Question Streaming problems from laptop to tv

Oct 25, 2023
Hi I have cd roms with beavis and I got my hard drive replaced I April of this year . Be for that I could cast to my Samsung TV I also have Roku . Well now the cds open up fine on my laptop but certain episodes want play now . They all played on my tv before they play fine on my laptops so that’s not it . One video says AVI. And the tv says not supported, won’t play , the next one says the same but that one plays fine . One thing when I click on mirroring it used to say the tv Roku , maybe 2 other options for streaming, now it only says one choice Samsung 55 in tv . I’ve spent hours and can’t figure out what changed . Before I got a different screen on my laptop and they all played one after the other no problem . Not any more . Any ideas . My tv does not support hdmi direct from laptop. I have to stream . Thank you in advance Nick