Unsupported Signal Error, Connecting Macbook Pro to Sony Bravia tv

Techno Error

Dec 11, 2015
I have a Macbook Pro that I have tried to hook up to my Sony Bravia tv but everytime I try it just gives me an error saying unsupported signal

I am using a mini display port to hdmi cable but whenever I try to plug it into the tv it dosent work. I have used it on a Sharp Aquos and it worked flawlessly but now when I try it my sony it dosent work and all I want it to work for is a larger monitor.

Please help I have no idea what the problem is :??:


Unsupported signal means that the resolution and/or the refresh rate being used are not supported by the tv. Check you tv's manual for supported resolutions & refresh rates and adjust your laptop accordingly. If in doubt try 1920x1080 @ 30hz