No sound when ROKU BOX is connected to SHARP aquos LCD TV

Aug 12, 2018
Hello,Please help on the following issue: On connecting ROKU express + to SHARP aquos LCD TV with High speed HDMI cable we are getting Video but NO Audio..Thanks. HR


Aug 11, 2018
Are you trying to connect your Roku player directly to your TV or are you using any other device? If so, check the audio connector if it's properly plugged. Plug or unplug the cables or try switching it to different port. If you are connecting it directly to your TV, check the volume level and make sure the mute settings is not on. I hope this helps.
Aug 14, 2018
I have the exact same issue and cannot find a solution. I’ve followed instructions on ROKU site. I need help too.
Sound works on air, Netflix but not on ROKU.
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