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  1. jason wynngard

    Discussion How Effective Is The 1080p@60Hz Wireless Transmitter HDMI Dongle/Adapter/Extender 100′ IR as a Chromecast Alternative?

    As per another thread on screen mirroring, I'm seeking a screen mirroring device that doesn't require navigating via cellphone, and/or an app. I came across the device noted in the title of this thread. Has anyone used it, and if so, how effective is it? It's basically a wireless device to...
  2. T

    Unsupported Signal Error, Connecting Macbook Pro to Sony Bravia tv

    I have a Macbook Pro that I have tried to hook up to my Sony Bravia tv but everytime I try it just gives me an error saying unsupported signal I am using a mini display port to hdmi cable but whenever I try to plug it into the tv it dosent work. I have used it on a Sharp Aquos and it worked...