Best device to play movies from HDD in a hotel?


Jul 18, 2015
I'm heading out on a trip in a few days and was wondering what would be the best device to play netflix and my digital video collection that's stored on a 4tb WD passport hard drive. I don't have any 4k videos, most are 1080p with aac audio.
At home I just use my roku tv (roku media player app) to watch them and that works well most of the time (doesn't support a lot of audio/video formats) but I don't have a portable solution to watch them easily on a tv that's not my own.
I could always just get a roku box for cheap but that has the same issue with formats and stuff as my home tv. I was also looking at the the nvidia shield (I would be able to use it to stream games from the upstairs to the downstairs so that's a plus as well but the price definitely makes me hesitate) and the xaomi mi box (but I don't know much about it) both of which I'd try and build a library in Kodi.
I was wondering if any of you had any opinions or other ideas, thanks for any the help!


Dec 17, 2012

Basically any laptop with an hdmi port will do. If you want to go dirtcheap get a used 3rd gen I5 dell or something. That will be about 120$ and more than enough + you have a laptop.