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    How to Install a New Channel on Roku

    Roku digital player has helped the users to add channels according to their choice, they also have the privilege to access both the free and the paid channels and also remove them when needed. There are an easy navigation and range of intuitive features that have attracted many people all over...
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    How to Boost the Streaming Speed of a Roku Device

    The Roku digital players offer thousands of channels both the local and the international channels to the user. The users can see the Internet-streamed content on the Roku TV along with an extensive set of intuitive features. While watching videos, you might feel the need to increase the...
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    How to Use Roku with Home Theatre Receiver for Better Sound

    Many people use the Roku for viewing the media content streaming accessed from the internet on the Roku TV. The success of Roku is due to its easy navigation abilities and extensive range of features. Here is how you can now use your Roku devices hook up with your home theater receiver and enjoy...
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    How to Change the Order of Channel Categorization on Roku Devices

    Roku, one of the major streaming device manufacturing platforms, is infamously known for its vast range of streaming features, enhancing your Television experience. Roku provides its users to select from over 500000 channels inclusive of both paid and free channels, and get the best of...
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    How to Turn on Instant Replay with Closed Caption on Fire TV

    Roku enables the user to watch the videos with a lot of advanced features. It enables the user to access thousands of free and paid channels to watch their favorite movies by advances search feature. Users can also modify the caption settings according to their choice. This will prevent the...
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    How to Use your Android Device to Monitor your Roku Screen

    Roku is one of the leading streaming devices and digital media players developed by Roku, Inc. They’re well known and admired for their wide access to amazing streaming channels like Netflix, HBO, Prime, and more. Roku provides some of the most flexible features which are also in accordance with...
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    How to Enable Automatic Volume Levelling Feature on Roku

    Roku digital player is known for its advanced level of settings for the betterment of the user experience. While playing the internet streaming videos there can be an issue of unbalanced volumes, you can resolve that easily. Here is how you can enable the automatic levelling feature on your Roku...
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    How to Search Universally Across All your Content on Roku

    Roku is a very popular digital player offering internet streaming services to many people all over the world has come up with a new set of additional intuitive features. Roku helps people in setting up their own profile and customizing it. In order to search for the movie titles, series, the...
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    How to Limit the Ad Tracking on your Roku Device

    Roku digital player has become more popular of late owing to its wide range of features. It had allowed the users to watch videos accessed through the internet with a cool set of features. Users can modify the caption according to their choice. One of the highlight features appreciated by many...
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    How to Check Wi-Fi Signal Strength of your Roku Device

    Most of the times, devices bug the heck out of you. It is sometimes an internal error or an external issue. At most, it is the wi-fi connection or signal strength that gives us the problem. Keeping a check on it is important because it ultimately decides the streaming speed and quality of the...
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    Solved! What roku model do i have?

    I'm trying to determine what ROKU model I have... will the serial number help?
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    I have two roku's. I just installed DirectTV Now through the Roku, but on the other ROKU DIrectTV Now does not show up. Is

    I have two Roku's. I just installed DirectTV Now through the Roku, but on the other Roku DirectTV Now is not listed in the list of shows I could add. Is there a reason why?
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    Solved! i already have a netflix account. how do i sign into it on a roku tv?

    I try to watch Netflix on my sanyo roku tv. each time i get an error code ui-803 106038. it keeps telling me that it cant connect. However the connection is great signal strong, wifi connected/enabled . i removed the channel from roku and added it back. the netflix screen comes on but just...
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    Non-Roku BT speakers

    I have a Marshall Blue tooth speaker that I would like to hook up to my Roku tv. For some reason, the tv won't pair with it. Do the speakers have to be Roku BT speakers?
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    How to Choose the Right Roku Device for me

    When buying a Roku device, it is natural for you to be confused about which device to purchase. The confusion can lead to the wrong option sometimes. So, leaving all the daunting task to us, we break down the details of each Roku device and its suitability with your TV device along with the...
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    How to Use the 4k Spotlight Channel on Roku

    Roku has been liked by many people all over the world. The 4k spotlight channel will be found listing the channels that offer 4k content and also projects the various 4k HDR movies that are available. The user should know how to use the 4k spotlight channel feature to the maximum. Here is how...
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    How to Use a Roku Stick When Away from Home

    Roku is easily the biggest selling digital player in the market owing to its extensive range of intuitive features including the easy manipulation of the operations. The highlight of the product is that one can easily use the Roku stick even while traveling away from the home. You can carry the...
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    How to Set Up your Roku

    Roku is one of the best digital players found in the market. It helps in viewing the media contents on the big screen. Additionally, Roku TV enables the user to watch streaming movies accessed through the Internet on their Roku TV. Here is how you set up the Roku and perform the initial setup...
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    Solved! No color when watching DVD on TCL Roku tv

    I have the same problem, DVD player is in Black and white wilhen connected to my TCL Roku TV, S-Series. How do I fix this? The color is fine when watching cable television, just lose color when watching a DVD.
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    Solved! Roku tv + Firestick remote

