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  1. Aribs

    Solved! Mirroring TV to screen

    I want to connect a screen to my smart TV to only mirror the picture. Is it possible using only a cable of some sorts? Ps. No pc connected.
  2. chriseverett

    Apple TV for my Mirror TV

    This may sound like a stupid question but I have a smart mirror tv with an Android OS. Will Apple TV work on it or nah?
  3. A

    Solved! How to Mirror OnePlus 6T to laptop

    I bought a new OnePlus 6T, but I do not know how to enable the screen mirroring feature. Is there any feasible way to mirror my phone to laptop? Thanks.
  4. B

    Solved! How do I mirror my iPhone 8 Plus to a RCA tv

    I’m at a hotel and want to mirror my iPhone 8 Plus to a RCA tv
  5. R

    New netflix issue with closed captions

    It is occurring with the latest releases like Dumplin' and Black Mirror Banderswitch. Everytime the closed captions change a large translucent rectangular black box appears over a large portion of the screen. It does not occur with my smart tv or when I Chromecast. It makes it impossible to...
  6. S

    Solved! Roku tv and TCL Android phone mirror

    What is a thread I am trying to mirror my TCL Android phone to my Roku tv
  7. K

    Mirror lg3 plus to insigna smart tv [MOBDRO]

    Can't seem to get it
  8. O

    Solved! I want to connect my samsungg phone to my rca smart tv. How do i do this. I can not find mirror on my phone.

    I want to Connect my Samsung prime express phone to my RCA Smart TV. I have been unable to find the mirror on my phone. How do I connect so that I can stream what's on my phone to my TV
  9. S

    VR Headsets to watch slide show

    I just want a simple headset to mirror monitor So no need for true VR, just slideshows and plain movies.
  10. K

    Solved! How can you use your chromebook as a tv?

    How can you use your chromebook as a tv?you keep saying that you can't screen mirror from your xbox to your pc, but you can. an HDMI built-in adapter is ALWAYS two-way. I use my windows computer like this all the time. but how do you do it with chromebook?
  11. S

    Solved! Can you mirror your smartphone to 2 TV’s at the same time?

    Hi, I want to mirror a Samsung smart phone to two Samsung smart Tv’s at the same time, how would I do this? Also will there be a signal delay ? And if the 2nd tv is not a smart tv can you put a type of converter box in between the units to provide an output to the 2nd tv - either via WiFi to...
  12. D

    Solved! Lg phone to Samsung tv

    How to mirror lg phone to Samsung tv
  13. I

    Sony KDL-40HX750-MHL-WiFi Direct.

    1. My MHL converter could not mirror my mobile on TV. Black Screen appears by selecting HDMI Port. 2. Could not mirror my mobile by WIFI Direct . I have Sony LED TV KDL-40HX750. Mobile is Huawei 7X 4GB 64GB. MHL cable is shengwei DPC-910.
  14. A

    Kindle Can't Find Fire TV Stick Anymore To Mirror - Help Humbly Requested!

    Kindle Fire isn't able to find my Fire TV stick anymore, when it scans to mirror display. A movie on the Fire should be making me my fiancee's heroine, but alas, when I went to unveil his must-see... My gadgets failed me. Though I know my fellow geeks shall not! It's a Kindle Fire HDX (8.9)...
  15. J

    Solved! How can I screen mirror to my Roku smart TV from my Moto E4 without having to be connected to the same WiFi network. I have un

    Trying to figure out how to screen mirror without having to use same WiFi connection but using phones hotspot for tv to have wireless internet
  16. R

    How to Mirror Your Android or Windows Device on Roku

    Roku streaming devices allow you to share your content with others. Roku has also introduced a new feature known as mirroring, which allows your mobile Android device to project to the TV. To successfully mirror with an Android device, you must make sure it runs on the 4.4.2 version or later...
  17. J

    Solved! How to mirror premier sports to my tv

    I have just paid for premier sports on iOS iPad.I can not use google chrome,how do I cast my iPad to my tv?
  18. L

    LG gets hot and produces a split screen with mirror images.

    In the past week, our LG 50" TV will be running fine, and then the screen splits and the left half of the screen in on both sides. We run ROKU, but it will be there even if we unplug the ROKU. Let it cool, and it works fine until it gets hot again
  19. A

    hisense tv and is not a smart

    Have a hisense tv and is not a smart how do I mirror my Alcatel one touch to the tv without WiFi. I have mirascreen
  20. D

    flat screen TV as a 2nd monitor for my MacBook Air.

