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    How to Alter the Type of Display on Your Roku

    Roku provides the users the ability to alter the display type of their wish. They also enable the users to set their own resolution for display purposes. In addition to settings the themes, screensavers, captioning feature, you can now set your own frame type for the better visual displays...
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    How Do I Increase Memory with a Micro SD Card

    Increasing the memory through a micro SD Card will enable you to access more of the internet streamed video and audios and in a rapid manner. You can also download games to the micro SD card for usage. After the insertion of the micro SD card, you will see faster loading of the channels Some...
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    How to Enable Closed Captioning in Roku

    Roku players, profoundly branded as Roku, founded in October 2002 manufactures a variety of digital media players allowing customers to access the internet streamed video, audio services through their television. This has been the easiest and convenient way to stream all forms of media. You can...
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    How to Use Your Voice to Search and Control Your Roku® Streaming Device

    The Roku streaming device is yet another fine addition to any aficionado of the small screen. It is a new streaming gadget which you can simply plug into your TV and configure all your favorite content on to it, including options for playing music and a huge directory as well. But one of the...
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    How to Add Non-Certified Channels to Your Roku Streaming Device

    Besides the ones that are available for streaming, there are several other private channels, adding which requires users to follow a process. So, for users who wish to explore the private or non-certified channels on Roku, here’s a process that would help them do so. Adding a Non-Certified...
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    How to Remove Channels from Your Roku Streaming Device

    Roku is one of the highest selling online channel platforms that help you stream several online channel, watch online videos, movies, etc. Many users wonder whether they’d be able to remove a channel from Roku once they’ve added it. Here’s an answer to this concern. At times, you may not want a...
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    How Do I Move Channels on My Roku Streaming Device

    Roku offers a variety of options as to what you can do with the channels that you view. It allows you to perform multiple actions including adding, removing and also moving channels from the Roku list. With this tutorial, would focus on the process of moving channels from your Roku streaming...
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    How to Use the Roku Channel Store to Access Your Favorite Movies, TV Shows and More

    Roku is one of the most popular online entertainment platforms that create access thousands of online music, television, movies and sports channels. Accessing your favorite movies, TV shows, and sports channels, however, involves a process (a simple on though) that the user must undergo. This...
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    How to turn off Roku ultra?

    How to turn off Roku ultra when not in use?
  10. J

    Solved! Bluetooth speaker to TLC Roku tv

    Can I bletooth any Bluetooth speaker to my tlc Roku tv
  11. L

    Trying to get my phone to work on the Roku

    Hook up my Alcatel idol to my Roku TV
  12. Marshall Honorof

    Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K vs. Roku Premiere: Face-Off

    The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K is a much better device than the Roku Premiere on most counts — but not all. Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K vs. Roku Premiere: Face-Off : Read more
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    Solved! sherwood reciever to roku smart tv hookup

    i have a Sherwood receiver with rca jacks only... i had to buy a new tv so i went with the tcl roku smart tv... it doesn't have female rca jacks for my stereo receiver... i bought a hdmi, toslink , and hdmi converter but cant get anything to work... any ideas or solutions are...
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    Solved! Can I get sports?

    What channels can I get ? On roku
  15. O

    Solved! Where do i find roku codes

    Need codes for movies new ones freebie cheap new movies at thereafter and enterment guodes plz help
  16. L

    Solved! youtube tv with roku

    do I need a separate Roku device for each tv in the house?
  17. T

    Solved! Bluray hooked up to sharp roku with HDMI cord

    Bluray previews all have sound, even before hitting play I have sound once movie starts no sound. Help. I don't know what else to do
  18. J

    Solved! Amazon Prime Video App Is Different on TV

    The Amazon app on my Roku no longer displays the same as it does on my computer. Here's my setup: Roku 3, wired connection to internet router--> into Samsung TV via HDMI cable --the Roku works fine, but the Amazon app no longer displays my channels (Acorn, Britbox, PBS Masterpiece, etc), or my...
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    Solved! Not using tv

    Can I hook my roku up to my DVD surround system an my projector an not use a tv an still get shows from my roku
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    Roku to HDMI extractor

    I have an old Yamaha HTR-6230 AV. I just got a roku. I also have an old Samsung 60 inch plasma 1080p. As you can not run 5.1 audio from the tv to the AV unit, I bought a DOTSTONE hdmi audio extractor with pass, 2.0 and 5.1 outs using a optical audio cable. Issue: can not get 5.1 when I stream...
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    Solved! Roku TV / HDMI splitter help

    Hi all, I have a cable box for one tv and I am looking to split that via hdmi to a new Roku tcl tv. I have the splitter set up (cable box to splitter ‘in’ and one for each tv on ‘out’, on the right hdmi source and I’m getting an error on the Roku tv that says “HDMI 1 (Arc) No signal - is it...
  22. Graybush

