Kindle Can't Find Fire TV Stick Anymore To Mirror - Help Humbly Requested!

Oct 8, 2018
Kindle Fire isn't able to find my Fire TV stick anymore, when it scans to mirror display.

A movie on the Fire should be making me my fiancee's heroine, but alas, when I went to unveil his must-see... My gadgets failed me. Though I know my fellow geeks shall not!

It's a Kindle Fire HDX (8.9) and it's worked previously. Nothing has changed since, except maybe an update to the KFHDX. Um... Anybody have any ideas?

Yes, I did try power cycling the Kindle and the router, as well as refreshing wireless connections on both. But besides that. Any help greatly appreciated! ;D

Do it for Geek Pride! Do it to be a white knight to a Geekess In Distress! Do it to shush my melodrama! Whatever the motivations, please, do it before he can just watch it on Xfinity On Demand! The shame would just be too great... ;__;


~*{ Nephilim }*~

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