    I have a TCL Roku tv. I can’t find out how to use the Firestick 4K with Alexa remote to control my tv.
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    I have roku hooked up on my hdmi1 on tv & trying to stream through wireless wifi on laptop help??

    trying to use roku on tv thru laptop tonight thru wireless internet until cable can come & wire this bedroom Tuesday. We have rokus on all tvs but 1. is this possible ?
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    Solved! how to choose usb input

    Have the TCL P605 Roku TV, and can't figure out how to access the USB input.
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    New account on roku tv

    I bought a condo which has a Roku TV. How do I change the account on this tv
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    Solved! For AV or RCA connections only TV will an adapter with the Roku Ultra work? An adaptor that the Roku will hook into but the

    Roku Ultra connection to RCA or AV connections TV? Will adaptor work? For AV or RCA connections only TV will an adapter with the Roku Ultra work? An adaptor that the Roku will actually connect to and then the adaptor will have the RCA connections to hook to the TV. Will this work?
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    i have 55 in toshiba smart tv and 37in om soundbar and have roku

    dont know what that is
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    Solved! Set up Onkyo Receiver TX-SR605 to new TCL Roku TV

    I have an Onkyo TX-SR605 Receiver with HDMI outputs and inputs. Cannot seem to get the Roku TCL TV to recognize Onkyo Receiver. No sound, no video. How should cables be setup correctly and how should programming for both be completed?
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    TCL Roku 6-series - Logitech z960 surround sound system not switching between DOLBY and Stereo

    I have the following equipment. 1. TCL Roku 6 Series 4K smart TV 2. Logitech z906 surround sound system I have connected my TCL TV to the logitech z906 via a digital audio cable (THERE IS NO HDMI on the z906) The Logitech z906 system has dolby DTS and a "3-D effect" for stereo sound. My TCL...
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    Solved! Roku tv and TCL Android phone mirror

    What is a thread I am trying to mirror my TCL Android phone to my Roku tv
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    Solved! Is roku compatible with my toshiba 26LV61OU tv?

    I need to buy a new streaming device by the next of Jan. 2019 because Nintendo will no longer support my Wii system. Does anyone know whether my tv, listed above is compatible with roku? Thanks a lot. Tara
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    Solved! How to remove a Roku from my phone if I don't have access to the Roku

    A Roku was accidentally connected to my phone and I can't seem to get it disconnected, I need to know how to unlink it from my phone if I don't have access to it or even know whose it is.
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    Roku to Funai tv

    I’ve been trying to connect my roku to Funai tv but it doesn’t show anything and no sound by my roku works on every tv in the house. I’ve tried using a adapter and also have tried plugging it in the tv for power and a outlet still won’t work
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    Act Fast: TCL's 6-Series 4K TV Now Cheaper Than Black Friday

    One of the year's best TV values is now $100 off. Act Fast: TCL's 6-Series 4K TV Now Cheaper Than Black Friday : Read more
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    Solved! Hooking up Roku to projector

    We have a Roku express and a Opima projector. Can the Roku express be hooked up to this projector if so how?
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    Solved! How do you

    How do i set up my rca surround sound system with my 65 in tcl roku tv?
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    chrome OS and Roku

    I have a new chromebook and want to cast to my roku express. is this possible?
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    Solved! How to set up my 65” Roku tcl tv to my echo

    Need help connecting my 65” Roku Tcl to my 3rd generation Exho.
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    Solved! how do I enable the hdmi-cec on my TCL Roku tv

    I've connected my blue ray dvd to my Roku TCL tv but it says there is no signal says I need to enable the hdmi-cec but I don't know how to that
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    Solved! Will my Sharp Aquos 60LE640U work in Europe?

    Will my Sharp Aquos 60LE640U work in Europe? In Hungary I use an Amazon firestick or a Roku stick and stream US TV through a router. We don't use local TV via cable or satellite. I know I will need a plug adapter, but those don't handle any voltage or hertz issues. We are moving the rest of...
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    Solved! my TV says no signal when connected to hdmi

    just gt a brand new roku because my old one was not connecting now my TV keeps saying no signal when I plug n my cord to hdmi
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    I tried to connect my DVD Player to a TCL ROKU TV.

    I connect the 3 colors cables to both. The TV said "no signal". Audio L (white), Audio R(red) and the yellow in coaxial. Also I used a HDMI to composite av adapter but nothing happen.:ange:
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    Solved! Connecting analog TV to Roku xd

    I have plugged in the three cables to the converter box and connected the Roku. It powers on but there is no way to access it from the TV. When I put the TV on it goes to a regular channel. If i go to a channel where the is no service, I just get a speckled screen: no roku. My menu button has no...
  42. jsmithepa

    What is this TCL Roku Icons on my screen?

    I don't understand what these 2 icons are telling me. TCL Roku TV. TIA.
  43. S

    Solved! Can I get my roku to be able to go to living room

    I’m trying to get my roku to be seen in the living room
  44. G

    Get sound to come from my TV with Roku to my receiver.

