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    Solved! TV Sound Setup: Mixing HDMI Input and RCA Output

    I'm at my family's home for the holidays and trying to do a little tech support... Their TV is a Sharp Aquos TMAN-A043WJZZ (see manual here). They use a Roku stick (via HDMI) to watch everything (no cable box) -- this all works fine using the TV's own speakers. Now, they also have an old Bose...
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    Solved! Advice on picture settings for TCL 5 series

    I researched 4K TVs and read a review on Tom's Guide about the 5 series TCL Roku TVs. The review was good but said it takes more tweaking by the user out of the box to get a good picture than other similar TVs, and I've definitely found that to be the case. I can't seem to find that review...
  3. Rightoverdere

    Question Wifi issue with firestick plugged into a ruko tv

    I just got a new rca 4k roku tv, I am using a 4k firestick. But for some reason the wifi signal is less then 10 mbps. My plan is 500 mbps. My wifi signal on my phone is over 100 mbps so I know it's not a wifi problem. I had the same firestick plugged into my sony 1080p tv and got amazing wifi...
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    Solved! will a roku express work on my old toshiba tv?

    I have an older Toshiba tv, by that i mean at least 10 years or older. It is a flatscreen monitor on the larger size. Will a roku express work on this one, as we have the roku ultra on the downstairs tv. Or is there a way to get the roku system from downstairs to also work on our upstairs tv...
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    Solved! Best Affordable HDTV for Streaming on DSL Low Bandwidth

    I'm curious if different TVs use less bandwidth than others I'm not sure what codecs the streaming services use or of there's a different variety of compatibility for certain TVs that use less bandwidth than others. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  6. X

    Question Problem with Roku 4k Spotlight Channel

    Good morning. I just bought my Streaming Stick Plus yesterday. I have been having issues with one of their channels and contacted them this morning as it says on their site if you can load videos on one site and not another to contact Roku. I spent almost an hour on the phone this morning and...
  7. mrinaldrive1

    Question ROKU Express connection issue

    Hi, recently got a ROKU express and tried to connect it to an LCD with HDMI (but old). I can see the wifi connection page. after inserting wifi password the screen backs out. tried restarting but no work. how do i handle it.
  8. L

    Solved! How can I try out my Samsung HW-N950 Atmos Soundbar?

    Hi! I was looking for some advice on how to get some Atmos demonstrated on my HW-N950 soundbar. Here's my setup: A Pioneer PDP-6070HD (720P) TV is fed video via HDMI from... An HW-N950 soundbar which is fed audio/video from... A Roku Ultra using High Speed 18Gbps HDMI 2.0 Cable...
  9. Adom

    Solved! I would like to add streaming capabilities on a tv in an office what would work best?

    The TV is on a secure WI-FI network which none of the users will have access to; therefore, I would imagine this would require an enclosed unit, such as the Amazon Fire or Roku. does any one know which may be best for security and ease of use?
  10. W

    Solved! can I connect Roku to model number ELEFW195

    Can I connect Roku to this element tv model ELEFW195
  11. N

    Solved! Roku premiere hookup old TV

    Trying to hook up Roku premiere to old Mitsubishi TV no hdmi going through VCR. Have yellow red white babies still getting nothing! Using VCR source
  12. B

    Need help with roku tv and dvd player

    Does anyone no how to connect a sony dvd player to a roku tv. I have red yellow and white rca cord connected to tv and dvd. On my tv it say no connection
  13. V

    Solved! convert HDMI to USB at 4k resolution and surround sound capability

    How can I convert an HDMI output from streaming devices like Roku or Amazon Fire into a USB input? I want to connect streaming device like Roku to USB input of 4k Blu Ray player.
  14. H

    Solved! Connect roku with male hdmi to coax 75 ohm tv input (adapter)?

