). Both of his HDMI ports are being utilized and we'd like to get him an Amazon Firestick. Any recommendations on a HDMI Adapter that's extremely to install and use? Many thx!
  25. T

    tv remote controls

    Hi There! I have a BEXA TV-model BXE2413AU-24inch FHD LCD TV & have lost the remote control.The TV was given to me & I don't know any retailer who carries them despite extensive searching.Does anyone know where I can buy a new or second-hand remote for BEXA-failing that a generic substitute or...
  26. C

    Laptop LCD screen replacement

    Hello as i opened my laptop to find s/n of my broken lcd, my screwdriver did a short circuit in the pin connector (iaptop was powered on) and laptop shut down immediately. After this, laptop switched on normally and is working properly with the external monitor like used to but after the short...
  27. H

    my asus A43E screen sometimes flicker and must move the lid or push lower lcd frame to fix

    my asus A43E screen sometimes flicker and must move the lid ( until normal ) or push lower lcd frame to fix i already change lcd cable but still same problem
  28. K

    Internal LCD not working - Toshiba C650D

    Hi everyone! I have an issue with my Toshiba C650D in that the internal LCD, it stays black all the time, it's not detected in Device manager (I can check by using an external screen), there's no backlight problem. I changed both the screen and the display cable, but nothing fixes it. Moreover I...
  29. KrOo12

    Help, I need to fix my LG TV Screen

    KrOo12 Hello, I own an LG TV model 42LA6200-UA. It suddenly started flickering, why can this be happening? Which tests do I need to run?
  30. V

    Lenovo L412 laptop half LCD Screen grey color

    Hi There! My Lenovo L412 laptop half LCD Screen have grey color. You can see in my attached photo. Is it LCD screen problem,need to replace,or is it any solution,or could be the LCD cable? Thank You for Your help!
  31. W

    Air/cable Port broke off

    I have a Hitachi 40 inch TV LCD model number 40A3. The coax TV Port broke off. The TV has 3 HDMI ports and a USB 5 volt input. I want to attach an antenna to it. I had read the things that might work like ATSC stand-alone tuner with HDMI. I saw them on Amazon but I don't know if they would work...
  32. Y

    Solved! My Q-Media QLC-32G61 LCD TV has all sorts of glitchy colors

    Hey all, I recently found a TV on the street, took it home, and tried it out. To nobody's surprise, the thing wasn't working properly. The image on the screen was all glitchy, most notably the colors were all out of whack. I've got some images here: First I thought it might be an issue...
  33. B

    Solved! Which one is the best Video Camera to use?

    Hi there, There so much to choose from. Can you recommend me which one of these is the best to use? Thank you. Links removed
  34. B

    40” LCD Samsung tv

    I have a 40” LCD Samsung tv I’d like to sell, how much should I ask?
  35. P

    Brightness flickering - AC plugged in - Lenovo G50-30, Celeron N2830

    When the power supply is plugged in, my laptop screen(brightness) flickers - it looks as if every 1/5 of a second the screen changed brightness, say about 2% - it is a very subtle change but very visible on a white background. On some forums I read that some users have a problem with switching...
  36. O

    Laptop Sreen Stuck On Low Brightness and Flickers when I try to Adjust it

    My Laptop(Dell Inspiron 15 7559) is stuck on low Brightness. Very dim screen but the laptop is still in a usable shape. This happened after I replaced a fault LCD cable on the laptop because it used to Flicker every time I moved the screen. Before I replaced LCD cable: - Screen worked on...
  37. A

    Can you switch main boards from a lcd to a plasma tv...

    Can you switch main boards from a lcd to a plasma tv... my 50 inch plasma has thin black vertical lines syndrome and have a board from 43 lcd both samsung... plasma TV is considerably older and lcd board has smart tech.. would like it on other tv anyways (SMART TECHNOLOGY) T.i.a
  38. M

    horizontal dotted line on LCD screen

    hi friends, Yesterday I opened up my laptop for cleaning with a humid cotton. after that I'm getting a horizontal dotted black line under the screen. I really dont' know what's wrong I did. Is there any solution? Can anyone please help?
  39. M

    Help! iphone6 display issue

    So i broke my lcd around a month ago i got my lcd replaced by some repairmans in my area. Heres the issue, When i use my iphone 6 it's alright for a couple minutes then the problem kicks in. The problem is the screen hangs and the brightness goes to down to the point that you cant see anything...
  40. A

    Blue pulsing light and screen that won't show anything

    First of all, sorry if this is in the wrong section ahead of time I dropped my phone and then the screen stopped working(It's a Galaxy s6). This screen isn't cracked and the phone still turns on and works, it just refuses to show anything. At first there was a pulsing blue light that eventually...
  41. I

    Replacing my LCD Screen

    Hello! I am looking to replace the display on my Acer Aspire V3-551G-10468G50Makk, since the display broke and keeps on flickering. I found a display on eBay but it says "HD LED 30pin CEM" for the connector and I'm unsure if it will fit. Could anyone offer me some guidance? Thank you in advance.
  42. M

    Solved! my Samsung A8 LCD is broken and now I got A8+ how can I get the data from that phone to new one, also i had password on the ot

    my Samsung A8 LCD is broken and now I got A8+ how can I get the data from that phone to new one, also i had password on the old phone, how do i go about switching this one, please guide me
  43. J

    Is my LCD bad?