    I see how to "mirror" but I want to use it as a 2nd Monitor with my MacBook Air.
  21. D

    Looking for software to show all notification from Android to PC

    Hi all, I am looking for a software to mirror all notification received to my phone on Windows PC. I need to show all notifications like missed calls, messages from Messenger and so on in some kind of table on Windows. I want it to our company because I want to show unanswered messages and...
  22. R

    Mirror iPhone to tv

    Is there a way to mirror my iPhone onto my tv via chromecast and router with my iPhone as my only internet source?
  23. alkingrey

    Help Mirroring Android

    Mirroring Android To PC to watch Netflix. Phone has internet but can't Hotspot or Tether. It's running 7.0 Android. So I need a mirroring program that doesn't need internet access. I do have a WiFi network in the house just no internet cause I'm poor, also the PC is Running Win7 and I can...
  24. M

    mirroring problem resolution?

    hp will no longer mirror to my sony bravia set, was adviced to change resolution setting on chromebook, but i dont have a clue as to how
  25. J

    Mirroring iPhone6S to my vizio smart tv

    I want to mirror or play what is on my iPhone 6s to my vizio start tv without Any cable
  26. S

    Magnivox to phone

    My tv has HDMI compatibly but I don't think my phone does but it does have mirror cast but there is no option for mirror cast on my TV so I'm lost!
  27. W

    Mirror my phone to an RCA TV

    Does anyone know how to. Mirror sites from my LG smartphone
  28. S

    How to Mirror your Phone or Tablet on Amazon Fire TV?

    One outstanding feature of Amazon TV is the ability to mirror your tablet or phone to the Fire TV Stick and Fire TV. This will enable you to watch content that is not found in the Amazon App Store. You can mirror your display on most tablets or phones that support Miracast. Some of those...
  29. A

    Connecting 2 tv together

    What cable do I need to connect two tv together. One tv has rabbit ears, just need to mirror one tv to the other. HDMI? Red/yellow/white wires? Thanks
  30. L

    I have marshmelliw 6.0 and have no internet and no smart tv and want to screen mirror and can't seem to figure out what exactl

    Need devices to sreen mirror to a non smart tv and no internet witha marshmellow 6.0 android phone
  31. L

    Help with mirror phone to tv

    I bought a smart 39" element tv on black friday....and since it's smart I thought that i can mirror my phone to the tv....but I don't know how to do it... I went to setting but the option does not appear.... can anyone help me figure out how to do it?
  32. M

    Solved! Why can you take picture of an object through a mirror but you cant see it with the naked eye

    I can't see the picture that I took through the mirror with my eyes
  33. V

    Mirror a ROM of a Smartphone?

    How can a new operating system of a smartphone be copied to a computer for a future re-load/back-up in case of an unforeseen future corrupted operating system on that smartphone?
  34. T

    mirror pc to Samsung Smart TV

    I'm trying to mirror my Gaming PC to my TV to play so games on it bu cant figure out if I can without a chromcast device. My PC doesn't have Bluetooth installed into it and both the tv and computer are wired into the same network.
  35. D

    Can I wirelessly mirror 2 tvs from one direct tv genie?

    the 2 tvs are in different rooms so running a cable is not an option. It's not that I'm cheap and don't want to pay for another receiver, but they are NEVER synced. I want to watch, rewind, fast forward the same channel wirelessly
  36. J

    Control of Projector screen from Primary Screen

    Does anyone know of some software that will duplicate (mirror) a window ?? Or any other solution... I have a projector connected to my laptop. (win7). It all works well. My problem is that the projector display is behind me during lectures. I like using extended as i can have my notes in front...
  37. A

    Mirror TV to another TV

    Im working on a pub and they ask me to play videoclips using a usb connected directly to the tv on 2 tvs with video and sound synchronized, I though about mirroring the video played on 1st TV to the 2nd TV using a HDMI extensor, also i need to use a wireless solution. I found THIS HDMI...
  38. T

    Makeshift android screen using laptop screen and HDMI cable

    So i've been experimenting alot with this tablet "supersonic sc-91jb" unfortunately the lcd just broke, so I was wonddering if i can use my laptop screen as an tv so that i can see whats happening in my tab. (Noob at question)
  39. R

    how to mirror and stream contents of one live tv show to another tv

    Trying to stream one cable connected TV program to another TV not connected to cable.
  40. A

    How can i mirror my pc screen onto a chromebook with a HDMI

    since my pc screen is broken i really wanted to know how can i connect it to a chromebook without a problem. But sadly the is no good info about it on google i need help
  41. PlymouthJoseph

    Quickly... Best digital camera under £50?