    I am wanting to find a solution to connect Roku Streaming stick with HDMI (Male) to 75 Ohm coax TV input? Is there an adapter / or converter to:do this at a reasonable price?
  15. S

    Solved! How to get Roku to work without internet

    My friend has no internet but wants to use his netflix
  16. J

    How do I connect my kindle fire to my TCL roku t.v

    It says hdmi has no signal
  17. A

    How to watch DVD's on my Roku TV

    I have DVD's from the library, but can't get them to play on our new Roku TV. Just got it this afternoon.
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    Solved! how can I stop the growing lines on cracked big screen tv?

    roku tv 48?inch cracked screen..each day more vert and horz lines
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    Solved! How can I set up my Roku to control my bose solo 15?

    In the sound settings all I have is the 1 touch option. Just FYI Bose Solo 15 does not have HDMI outlet. Any help would be great!
  20. J

    Solved! How to connect non Roku speaker to TCL

    Is there a way to use my non roku wireless speaker (Tailgater) with my TCL model 55S401?
  21. M

    Solved! Plasma to ROKU

    Hi, I have an old Hitachi plasma screen tv and I was wondering if it was possible to connect a Roku Express Streaming player to it. Does Anyone have any experience with this? I have tried a 3 RCA to HDMI lead and that doesn’t work. I’m thinking of trying a Scart to HDMI but I would probably...
  22. B

    Solved! what gadget to make a roku

  23. H

    Solved! how to i get my TCL Roku tv TCL Roku TV connection to Vizio surround sound system?

    how to i get my TCL Roku tv to enable my Vizio 5.1 channel surround sound? Can only get the sound bar activated but not the wi [another post with topic title & main text the wrong way round -- corrected by moderator]
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    How to Add and Delete Channels on your Roku Device

    The stream of curiosity inside each of us always wants more channels of content. Even if we have the best of all channels, we still want to take it further and add a little more to our mojo. Just like you subscribe and unsubscribe to Youtube channels as you please, your favorite Roku device...
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    How to Organize the Order of Channels on your Roku Device

    When you have the best of all, you might find it a little difficult to organize things. It comes with priority. And with best channels on your Roku device, priority is tough to come by. Also, when you have your streaming platform/device, personalizing increases the entire experience of using the...
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    How to Travel With your Roku Device

    When you have fantastic channels in your Roku Device, and when you are in for a dive into the pool of incredible episodes and amazing movies, you don’t want to miss it out anytime. A delay to watch an episode is as equal as have not watched it ever. Your excitement to watch episodes should be...
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    How to Pause Live Streaming Content on Roku

    Most, at least more than once, you had this sea of a dilemma what to do when you have two movies or episodes playing at the same time in your Roku, but you don’t want to leave both. The love for both the episode turns into confusion, and then you finally have to say goodbye to one and tune into...
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    How to Transfer Channels from one Roku Device to Another

    Over the years, Roku media player has become very popular among the people. The users are able to watch their favorite TV shows, movies or series on the big screen. Roku provides a set of cool extensive range of features along with easy navigation for the people. The users will be able to access...
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    How to Set Up Channel Shortcuts in your Roku Device

    Creating shortcuts for anything is a very convenient thing we do. And through shortcuts, we have less to sweat. The thing about Roku device is that you would not want to indulge in long hours of clicking the buttons of the Roku remote because let’s face it, we’re impatient. But there is no point...
  30. R

    How to Add My Feed Services to your Roku Device

    Now, you must be paying attention to things around you. Facebook may be your favorite book. Netflix might be your staple diet. But how about staying updated on new releases? How about getting updates on your favorite channels on your Roku device. Just like you have Newsfeed on Facebook, you also...
  31. R

    How to Find Out New Channels in Roku

    Humans are always in search of more. We are never content with what we have. And in a way, that is good. When you watch specific channels, you are restricted to the circle of the same content. But if you have the option to find or search for new channels, you have the opportunity of exploring...
  32. R

    How to Find your Roku Remote Using your Roku TV

    There are few things more annoying than losing your remote control right in the moment that you want to sit in the couch and spent some quality time with your favorite series. This is annoying if you are not a parent, because then it becomes quite worse. Your kids can put the remote control in...
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    How to Watch Live Streaming Content on Roku

