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  1. N

    Kindle fire 10 gen 7 transfer everything to same

    I broke my screen so I need the best way to move all data and sd card to new one. I'd like to keep my games intact if possible please . Thanks, N
  2. M

    Solved! Kindle problems on going

    Every so often my kindle says I am not connected to the internet, but my computer works fine so I am. What's the problem with the kindle
  3. J

    Solved! read books on glasses

    Looking for glasses that can show the video image from a tablet or kindle in the glases for boo reading. Anything like that out there?
  4. J

    How do I connect my kindle fire to my TCL roku t.v

    It says hdmi has no signal
  5. A

    Solved! how do I fix the download failed because the external storage is full for knights of the old republic on kindle fire

    I was able to successfully download it from amazon but when I got to play it the download failed because the external storage is full I have deleted some stuff but to no avail
  6. B

    Solved! only one ear works on headset on my laptop but both work on my kindle...HELP

    I just bought a new headset as I had the same problem with my old one, thinking it was the headset but when I plugged it in..I still have the same problem. The headset works fine when I plug it into my Kindle. What could be wrong? Thanks!
  7. S

    Solved! Amazon Kindle Fire Boots to Account Registration Screen, no Back/Home Buttons

    My brother owns a Kindle Fire tablet that he uses nearly 24/7. He was playing on it today when he says that "Alexa" opened up. He didn't have an account linked to the tablet, and it opened up a screen to register/link an account to the Fire. However, the back, home, and program list buttons were...
  8. henrytcasey

    Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (2018) Review: The Best Got Better

    Now that it's waterproof, the Kindle Paperwhite is the only e-reader you need to know about. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (2018) Review: The Best Got Better : Read more
  9. Graybush

    The Gadget Dad Gift Guide 2018

    These high-tech gadgets are sure to please any hyper-connected gadget dad. The gadget-obsessed dad wants something that will brighten up their day. While many would spring for a Wi-Fi-enabled golf club, you won't find any of those on our holiday gift list. Be the favorite this holiday season...
  10. A

    Kindle Can't Find Fire TV Stick Anymore To Mirror - Help Humbly Requested!

    Kindle Fire isn't able to find my Fire TV stick anymore, when it scans to mirror display. A movie on the Fire should be making me my fiancee's heroine, but alas, when I went to unveil his must-see... My gadgets failed me. Though I know my fellow geeks shall not! It's a Kindle Fire HDX (8.9)...
  11. K

    Removing a book from Kindle application on iPad?

    How do you permanently remove a book from your Kindle application on an iPad? [don't post your email address on the forum] Thank you, Ksmeister
  12. W

    Android Kindle books using

    Let's say moon reader. I have spent hrs but these apps will not find my kindle books. I just do not know what to do. Help me please. WILLIAM <<Email addresses removed by moderator>>
  13. D

    Kindle Fire HD

    Kindle screen stays black after powering on screen. I hear the power up sounds. After powering up the only way to get screen to come alive is to repeatedly press the power button over and over for sometimes minutes on end. Obviously a sleep/wake issue. Any way to fix?
  14. R

    How do I delete a book from one kindle but leave it on the rest?

    I have loaned my sister one of my Kindles on a long term basis. I do not want to delete all the books on it as she will enjoy them. However, there will be some books I will acquire in the future that I prefer she not see or access. Is there a way I can add them to only one device (well...
  15. K

    Solved! Does t s how how to get the cue stick to hit the ball

    can not find out how to get the cue stick to hit the ball on a kindle on the messenger 8ball game
  16. J

    My 1 click wants to send books to my old kindle. How do I change defaults to my iPad

    1-click lists every device and kindle I have ever owned. I have to pick thru a long list to have books sent to my current iPad. I’d like it to be my default.
  17. T

    Kindles for reading??

    Is Amazon Kindle is really nice or some other product is better than this?
  18. G

    11 Best Cheap Summer Outdoor Gadgets

    Make your summer more fun with our list of the best and most affordable summer tech. 11 Best Cheap Summer Outdoor Gadgets : Read more
  19. G

    Save Up to $40 on Fire Tablets, Kindles in Amazon Prime Sale

    Amazon's massive sale includes discounts on Kindles, Tablets, and its Key Home Kit. Save Up to $40 on Fire Tablets, Kindles in Amazon Prime Sale : Read more
  20. S

    WiFi problem kindle

    I can access my internet on my apple devices however cannot access with my amazon kindle. When accessing the network with apple devices a password is required. When trying to access with the kindle it connects to network and no password is requested. Although it is shown as connected I cannot...
  21. L

    my wifi router is dual 2.4GHz and 5GHz but my Fire 7 5th Generation can only locate the 2.4GHz signal. I have manually tried

    Fire 5th Generation not locating 5 ghz wireless signal
  22. A

    I downloaded some movies that I bought from Amazon to the SD card on my kindle fire HD 8" and they play just fine. When I put

    Can't play movies Amazon purchased movies on sd card in new kindle fire that were downloaded to the card in my old kindle fire.
  23. M

    Does my Android tablet have a phone number?