    Okay, my father-in-law is looking for a good Digital Camera for father's day (Which is on the 18th here in the UK) and I want a quick and simple answer. Which is the best camera I can buy him for around £50? I know next to nothing about cameras, I need all the advice possible and a simple...
  42. H

    Carbonite Mirror Image does not work on Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet

    I just finished with Carbonite support about the issue of Carbonite Mirror Image not functioning on my new Surface Pro 4. I have used Carbonite for years with Mirror Image and had it installed on my previous Surface Pro 4. After extensive discussions and investigation of my issue, Carbonite...
  43. C

    Samsung 6200 TV

    We have all connections just as they were setup on the previous Samsung [all worked fine (not a smart TV tho)]. So we want to mirror via hardwire the PC onto the TV, but when we select the HDMI/DVI port the view that shows on the TV is the desktop picture of the computer even tho the computer...
  44. K

    Puzzling issue connecting TV to PC

    I want to mirror my PC monitor on my Samsung F series plasma TV. If I connect the PC VGA monitor output thru a VGA to HDMI converter and run HDMI cable to the TV, the PC mirrors perfectly on the TV. Ditto if I connect one leg of a passive Y-splitter cable between the PC VGA output and the TV...
  45. C

    Asus x555l notebook screen mirror

    I have a Asus x555l notebook, I'm stuck in windows install, my screen is broken and I have been using the TV to mirror the screen, but unfortunantly during the windows install I have lost the ability to mirror my screen, I have also removed the LCD screen out of the laptop as I have read that...
  46. C

    I need help

    can anyone help me. I have a 1 inch vertical line on the right side of my laptop and a mirror image of the left side after the white line
  47. F

    Want to hook up two HD T's to one receiver. What kind of spotter is neede

    I want to hook up two HD TVs to one receiver so I can mirror the program I am watching. What kind of splitter do I need so as to not lose picture quality?? Thanks in advance
  48. L

    nee to make screen mirror wor

    I would like to mirror either my smartphone or labtob to my vizio. when I directly connect the laptop to the smart tv w/surround sound I get no tv sound at all, I also have a Sony 5.1 surround sound and it works for sound only when theres a disk in. I checked hdmi cables, they nay be old,
  49. F

    How do I connect my iPhone 6 with unlimited data to my LG smart tv that does not have internet? I want to mirror my iPhone to

    How do I connect my iPhone 6 with unlimited data to my LG smart tv that does not have internet? I want to mirror my iPhone to the tv without having to buy AppleTV. With AT&T, if you have unlimited data to your device, you can not hotspot anymore.
  50. D

    Mirror Projector and flat screen??

    I am putting in a home theater in my basement. We have a projection system with all types of input- DirecTV, DVD, etc. We'd like to mirror the display being shown on the projector to a small flat screen LCD at our bar. Especially the DirecTV such as when watching a football game. Can someone...
  51. L

    how do i change the mirror image on my laptop webcam

    how do I change the mirror image on my asus laptop built in webcam?
  52. R

    My laptop is in a mirror mode never seen this how do i get it back to normal

    Bought a mini laptop my 8 yr old was playing on it now its in like a mirror mode never seen this how do I get it back to normal
  53. N

    How to Mirror your HTC Vive Screen on your TV or Monitor

    Everyone likes when they can mirror what they see on the HTC Vive screen on their TV monitor or PC. The excitement is much bigger and you can enjoy the VR experience with your friends. The process is very simple. It won't take you a lot of time to complete it because it happens automatically on...
  54. N

    How to Mirror your Oculus Rift Screen on your TV or Monitor

    If you don't know how to mirror your Oculus Rift Screen on your TV or Monitor than by reading this tutorial you will know all the required steps. After finishing this process you will be able to enjoy your VR experience in the way you choose. Follow this steps to complete this process...
  55. M

    Can I mirror iPad to Vizio smart tv?

    Can I use my iPad as a keypad or mirror it to control my Vizio with internet? Do I need Apple tv, not sure as Im new to this?
  56. F

    Screen mirror wirelessly

    I want to play games on my pc on my tv but its in a different room and i dont want a 15 foot hdmi cable... Is there a way to game on the tv wirelessly with low latency? By the way i dont have miracast. **side note ** can i get miracast.. If so how... (I dont want to be messing around with...
  57. O

    Mirror Laptop Screen to Multiple Smart TV's

    Our church has 4 smart TV's and wants to display what's on a laptop screen to the 4 TV's at the same time. The TV's Sharp and are located in a large church hall, which has a wireless connection. Can the laptop screen be wirelessly sent to all 4 TV's at the same time?
  58. V

    Oculus + second monitor for mirroring (without warp and stereoscopic view)

    Hi, we have the following process/toolchain and would like to have one question answered: start Open Broadcaster Software (mirrors one screen to second screen, in our case Oculus VR DK2 image to normal monitor) -> start vorpX in the mirrored broadcast -> start the game (rFactor 2) in the...
  59. T

    My Toshiba laptop goes from logo screen to a black screen then remains blue with a cursor

    I have a Toshiba satellite - with windows 8. It occurred while trying to mirror the laptop to a tv (which I have done before) firstly it would not mirror and so I kept left clicking to enter resolution options and then all of a sudden it went blue. I was no longer able to do anything to this at...
  60. Kurttb1

    I have vga and hdmi outlet on PC - Can I just run the HDMI to my TV?

    I want to hook-up my computer to show 2nd screen on TV, the computer is hook-up to computer monitor with vga can I just run the hdmi on the back of computer to the tv set and it show a mirror image screen on tv?