    You bought a Roku device and now you don´t have any of your favorite local channels and wonder if it was money well spent. Don´t worry, there is always a way around your technologic problems. Following these simple steps, you will find the way to get the live streaming content you miss in a...
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    How to Access American Content on Roku from Another Country

    When travelling abroad you might encounter yourself with a rainy day or just random boredom. Also, your favorite series will continue to upload chapters and if you are not on time watching it, you might have to face spoilers in social media and be very angry at them. In order to avoid that you...
  35. R

    How to Use the Instant Replay Feature on your Roku Device

    There are some examples in the history of movies and series in which some of the characters have accents or lines that are very hard to understand. When that happens, we have two options: either we try to make it out from the context or we rewind it to play it again and see if we can get what...
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    How to Use the Roku Channel

    Your Roku device gives you tonnes of content to watch. Lots of movies, shows, series and even Live streaming. The whole mix of content on your Roku device is categorized. Some are subscribed, some free, and some needs to rented. So, availing your favorite movie or series can be a dilemma at...
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    How to Stop Others from Making Purchases Using your Roku Device

    Most likely, all the people in the same family have access to a Roku Device managed under the same account. This can be a potential problem leading to some awkward family friction that is never nice or pretty. How to avoid these confusions when the credit card summary comes along? Never have...
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    How to Stream Using the Roku App

    Hasn't it ever happened to you that you get the most hilarious meme on your phone and you want to show it to everybody and have to send a million messages? Or you just want to show a video you captured with your camera phone to the rest of the attendees at a party. Even just streaming with your...
  39. B

    Last person using tv in motel, connected a fire stick for gaming. Now the universal remote doesn’t work properly - how to f

    Roku tv attached to cable in motel room.
  40. R

    How to Record Live Streaming Content Using a Roku Device

    Watching streaming content has been a drastic change from what we grew up with. With the streaming devices, we can pause, play and save content for later. Back in the days of the beginning of air TV, you had to organize your agenda as to not miss any chapters of your favorite series because you...
  41. R

    How to Play Games on your Roku Device

    For all the trigger thirsty insane gamers out there, even Roku provides you gaming. Not the heaviest gaming wonders of all, but it lets you sweat it out a bit on its basic gaming configuration that helps you install and play games. This feature was a nice move from Roku as sometimes you need...
  42. R

    How to Open the Hidden Menus in a Roku Device

    Roku devices have more than one ace hidden up their sleeve and here is how to find some of the hidden menus to get to some great fine-tuning capabilities. Menu Screen Number 1 It is a combination of keys that has to be done rapidly and in the following order: the ‘Home’ button has to be pressed...
  43. R

    How to Use the Roku App to Provide Voice Search Commands

    Isn´t it really useful to just tell your device whatever is it that you want to watch? With other devices offering that option, Roku couldn´t be the exception and lag behind. Sometimes you just want to sit in your couch and demand the entertainment system to entertain you. Some models of Roku TV...
  44. R

    How to Add and Delete Channels on your Roku Device Using the Android App

    Nowadays there are more and more things that can be done directly with your smart phone. Think about it for a minute, you might be in a friends meeting and someone tells you there is a great channel you have to check out and you know you won´t remember its name. Well, with Roku android App you...
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    How to Set Up Plex on your Roku Player

    Plex TV is an integral solution that brings all your favorite media in one single place. Many of us spend annoying time switching from one place to another in order to finally watch the content we want where, how and when we want it. Is Roku an exception to it? No, of course it is not. Read on...
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    How to Install Unlisted Channels on a Roku device

    Unlisted channels, also known as non-certified channels are those used regularly by developers to test new stuff. Also, some of these non-official channels feature different content than the one the thousands available in Roku´s listing do. This feature makes these channels compelling to bored...
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    How to Ensure that your Roku can Stream 4k Ultra HD Videos