    The Movie Lover Gift Guide 2018

    Have a film fanatic in your life? This gift guide is full of unique gifts that any film snob will drool over. When movie lovers aren't at the cinema, they're at home, so why not trick out their home theater setup with the best of the best in movie-watching gadgetry? Samsung HW-MS650 Soundbar -...
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    How do I change input device on older Samsung TV and DISH Internet

    I have DISH Internet. I also have ATT fixed wireless internet. I bought a Roku Streaming stick. Inserted it in the HDMI slot and I have the blinking light. Other end inserted in USB slot. How do I change the input device to TV for my Roku start up page to come up? According to DISH their...
  24. nwgamelover

    Adaptor for TCL Roku smart TV

    I've found an article that says I can adapt my TCL 32" Roku TV to a bluetooth device (a speaker next to a chair in my case). I'll put the link to the article below my message. I want to make sure that I purchase the right adapter as the article doesn't suggest anything other than, Amazon has...
  25. veda2701

    Roku3 + Ultima Activ Teufel + Optima Projector

    Hi all! I have a Roku 3, Teufel Ultima Aktiv speaker system and a Optoma HD142X DLP projector that I need to connect. The Teufel speakers are Bluetooth enabled with a built in receiver, but only 1 HDMI slot. The Roku3 also only has one. Where do I even begin linking these three?
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    Solved! My HDTV has an HDMI INPUT "CBL/Sat" which presently runs from TV to my Denon AVR {ARC}....IF I Purchase/use a ROKU Streaming S

    Question about connecting up a ROKU Device to HDTV in order to receive Audio/Video Signals via HDMI [Atmos/DTS etc.]?
  27. K

    Solved! Connecting Roku to Sony

    Insignia Roku NS3 9DR and Sony Home Audio CMT SBT100. How can I have sound run through stero? Audio In cord attached to TV and receiver but no sound
  28. M

    Solved! A few months ago my roku express stopped working, saying the wireless strength is poor. We live in a 700 square ft apt and no

    Roku suddenly dropping wireless connection
  29. K

    My android phone use to play music on my Roku not it dont

    I have a Roku TV in bedroom that turns on with Android my Element TV used to come on from my Android I used to play music from my Android play my albums onto my Element TV now I tried today and it don't work now doesn't what's the problem
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    How to Fix the ‘Cannot Connect to Roku’ Error

    Roku is a brand of media players which stream over-the-top content through its channels. As with any technology, problems can occur. A common one is a message saying, ‘Cannot Connect to Roku’. If this happens to you, follow these steps to fix the issue. Step 1- Check Your ‘Network Connection’...
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    How to Cast Channels From Your Mobile Device to Roku Device

    It’s not so much fun to watch videos and content on the smaller screen of your mobile device. To solve that, you can mirror the content on your phone via Roku or even cast channels to your Roku device. Casting your channels to your Roku device may seem complicated. Follow these simple steps to...
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    How to Use Voice with Your Roku Remote Control

    The Voice Search feature on Roku’s enhanced remote is one of its best features, and it comes with almost every new Roku out there. The feature is elegant and usually gives reliable results. Follow these simple steps to make use of your remote’s voice search features. 1. Press the Search Button...
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    How to Increase Memory of Your Roku Device

    You can increase your Roku player’s memory up to 32 GB using a microSD card. The extra storage space cannot be used to store videos and streamed content. It can only store extra channels and related info. Follow these simple steps to learn how to increase your Roku’s memory. 1. Insert microSD...
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    How to Fix Roku Device Powering Issues

    You Roku device may not power up for several reasons. There may not be enough power to your device, or there might be a USB failure on your TV. Most of these problems centre around an inappropriate power supply to the device, and you can follow the steps below to fix them. 1. Use Provided USB...
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    How to Fix Channel Playback Issues on Roku

    There can be several reasons why Roku is not streaming content flawlessly. It might be network errors, or perhaps a corrupt registry in the Roku player itself. Fixing playback issues on your Roku might seem complicated, but you can follow these simple steps to resolve your issue. How to Fix...
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    How to Fix Roku Streaming Stick Issues

    The Roku streaming stick allows you to enjoy your favourite channels via a USB-powered dongle attached to your TV. As easy and convenient it is, fixing problems on the Roku stick might seem complicated. But correcting them is not that difficult. You can do it yourself by following these steps...
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    How to Connect Your Roku Device to a Network

    Your Roku Device can stream videos from various online channels, but you first need to connect it to a good network. You can connect your Roku to the internet by using an ethernet connection or wirelessly via Wi-Fi. Follow these simple steps to connect your Roku. 1. Open ‘Settings’ Open the...
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    How to Fix Roku TV Connection Issues

    Roku TV allows you to effortlessly stream online content from several hosting networks. But to stream flawlessly, you need a good internet connection. If the Roku TV fails to connect to the internet or has connectivity issues, you will be unable to access most of the content. Fixing connection...
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    How to Soft and Hard Reset Your Roku Device

