Solved! Roku tv and TCL Android phone mirror

Unfortunately, recent versions of Android have deprecated Miracast, which is the open source protocol used for casting your phone or tablet's screen to the TV. If your phone is rooted, there's a hack you can do to re-enable it (apparently the code is still there, it's just disabled). Just search the xda forums for re-enabling Miracast.

What you're supposed to do instead is use one of the stream-forwarding protocol built into certain apps (e.g. video streaming app like YouTube). So instead of decoding the video stream for display on your phone, re-encoding it to a new video stream, and sending that stream to your TV for display, your phone just forwards the original video stream to the TV. Much simpler, less lag, less battery drain. Only drawback is that it only works with video streams, not for mirroring your phone's screen.

Unfortunately, Roku doesn't appear to support this yet. You can buy a Chromecast and plug that into one of your TV's HDMI ports. That supports the new form of streaming.
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