    I want to receive a Kindle app from Amazon and they need a number to send it to. I''ve tried going to settings, and status as suggested in previous thread but no number shows. Does this tablet simply not have a number? This is an Android that I bought at Walmart.
  24. N

    How can I move my purchased kindle books to my SD card

    Moving purchased kindle books to sd card
  25. T

    everytime I try to connect to wifi I have to enter my parental controls password and even though I have entered the correct pa

    Can't connect to wifi because my kindle fire will not accept my parental controls password
  26. S

    How do I get my kindle books back?

    I had to create a new account with amazon because my email was hacked last year. When I tried to download my new book to my kindle it would not download to my kindle library. I followed the instructions to download my new book and lost all my other books that I had paid for. How do I get my...
  27. J

    how to transfer books to new kindle and set up account on new kindle?

    Need to tranfer books to new kindle as old one is not functioning and need to transfer books not read and set up account without using a computer. Can you help?
  28. G

    Last-Minute Gifts That Can Still Arrive Before Christmas

    Left your holiday shopping for the last minute? Here are our top picks for the best gifts that can still arrive on time. Last-Minute Gifts That Can Still Arrive Before Christmas : Read more
  29. Graybush

    Gift Guide for the Bookworm

    Finding the right gift for the bookworm can be just as hard as putting down a cliff-hanger novel. Our bookworm gift guide has got you covered from start to finish. We include must-have essentials that even the most discerning of readers is sure to enjoy. Book-Shaped Folding LED Night Light -...
  30. D

    Replace Fire HD 8 tablet SD card with bigger one?

    I want to change to a bigger uSD card in my Fire HD 8 2017. The Fire has put stuff on the smaller card. Do I copy that card to my PC, then copy back to the bigger card? Will my PC understand the Fire card format?
  31. S

    Worried About PC Security - Any Malicious Program Professions?

    Hey everyone, new here, but I need some help. I've been trying to install google play on a kindle. I used a program from RootJunky to do so. I didn't really care if I bricked my kindle. I never use it anymore, and I only really wanted to get a game that could use the bigger tablet screen...
  32. G

    Amazon Kindles Now Up to $50 Off for Students

    The best Kindle prices we've seen since Prime Day. Amazon Kindles Now Up to $50 Off for Students : Read more
  33. S

    How can I remove a book from my Kindle device through but not permanently delete it from the Amazon cloud?

    I want to remove an eBook from my Kindle from Amazon's online site. How can I remove an eBook from that Kindle device through but not permanently delete it from the Amazon cloud?
  34. G

    Amazon's Budget Tablet Now Just $40

    An entry-level tablet suddenly gets cheaper. Amazon's Budget Tablet Now Just $40 : Read more
  35. G

    Get the Amazon Echo for $80 Off Right Now

    Get your favorite Amazon devices on the cheap during Amazon's current sale. Get the Amazon Echo for $80 Off Right Now : Read more
  36. G

    These Kindle Deals Are Another Great Reason to Join Amazon Prime Student

    Amazon's most popular Kindles are on sale for Prime Student members only. These Kindle Deals Are Another Great Reason to Join Amazon Prime Student : Read more
  37. G

    Amazon Kindle Dropping to Just $49 for Prime Day

    It's the cheapest Kindle you can purchase. Amazon Kindle Dropping to Just $49 for Prime Day : Read more
  38. G

    Parents Rejoice: Amazon FreeTime Kids' App in Google Play

    Amazon puts FreeTime Unlimited kids' app in Google Play, giving children access to popular books, apps and games on mobile phones. Parents Rejoice: Amazon FreeTime Kids' App in Google Play : Read more
  39. F

    Kindle Fire Video Question

    I am frustrated with Amazon because they have limited their downloads of purchased videos to their devices (kindle) and android/ios. I would like to be able to watch a video on my desktop or laptop without having to connect to the internet. I can download the video to my kindle fire. I can...
  40. H

    Moving my SD card from my old kindle fire to Acer iconiaone 8 won't let me see the apps on it

    I've bought an Acer iconiaone 8 and have transcended I've put my sd card from my kindle fire in it, but can't see the apps which are on there?
  41. A

    i have note4 having dead icons while seeing blue screen like camera icon etc kindle tell me solution

    i have note4 having dead icons while seeing blue screen like camera icon etc kindle tell me solution
  42. G

    Amazon's Upscale Kindle Voyage Hits Rock Bottom at $149

    Amazon's rarely discounted Voyage just got its biggest temporary price cut ever. Amazon's Upscale Kindle Voyage Hits Rock Bottom at $149 : Read more
  43. P