    Resetting your Roku device can help you fix any system errors and allow you set up DNS via a router. It also allows you set up a new account with the same Roku streaming device. Soft resetting is essentially restarting your entire system, whereas hard resetting involves wiping out your entire...
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    How to Stop the Red Light in Roku Express Devices

    Roku’s interface and streaming abilities are complemented by the outstanding build quality of the device. The device rarely falters. However, you might occasionally notice a red LED on your Roku device. If its flashing, the Roku device is not receiving sufficient power, and if it is constantly...
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    How to Fix ‘No Audio’ Problems on Roku

    Roku can play video content from a wide variety of streaming sources - which is great, unless the audio output on your Roku player isn’t working. There are several troubleshooting options available to fix the problem. You can do it yourself by following these simple steps. 1. Check the ‘HDMI...
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    How to Fix Roku Remote Issues

    The Roku remote is a brilliant device with new voice accessibility features. If you come across issues with response or synching, it is largely because of a poor connection with your Roku device. Follow these simple steps to fix your Roku remote yourself. 1. Open the ‘Battery Lid’ Open the...
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    How to Change DNS Settings on Your Roku Device

    Changing the DNS settings on your Roku device can help you access channels and services not available in your region. Roku’s basic network features do not allow you to set up DNS via the device, so the only way to change DNS settings is by setting up DNS on your router. You will need to use one...
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    How to Stream iTunes Content on Roku

    Apple applies DRM technology to all content sold by iTunes to protect the originality of the purchase. Files protected by DRM software can only be played by devices compatible with it, i.e. devices made by Apple. Read on to find out how to remove the DRM protection and stream the content you...
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    How to Configure Roku to Display the Best Resolution Rate for your TV

    One of the great advantages of Roku is the high picture quality, but some TV sets are not capable of sustaining HD pictures. There is an auto-adjust display option which can adjust the resolution to the highest rate compatible with your TV set. Let’s show you how use this with your Roku. 1...
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    How to Set Up Hulu on Your Roku Device

    Hulu is a great platform for streaming third-party content. Roku is a great platform for streaming content. Together, they’re a perfect team. Read on to find out how to set Hulu up on your Roku device. The Hulu Channel is a default on most Roku devices. You should be able to find it on the...
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    How to Change the Display Type on your Roku Device

    One of the big advantages with Roku is the variety of display types it offers, from crystal clear 720p to 4K UHD resolution. It provides more vivid and realistic pictures than most other platforms. Follow these Steps to Learn How to Change the Display type on your Roku Device Step - 1 Start by...
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    How to Mirror iPhone on Your Roku Device

    Streaming content from your iPhone to your TV through a Roku device has many benefits. You can stream a video to a bigger screen, display photos from your holiday or just listen to some music. Read on to find out how. The following tutorial is for those who own a Roku 3, Roku 2, Roku LT or Roku...
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    How to Set Up Your Roku Streaming Player

    Everyone has their favorite streaming service, with content designed exclusively for that platform. If you’ve chosen the Roku Stick, read on to find out how to get started. Everything needed for set up and first play is inside the box. 1. Start With Your TV Find an available HDMI port. Most...
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    How To Fix Roku Remote Pairing Issues

    Roku players come with two types of remote: the Standard Infrared remote, and the Enhanced Point Anywhere remote. The latter does not need to be pointed towards the Roku player as it sends its signal through the wireless network. If you’re having trouble with pairing your remote or keeping it...
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    How to Use the Roku Mobile App to Manage Channels

    The Roku mobile app can help you manage your favourite channels, or be used as a substitute for your remote while browsing. After downloading the app, you can easily set up and manage your channels. Follow these simple steps to guide you through the process. How to Add Channels Using the Roku...
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    How to Use the Roku Remote to Control Your Sound Bars

    Connecting your sound bar to Roku will give you an unprecedented level of audio quality. The Roku remote can be used to control these sound bars, as well as the basic functions of your TV. Setting up your sound bars with your Roku TV is not difficult. You can follow these steps to guide you...
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    How to Reset Your Roku Remote

    The Roku remote is a brilliant device and you can do almost everything on your Roku device using it. But it can become irresponsive at times due to a failed connection or synchronization with your Roku device. This can be fixed by resetting your Roku remote, and you can do it by following these...
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    How to Change Clock Settings on Your Roku Device

    The clock on the Roku home menu is quite useful. It shows time in accordance to the time zone you initially set your device up for. However, some clock settings can be changed, such as the Time Zone and the clock format displayed on your home screen. Follow these simple steps to learn how. 1.)...
  55. K

    Solved! HDMI vs Optical

    Review of Roku Ultra on this site claims optical audio is better than HDMI. This contradicts what I've been reading. Rather, HDMI audio can handle higher bandwidth audio formats. What gives?
  56. K

    Question about a Sony KD27FS170

    I want to get rid of cable and put a Roku Express+ on my old Sony. However, there are times when I don't want to stream, just view OTA. So beside the Roku, would I also have to attach a converter box & antenna? And would I have to change the input on the tv settings menu when I don't want to...