    Hello, I have a Dell Latitiude E5540. The screen occasionally works but then it slowly fades completely white and comes back with lines (hard to notice in pic but here: I did connect to an external monitor and it works 100%. Ran tests and everything seems to check...
  44. B

    External LCD Screen w MacBook Pro?

    I have a MacBook Pro with macOS High Sierra 10.13.4. Can I use an external screen in conjunction with this unit?
  45. M

    how can i increase lcd backlight with more than 30v

    i want to increase lcd display backlight... normaly backlight is 28v but i need more brightness backlight with more than 32v can anybody suggest me solution for this .??
  46. M

    confused and need help! want to upgrade my my laptop lcd to fullHD ...

    Dear friends, will appreciate your advises over upgrading my laptop's Lcd. I have a Toshiba Tecra Z50-A-183. which have HD LCD 1366x768, it is connected to the motherboard via LVDS 40pin (but I don't know if it is a 1ch or 2ch cable). The cable has the following code (GDM900002784)... the...
  47. V

    Laptop LCD screen flickering (gets better if ext. monitor plugged in)

    Hello community, I apologise for the long post but I want to describe the problem as well as I can. The problem: The screen flickers and scrambles almost constantly. These are my observations and what I tried. Observations: - The problem starts before the OS starts to load, right during boot...
  48. L

    4K UHD HDR TV for PlayStation 4 pro, Cannot Decide!! Please help purchasing in a couple of days..

    So I recently have been researching everywhere possible on the internet for a good 4k tv for PlayStation 4 pro ad 4k cable... Anyways i am not a millionaire so I want to get the best budget TV, The TV's ive been looking I will list,any opinions I appreciate thanks btw.. im buying one in a few...
  49. K

    Possible to swap an 1080p HD LCD panel (bad) for an identical LCD panel? Only the new LCD is UHD...

    Would it be possible to swap a SAMSUNG UN40J5200AFXZA LCD screen with a different SAMSUNG LCD screen considering it does fit perfect data ribbon connection and mounting all the same. The potential problem I see is the original (that's cracked) is 1080p HD and the one I found that fits is...
  50. K

    laptop become slow after repair

    recently, i just repair my laptop model Asus K501lx' s screen. after the replace a new screen. i notice that the new screen resolution was a normal lcd screen with 1366 x 768. the original screen was LED LCD with 1920 x 1080 full hd. besides, lot of the laptop software cant running properly and...
  51. D

    Solved! Laptop screen not turning on after motherboard and screen replacement

    I replaced my Dell Inspiron 7548's motherboard after the old one shorted out and refused to turn on. I also had to replace the LCD and LCD cable due to some cracks in the screen and pins falling out of the old cable. I installed the motherboard and when I turned it on, the display remained dark...
  52. Bradagan1

    Damaged lcd cable on tv

    Lcd screen has damaged cable, where it comes out of the screen some pressure on it makes it work, any ideas
  53. killerwhitewolf00

    Samsung laptop lcd replacement compatibility

    Hello and thanks for looking. First off, the laptop I'll be asking questions about: Samsung Notebook 5 np530e5m-x02us. This laptop uses a 15.6" 1366x768 TN panel with a 30 pin connector. The viewing and colors on this display in game is quite bad. Would the 1920x1080 IPS panel listed below be...
  54. S

    No Audio Sound

    How do I hook up the audio from a Haier LCD TV to a older JVC RX-6008V receiver? I tried using the red and white RCA cords but the sounds that do come through, is buried by static. The two audio settings on my TV are RAW and PCM and I see a output plug in in the back of my receiver but it...
  55. J

    Phillips upside down and backwards

    I have a 40 inch LCD TV Philips model number 40 pfl 7505d F7 my TV is upside down and inverted so backwards it if you could look through a mirror and have your TV upside down you would see it right what am I doing wrong what do I need to do
  56. A

    LCD or video card broken?

    I just put my lcd back in my laptop, and the wires were loose, then it just turned off (maybe I shorted it?). Now it does not work (black screen). After awhile I was able to get an external monitor working with it. So I am wondering if it is the video card (built into MB), inverter, LCD...
  57. B

    Solved! LG LCD tv screen broken?

    Hey everyone, I've got an LG 42LE8500 on which the screen is showing al kinds of colors and distortion. I've opened it up and tried to have a look at the condensators but they all look fine to me. Not swollen or leaking. Any idea what I can do about it? When I turn it on it seems fine but after...
  58. P

    Asus ROG G751JY LCD Very Dim.

    I have an Asus ROG G751JY that has a very dim lcd screen. External video works fine but I have to hold a flash light up to lcd screen to see anything. Can somebody please give me some suggestions.
  59. E

    Solved! 30 pin EDP to LVDS Converter

    Hello everyone, I have an Asus ROG GL551JX (I think) 15.6" laptop with a 1080p LCD screen. It is a TN panel with a low contrast ratio, narrow viewing angle, and small color gamut. Not only is the panel of poor quality, but the 1080p resolution is too dense for the screen size and the desktop is...