    I need to know if I can or can NOT connet my Kindle Fire HD 8 to my mini projector using a Bluetooth adapter since my kindle d

    How to see my videos from my Kindle Fire HD 8 to my Mini Projector if my Tablet does not have the Mirroring Option?? what can I do or is their no alternative?
  44. I

    Kindle paperwhite freezes all the time

    Hello everyone, I have a kindle paperwhite that is always freezing ( yes, all the time). whenever i turn it on, it freezes within seconds and i have to do hard reset on computer to reset it back and so on.... and what's weird is that it works perfectly when plugged to a computer or a wall...
  45. J

    I have a Kindle 3rd generation that has excellent wi-fi signal, but cannot connect to the internet in my home network, but wil

    Wi-fi signal is excellent in my home network, but can't connect to the internet. When I take my Kindle 3rd generation to my brother's home it has full access to all. Is it my network or with the Kindle?
  46. J

    Removing titles from Kindle

    My husband and I share our Kindle accounts. When I've finished a book it remains on my device. I tell it to "remove from device" and all that happens is that the % read disappears. The book icon remains. If I actually "delete" it, my husband loses access too. How can I remove the image from my...
  47. D

    Is Avira antivirus safe?

    I was on my kindle and I opened a silk browser, typed in the site I wanted to go to, and it took me there for a second, but then there was a pop-up with a screen behind it, and both said "Your system is heavily damaged by Four virus! We detect that your Amazon Fire HD 7 (4th Gen) is 28.1%...
  48. S

    Kindle Rooting Help 2

    I posted a thread asking for help on the wrong forum, it seems, so I was told to repost here. Original post: I've got a Kindle Fire here that I'm trying to root, and I've looked around online for ways to do that. I've found plenty of guides, but either they simply don't work or they appear to...
  49. R

    I accidently deleted my kindle from mycomputer. How do I put it back on?

    I deleted my kindle account by accident. I thought I was just deleting the shortcut. When I tried to put it back on it showed the kindle logo but when I clicked on it the file was empty.
  50. D

    Updating an old Kindle Fire 1st Gen

    Alright so my mother has this old tablet she's really familiar with, she really wants the Flipp app on her tablet as well as her phone. Now I have the apk and it gives me the message "There was a problem parsing the package" when I attempt to install it. I suspect the old android 2.3.3 version...
  51. C

    Will a. Android application work on a kindle tablet

    I have a. kindle tablet I was wondering if a android application will work on my tablet
  52. S

    how should I use 2 accounts in one device in kindle fire

    I have downloaded google play service in my device kindle fire but when I go to COC so it argue that CoC relies on google play service wich is not sopported by your phone.
  53. J

    How do I delete books from my Amazon Kindle model d00701

    When I use the directions for Amazon Kindle from this site I do not see any place where it says delete after selecting the book title.
  54. A

    My tablet wont turn on what do I do?

    Help! My kindle fire 7" 18gb won't turn on I charged it multiple times and tried to restart it what do I do?
  55. R

    Kindle display issue

    I use an LG VK 810 tablet. My problem concerns a display issue with the Kindle app. No matter which display setting I use, it is always too dark to read comfortably. All other app and prog. displays are fine. Any ideas? Thanks
  56. Wile E Coyote

    Rooting 5th Gen Kindle Fire

    Can any one help me please i am at my wits end with this. I have done every thing and can not seem to pin down the rooting issue on my Kindle Fire 5th Gen. I want to use or be able to use cheat tools for games that i play on there.I even have cheat engine on it but for some odd reason they do...
  57. megashark

    Netflix error android (-121) [FIX]

    I was very frustrated to find no post involving a netflix error (-121) I had on my android phone, and on my kindle fire HD. I figured out the problem and how to fix it! it worked for me and may not work for you. 1.) Go into wifi settings 2.) Go to your wifi and hold it down and select "modify...
  58. C

    Rooting/Sideload apps on Kindle Fire HDX 8.9inch (3rd gen) FireOS

    As the title suggest, I am curious on how to sideload onto my kindle. I would like to sideload the google play store onto my kindle for convenience and to avoid the risk of rooting. So would it be possible just to sideload the play store or any apps onto this version of the kindle, or would I...
  59. H

    How do I take the parental control off my Kindle Fire set by mistske

    My Kindle Fire was purchased by my daughter as an 80th Birthday present i have never set the parental control but it keeps demanding a password. As I have never set a password I am unable to purchase anything via my Kindle.
  60. C

    Sign into the Amazon account you have linked with your Kindle

    This question relates to the thread "How to delete books from a kindle e-reader" At step three the above instruction glibly instructs me to do something I have no idea how to do, without giving any details whatsoever. I actually wonder if I have ever even signed in to that account, or if I...