    I have a 55" Samsung TV with Roku Streaming Stick and a RX-V2600 Yamaha receiver. I would like to know how do I get the sound to come from my TV when the Roku is playing to come through my receiver to get the surround? All of my equipment come through with no problems. Thanks
  45. J

    Solved! OTT Channels Analytics (Roku, Amazon, Apple TV)

    I have a question that no one seems to have any data on. Where can I find analytic data on OTT channels. How many subscribers does localnow TV have or Joes handyman guide to lawnmowers? I have tried to find this for Roku, Amazon and AppleTV and cant seem to find anyone reporting this data...
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    How to Find Free Movies and TV Shows

    Roku has been providing the user's access to many channels ranging from common favorites to the Bollywood hits. Roku has become a hit among the young people because of its varied features. In addition to the News feature, one awesome feature is to allow the users to find free movies as well as...
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    How to Resolve a ‘HDCP Error Detected’ Message or a Purple Screen

    Roku display turns into a purple screen on account of the HDCP error. If the Roku player finds that the HDMI link to the TV doesn't match with the protection technology namely, the HDCP, this error occurs. The associated error message with the HDCP is “HDCP Error Detected” with an error code of...
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    How to Solve the Error Code 011 (Cannot Connect to Roku)

    There are chances that the user experiences the error while connecting to the Roku Server. This can happen due to various reasons. Sometimes, the error code 011 is displayed on the screen or the error message of ‘Cannot connect to the Roku’. Users witness this error while applying the software...
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    How to Tackle if the Red Light is On or You See a ‘Your device is Overheating’ Warning

    The Roku devices tends to get heated up faster when the user uses many functionalities and features continuously without giving it a gap. Overheating of the Roku device can be very dangerous if unhandled as it may cause the device to burst. It is advised for every Roku user to periodically check...
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    How Do I Resolve Problems with My Roku IR (infrared) Remote

    The Roku remote issues completely differ based on the type of Roku remote. Foremost you must find your Roku remote type whether it is IR (infrared) remote or enhanced point-anywhere model of remote. It is important to resolve the problem with your Roku remote as it serves as the easiest medium...
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    How to Change the Display Refresh Rate to Match the Native Format of Each Movie, Video, or TV Show on Roku

    Roku arguably provides one of the best digital video streaming features available in the market. The users can enjoy smooth streaming with an optimum frames per second rate. However, Roku offers its users the freedom to change display settings according to their comfort. The users can change...
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    How Do I Create or Update the PIN for My Roku Account

    Roku is one of the top digital streaming media devices manufacturer in the market. Roku gives you access to the top digital entertainment streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon video, and more. Roku offers great purchases with equally great security features. Roku account users can set up a...
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    How Do I Remove My Payment Method if My Roku Streaming Device is Lost or Stolen

    Roku is one of the most popular streaming device manufacturers in the market. It offers its users to select from the top streaming platforms, and bring entertainment right at home, providing them with all the digital media’s exclusive features. While setting up your Roku account, Roku asks for a...
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    How Do I Change My Email ID or Password for My Roku Account

    In the newly erupted era of digital media and entertainment, Roku is one of the most trusted brands. The digital streaming media manufacturer has been satisfying its customers with a wide variety of streaming features, providing access to a range of leading streaming platforms like Netflix and...
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    How Do I Manage Or Cancel My Subscription

    A user may often need to subscribe and unsubscribe from channels depending on their wish. Roku player provides the users the easy management of their subscriptions. You can check your subscription status, data of subscription, the cost and the next renewal date. These details would help you...
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    How Do I Close My Roku Account

    Users might need to close their Roku account for various reasons. Roku players ensured that the users go through a precise easy steps for closing their account. You can deactivate your account by following a series of easy steps. The foremost priority for the user must be to unsubscribe from the...
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    How Do You Display Photos, Videos, and Songs on My TV Using Play on Roku

    Since most of the users love to watch their media files from their mobile phones or tablet on the Roku TV, Roku launched the Play on Roku feature. You can now be able to choose the images, wallpapers, videos, music and other medial contents from your personal mobile phones and share it through...
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    How to Update the Software on Your Roku Streaming Device

    Roku players, over the years have been releasing versions of their product with new settings and customization features. They have also eliminated few non-useful existing features and introduced the advanced versions of the features. By periodically checking for software updated and applying...
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    How Do I Rename My Roku Streaming Device

    Since a user can have more than one Roku device with them, identification of the devices became a bit tough. To combat this issue, Roku provided the users the ability to rename their Roku device. This renaming can be done from the mobile application also. You can select the place where a Roku...
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    How to Change the Screensaver on Your Roku

    The screensavers appear when the Roku device stay inactive for a period, this time can be specified by the user. You can also choose your own screensaver by downloading stunning and live screensavers from the channel stores or go with the default ones provided by Roku. Adding screensavers can...