Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K vs. Roku Premiere: Face-Off


May 21, 2011
A better choice than both of these, IMHO, is to spend a few more bucks and get the Toku Streaming Stick+ (now under $60 on Amazon). the big advantage over the Roku Premiere is that the Streaming Stick+ comes with an RF voice-remote. The stick itself plugs into an HDMI port, so it should be hidden behind the TV; if the TV's design keeps the stick from plugging directly in, Roku will provied a short HDMI extension cord free upon request.

Just checked, and Amazon has marked the Streaming Stick+ down to $49.00! Don't know if this is a Prime members-only deal, or how long the markdown will continue. (Regular price is $59.99, which itself is a reduction from what I paid for mine less than two months ago.)
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