    Watching your favorite content in HD is great, but what about watching it in 4K Ultra HD? Well, the latest technology in resolution will give you more detail in the image than you could ever imagine. What does it take to stream in the highest quality available in the world right now? Read on and...
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    How to Connect a Headset to a Roku Device

    The private listening feature on the Roku device is nothing short from great. Has it ever happened to you that you want to watch your favorite series while your couple wants to sleep or vice versa? Or perhaps you want to pay a lot of attention to dialogs and such in a crowded room. Well, that is...
  49. R

    How to Set Up a MicroSD Card on your Roku Device

    What do we need a MicroSD card on our Roku device for? Simple, it will add more storage space for our favorite shows. MicroSD cards have the great advantage of coming in different sizes and being virtually inexpensive. Also great is that they can be exchanged and you can have more than one ready...
  50. B

    Solved! Tv linked by remote

    I have an LG tv next to my tcl roku smart tv. Reason is the LG is a small screen tv just for gaming and I watch tv on the roku. Anyway, when I use the roku remote for anything (power, volume,etc) the LG tv picks up on it and turns on being the wrong remote. I'm wondering how to fix this.
  51. T

    Roku to sound bar to gaming monitor, video cuts out

    I have a BenQ RL2755HM gaming monitor with a PS4 Pro to Elgato HD60 via HDMI to one HDMI port on the monitor. The 2nd HDMI port on the monitor I have a Roku Premier (2018) routed to the 2nd HDMI port on the monitor and both devices work fine however I decided to add a Sony HK-N400 sound bar to...
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    How to Enable Subtitles on Roku

    Roku is one of the famous digital players that enables the user to play their favorite media content on the big Television. Users can access a lot of free and paid channels to stream all forms of videos. Roku offers a set of extensive and cool features that enable a pleasant experience for the...
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    How to Set Up a Radio Channel on Roku

    Roku is very common nowadays. Many people have begun to use this as a platform for watching their favorite movies or shows on the Roku TV. In addition, they set up their own accounts, maintain their own playlist library and also listen to the radio. Here is how you set up your favorite Roku...
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    How to Set the Time Zone of your Roku Device

    Roku Digital player has a set of very intuitive features with the easy navigation system. It enables users to watch internet streamed videos on the Roku TV. You can also enable captioning, perform screen mirroring and other functionalities. Roku also allows you to set the timezone and set the...
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    How to Troubleshoot on Roku

    Watching TV shows, series, and movies that are accessed through the internet on the big Roku TV has easily attracted many people all over the world. The immense number of attractive options features and easy navigation makes this a popular product among the masses. There can be circumstances...
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    How to Get Sling TV on a Roku Device

    Roku digital player has evolved with great advancements. It enables the users to watch their favorite TV shows on the Roku device. Owing to its brilliant features the product became an immediate hit ever since its introduction. Users can always add channels easily to the Roku device which makes...
  57. R

    How to Use a VPN on Roku and Get Local Channels from Around the World

    Roku provides the chance for the users to use the Virtual Private Network (VPN) and be able to access all the local channels from all regions of the world. The user can set up a VPN router, can access that VPN on Roku through the Settings menu. Here is how you can use the VPN to get access to...
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    How to Install and Use Spotify on Roku

    Roku digital player is known for its easy navigation, a wide range of user-friendly features with an intuitive User Interface. The latest addition to its features is that the Spotify application is back to the Roku channel store and you will now be able to play songs from that, edit the...
  59. R

    How to Send a Video to Roku

    Roku allows users to access the internet streamed TV shows, movies or the series on the Roku TV. This provides them the chance to perform mirroring and also send the different format of data contents from any device including tablets, mobile, desktop, and laptops to the Roku TV. Here is how you...
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    How to Reset Roku

    Roku is one of the most widely acclaimed digital players used by people from all over the world. The product has received great accolades owing to its cool features, easy navigation and the broad number of channels it offers. People can access thousands of channels offering media content on all...